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Awards Catch Up

Okay first day of Olympics didn’t go too well for team GB but I do have some awards that hae been sat around patiently awaiting my acceptance so lets get to it.

First up from the immensely talented Susan Daniels.  What can I say about Susan her poetry has made me laugh, cry and occasionally do both at once if you haven’t read her please go check out her blog.  Susan has deemed me Inspiring I am always amazed when any of you wonderfully talented people award me this one. Tj also gave me the same award Tj’s Garden is a blog I only found quite recently but I love it, it is informative and even though I am slightly jealous of the weather they are having their has very inspiring posts.


Thank the person who nominated you

Tell your readers 7 things about you

Nominate 15 other blogs

The final one comes care of LifeOfBun this girl is wonderful she searches out and reviews cruelty free products and proves no animal need suffer for a girl to look good.  She is also incredibly witty and although she apologizes for her english as it is not her first language she does a far better job than some of my friends do at articulating her thoughts. The rules are more or less the same so I shall deal with one lot of facts and nominations for all then those nominated can take their pick which they would like.

So 7 things about me I decided to do something a little different and share a few things that will show you a bit about me rather than just tell you

I have been known to knit and do cross stitch, when my daughter was little I knit her loads of cardies and teddys some of which I still have.


I have a National Trust Membership and passport but it only has one stamp in it so far as I keep going places that they do not own


I love shopping online at the Jane Austen Centre I have a mug, quill, bookmarks and keep looking with every email thinking I want that when I see new stock


My favourite in my bookmark collection – no use whatsoever as it is too heavy and tears pages if you try to use it 😦


I love going to the theatre and have quite diverse tastes as to what I will go see but I have never wanted to watch opera


I love taking the monster on walks with me and the dogs but don’t do it as often as I should because you can guarentee if one plays up they all do so usually daddy gets dragged along for family walks


My favourite flowers are roses but I never buy any for myself. I have a few different ones growing in the garden

Now for nominations, to be honest I am losing track of who I have given what to so as I have 15 pages of blogs I follow and need 15 nominations I am going to pick one at random from each page

1) M.S. Fowle

2) The View Outside

3) Neither Here nor There….

4) JessSloan

5) 50 Year Project

6) beforeiforget

7) lyndamichele

8) T. W. Dittmer

9) Robin Coyle

10) Crazy Train To Tinky Town

11) C.B. Wentworth

12) Shaven Wookiee

13) Spineless Wonders

14) Wine And Roses From Outer Space

15) Nine Writes

Please if you haven’t been nominated remember I love you all equally but I will try to keep better track in future

32 thoughts on “Awards Catch Up

  1. I like your facts. I used to cross stitch regularly until I went to college. I have a huge bride I’ve been meaning to finish for the last 10 years (and I pick it up every once in a while), but haven’t managed it yet. I say if I every met and marry someone, I’ll have her done by then. In other words, I still have plenty of time.


    1. the only time that opera haas caught my attention and i thought I would go there was in the film Hannibal where it shows him at the opera I think it was Tosca in Italy and was not on stage will have to go watch the film and check the details 😀


      1. I had to revisit this topic. I don’t know why it popped into my head tonight, but our son always said he learned everything he needed to know about opera from Bugs Bunny. 🙂 Rabbit of Seville, and What’s Opera, Doc? Does your adorable monster watch Bugs Bunny?


      2. He isn’t really a big fan of bugs his favourite cartoon is tom and jerry I think given our cat tries to rule the roost he likes watching a cat get its butt kicked lol


  2. Thanks Paula, I’m absolutely thrilled!

    I’ll accept these awards once I have all the URLs I need; I have some lovely followers who I think deserve to find each other 🙂


    1. nothing cute about him at the minute we are having a few power struggles and I think the cat is winning overall with puppy and monster joint second and me sat rocking in the corner


  3. I totally agree with you on the opera! And roses are so gorgeous, especially the big fleshy ones if that makes any sense! I’m so incredibly jealous that you have them in your yard! ^_^ tried to grow them myself but i’m not so talented sadly enough. I bet you give them loads of love!


    1. I have a mix of the big roses which I love because unlike most shop bought ones mine smell and I also have some little dainty fairy roses and I do talk to my roses lol


  4. I love the theater too! I am blessed with an uncle (now 91) who worked on Broadway and in the theater all his life. My theater history is rich.

    Thank you for the nomination, sweetie! I am delighted to accept. Lord . . . I am behind on doing the official acceptance. Bless me Father, for I have sinned.

    Congrats on your much deserved awards.


  5. Congratulations on your awards. I’ll have some fun checking out your nominees, I suspect. 😉

    Also, ‘Monster’ is such a cute nickname for your son! How old is he? 🙂

    I also love roses unfortunately they’re pretty expensive nowadays. 🙂


    1. only just found your comment and the award you gave me gogglemail had spammed you for some reason best known to its self my son is four I also have a 19 yr old daughter, most of my roses I bought cheap being sold off half dead and nursed them back to health I always feel bought roses do not last well in vases and need to be outside on rose bushes


  6. Some good choices on the nominees. I often swap comments with Vikki and Robin.

    I see you are a Huddersfield girl. Do you know Elland and Halifax well also (given they are next door)?


      1. I live in California since early 2010, and lived in the south of England before that, but I know Elland and Halifax quite well. The last time I visited the piece hall was a few years ago. It seemed a bit empty compared to what I remember, but I guess the recession hits most everyone.


  7. Congrats on the awards, well deserved!
    I have never shopped online at the Jane Austen Centre, because I’m determined to visit Bath myself one day. I just need to find someone to go with, my husband refuses!
    But…. I’m now jealous of your collection 😉


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