Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday #28

I want to say this is the first Sunday of 2017 but technically it is the second however as you got a vlog then it is the first Lazy Sunday. So have you got your coffee ready? For most of the posts this week you will notice the theme is resolutions, you can read my post here but I just want to take a minute to talk about why I make resolutions each year. I am later than usual publishing this but I went out last night so am slow getting my thoughts together today lol.

If you have followed me for a while you know each year I post a set of resolutions at the start of the year and then follow them through to differing degrees of success. Last year I was terrible at doing a monthly update, this did not actually mean all the resolutions failed, for example Ascension and Voices were both published. for me the actual act of writing my resolutions post is a way of actively focusing my mind on what I want to achieve in the coming year, both personally and professionally, the updates allow me to see whether I am on track. It is worth noting that missing out on writing the updates does not mean things are not going well but rather sometimes I feel that there is nothing new to add to a previous month although I am still moving in the right direction. for many of us our lives are so busy that giving ourselves targets and reference points we can refer back to helps us maintain a focus on some aspects that it is easy to lose in the chaos of everyday existence. Making time to exercise seems like something that would seem simple but until it becomes an established part of a routine it is easy to neglect, having told the world you intend to do it can be the motivation needed to make it happen.

Enough of me anyway and onto some blogs…

  1. The first lot of Resolutions come from Emmy Leigh I especially love the one about creating an environment in which all can flourish, I frequently find myself getting stressed trying to balance everyday house work etc against writing time and need to find a better balance
  2. The next one really does embrace the idea of learning from each experience and moving forward
  3. The final lot of Resolutions is from Ellie and are quite similar to some of mine I love the idea of an office but until I move one day that is not an option
  4.  There is going to be another Annual Bloggers Bash  in London this year and they are running a competition to help fund it, I have the date pencilled into my diary and am hoping to be able to attend this year
  5. And the final blog for this week is one I hope you will all follow, not only as I am one of the signing authors at two of their forthcoming events but also I hope to be at many more

That is it for this week hope you enjoy xxx

Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday #11

It has been a busy week here the monster turned 8 on Friday so everything has revolved around him this weekend likewise this post is shorter than normal as I just have time to down my vanilla latte before I have to get him ready to go out with his dad and his family, so without further ado here are this weeks selection of blogs I have been enjoying…

  1. I love shoes, one of the most frustrating things about my spinal issues is the pairs of shoes I have with heels that I can no longer wear. When I saw this post I was intrigued, whenever I go to museums I love looking at the old shoes but this exhibition is more a celebration of all types of footwear not just historical however take a look at the first photo I have to say those ‘feet’ shoes are freaky
  2. Last year I only found this blog after the awards and when the meet up was about to happen but this year I am hoping to get to cast some votes myself and encourage you to support your favourite writers, photographers and other creatives
  3. As you know I lost my gran last year, it is so important to talk and learn the stories of our own family, I was lucky I was researhing the family tree so took advantage of that to find out about that part of my family, sadly my paternal grandparents passed when I was too young to think about our history and no one had ever really discussed anything so the stories were lost, if you get the chance take the time to listen
  4. Thank you, two simple words which mean so much yet we throw away so easily, how often do we say thank you to someone who holds a door and passes us something and of course we mean it on a very basic level but how often do we really thank those whose love and support really, today I would like everyone to say thank you to at least one person around them that they take for granted
  5. Getting self published books reviewed without spending a fortune is a tough business so I was thrilled when Thomas Rydder published a link to this post which I will be hoping to put to use myself
  6. Finally I shall leave you with a rather interesting post on the craft of writing

Right I shall away now to sort out the monster new clothes for him to put on, such hard decisions to make will he wear Marvel or Star Wars today? Enjoy your lazy Sunday and the rest of the week and I shall be back next week with more madness.

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Liebster Award 2016

First let me apologise the blog will be up later today got busy with sports relief stuff and though it is filmed I have not edited it yet, I shall do so when I get home from work xxxx

Liebster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Ellie over at Quotidiandose feel free to pop over and check out not only her answers but also her blog in general as it is well worth a visit.


This is how it works:

  • Thank my nominator  – Ellie you are awesome!
  • Share the award on my blog !
  • Answer the 10 questions asked of me
  • Ask 10 questions of 10 new nominees
  • Notify them – This is the bit that annoys me lol hopefully pingback will work

So here we go…

  1. Why did you decide to blog?  I decided when I turned forty to stop procrastinating and start writing properly, I had always done little bits here and there but never applied myself so writing a blog was something that was suggested to me at the same time. It was a great way for me to build my confidence and slowly start sharing my thoughts and words and also turned out to be a brilliant way to make a few friends.
  2. Do you have themes that you blog about? (Such as  food, writing, sports, psychology, etc.) The main topic on my blog is writing but I do tend to veer off frequently, it has become a mix of sharing both my writing and my life, so hopefully it lets people get to know me better as a person and get to know how my mind works, I even include a monthly review of a beauty box I buy and I know a few people who are not into make up and beauty still enjoy it because the love the fact I am so honest about me feelings on the things I receive in it.
  3. What is the typical length of one of your blog posts? (word count) Well this one will be longer than a lot of them but that is because half the words are pre written for me lol I try to keep my blog posts to between 500-750 words, I know as a reader if I have a lot of blogs built up in my inbox I will read the ones I know will be shorter first and I know a lot of my readers have similar time constraints meaning they cannot always read all the blogs they would like to. I do not take it personally if someone stops visiting my blog or only pops by occasionally, we all have such incredibly busy lives with our own blogs and writing and reading is always the first thing to suffer.
  4. Are you part of a bloggers network? If so, how has it been beneficial? Not as such, but I do take part in the A – Z challenge each year through April which I find is a great way to find new blogs and get to know new people I tend to pick a couple of new blogs each year and follow all their posts and have always ended up staying on following them afterwards, it is not too late to sign up for this year if you are interested
  5. How many times a month do you post  on your blog? I try to post daily, but that does not mean I always succeed or that I actually write on my blog daily. For example I post book reviews on a Monday, usually what I try to do is write the review as soon as I finish the book and queue them although at the minute I am up to date I need to start reading quicker.
  6. Who were the last three followers to your blog? My latest three followers have been Gryffindor Queen over at, and Mona at
  7. If you could meet three historical people from any point in time, who would they be? First up Marilyn Monroe, I want to know what happened that evening was it an accident or was she murdered, I do not believe it was deliberate suicide, Boudica, I am fascinated by the idea of the warrior queen, those who have had sneak peaks of my novel know this so I would love to meet the original but my third choice would also be a queen, Cleopatra, I would love to know how she held the greatest empire to have ever existed in the palm of her hand before losing everything.
  8. Where do you get the inspirations for your posts? Anywhere and everywhere, I think the thing is I think of you all as friends so it makes sense to me to share the same sort of things with you as I would share with friends, books I have read, programmes I have watched, stuff I enjoy and occasionally places I have been.
  9. What is your goal for your blog for 2016? For the next 5 years? This year I want to be more consistent with my posts and write more about more writing, over the next five years I want to start earning a living from writing and be able to quit the day job so I will have to be more focused and not allow myself to get distracted as easily.
  10. What rewards do you have in mind for reaching your goals? Quitting the day job will be the ultimate reward, giving myself the ability to make a living doing something I love and hopefully travelling more as part of that.

And now for my ten nominees…

  1. Bridget Straub
  2. Gemma
  3. Lucy
  4. Heidi
  5. CB Wentworth
  6. Linda
  7. Sandra
  8. Hornygeekgirl
  9. Stephanie
  10. Valentine

You can answer these questions as frivolously or seriously as you each desire I cannot wait to read your responses though

  1. Why did you decide to blog?
  2. Do you have themes that you blog about? (Such as  food, writing, sports, psychology, etc.)
  3. What is the typical length of one of your blog posts? (word count)
  4. Are you part of a bloggers network? If so, how has it been beneficial?
  5. How many times a month do you post  on your blog?
  6. If a fictional character were to write a blog who would you want to write one and why?
  7. Where do you get the inspirations for your posts?
  8. What is your goal for your blog for 2016? For the next 5 years? 
  9. What rewards do you have in mind for reaching your goals?
  10. What piece of advice would you give someone setting up a blog today?
Fact Vs Fiction

Not A Book Review

for those of you who have followed me for a while you will know normally Monday is book review time and despite the fact I have two sat waiting on my desk to be reviewed I am breaking my own rules.  there is a reason but I’m not telling, well not till Wednesday as I want to explain in more depth then so instead I shall accept my final blog award.

As much as I love these it becomes increasingly difficult to not only fit them in with all the required links but also to think of things to tell you that you do not already know but before I close the door on accepting awards I am totally honoured to accept this one. It has been created by Seumas Gallacher and you can read his initial post here. 

I was awarded this award by the wonderful Lord David Prosser and you can read his blog here if you have not had the pleasure.

So first of all I get this pretty trophy to parade around my blog…

champions-awards The Rule Thingys

Recipients, if you choose to accept and wish to propagate the CHAMPIONS AWARDS, please do the following:

  1. Post this Award Sticker on your blog, with the hashtag #CHAMPIONSAWARDS
  2. Acknowledge the sponsor of your Awards.
  3. Choose at least five of your own nominees and advise them accordingly, attaching these 5 guidelines.
  4. Keep it simple… no need for explanations for the Awards… we know how great these folks are.
  5. You are free to give out these Awards as frequently as you wish.

So now onto the nominees which I always hate doing because there are so many worthy people who visit but my champions are going to be people who have crossed the boundary from fellow blogger to amazing friends so…

Emily Guido






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Another Award Catch Up

Another award from SJ over at Delirious Anecdotes, you can check out her dreams here and I sincerely hope they all come true for her


  1. Thank (and follow) the blog that nominated you for the award.
  2. Tell us of 7 dreams of yours.
  3. Nominate bloggers.

Pretty Logo Award Thing

img_6545My Answers

I decided that aspirations and wishes are more appropriate than my actual dreams as they tend to be a little naughty at times and involve several famous actors and sportsmen though not all at the same time, well most of the time anyway but onwards…

  1. I wish the cure for cancer could be found and it work for all strains. I received the sad news someone I went to school with passed away at the weekend, another family now torn apart by this horrible disease.  While this was not someone I had kept in touch with she was none the less a lovely girl with the brightest smile and an infectious laugh, she leaves behind a teenage son who will miss out on so many special times because of a disease that does not care who it destroys.  There are conspiracies out there of course suggesting the cure is known and pharmaceutical companies are sitting on it for profit I hope if it is ever discovered that is the truth the people making that decision are charged for the thousands of deaths that cancer causes each year.
  2. I wish for a world where there is no bullying, that parents teach their children the old adage of if you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all.  When I was at school you did not have to be friends with everyone but the people you weren’t friends with you just didn’t bother with you did not have to lead hate campaigns against them, you had your own life to get on with.
  3. I wish for a world where parents take responsibility for their children, my kids are not perfect, they have their faults, acknowledging this does not mean I love them any less in fact the fact I can see their faults probably means I love them more because I see the issues, address them and help my children become better people, too many people think they are their children’s friends when the greatest gift you are ever given is the chance to be a parent.
  4. On a more personal level I want to make a living from my writing, I might never be rich and famous but to be able to write full time, attend conventions and meet people who enjoy reading the books I write.
  5. Tied in with the last would be to receive positive reviews for each book I release, I know you cannot have all reviews be good, well not unless you pay lol but it would be nice to see the four and five star reviews mount up.
  6. I would like to meet someone and have a meaningful relationship, right now I still don’t see it happening and am certainly not looking but it would be nice to think in a couple of years my Mr Darcy might be out there and find me.
  7. I have said I just want to be able to earn a living from my books but there is one thing I would love and that is to be sat on a bus or a train and look across and see someone reading one of my books, I am not sure if I would say anything to them but maybe I would ask if they were enjoying it and if they say yes offer to sign it for them but guess I would try to read their expression first lol



If you are reading this you are nominated because I would love to know what your dreams are 😀


Monday Musings

A Belated Awards Post

I have had two awards sat waiting for me to accept them for weeks both came from SJ over at Delirious Anecdotes so this week I shall deal with the first one and this is one I have had before which is…


How it works:

1) Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog in your post.
2) Answer the questions that the blogger who nominated you has provided.
3) Nominate ten other bloggers (or up to 10).
4) Create ten questions for your nominees and notify them of their nominations.

I like this because questions are provided and you can see how SJ answered hers here.

Questions She Asked

  1. What is your favourite genre of music? Well that depends on my mood lol usually if I am doing house work I like something upbeat so I can dance as I go, I love 80’s pop and Kylie.
  2. What colour socks are you wearing? (This is a favourite from my interviews.) Not wearing any at the minute as I took my trainers off after the school run and put my slippers on, my lovely new Sketchers trainers seem to make my feet really sweaty so socks get removed at the same time lol but they were black.
  3. Out of the primary colours (red, yellow and blue), which is your favourite? It thought this would be an easy question when I first read it but now I come to answer it I am my usual indecisive self, all of them make me think of things I like but I am going to go with Blue, first it is the only colour out of the three that suits me to wear and secondly it is the colour of water and I love the sea.
  4. Which is your favourite social networking website? It has to be Facebook, for all its faults, and it does have many, I have met so many amazing people on there both through writing and playing games whose presence has enriched my life. 
  5. If you had to raise awareness for one charity, which would it be? This one is easy Cords4lifeUK, Charlie’s charity, I won’t go into it all here now as most of you know the story but if not either click the link or read more here and here not only would I raise awareness I have also stated all along 50% of all profits from Voices will go the the charity.
  6. What is your favourite type of weather? Hot and sunny and if I am somewhere with a sea breeze even better.
  7. Which controversial issues do you feel most passionately regarding? I feel quite passionately about lots of controversial things but generally I try to not put them on here lol I guess if I have to pick one I would bring back the death penalty, I would not make it a mandatory sentence but would have it as an option for anyone that abuses children, serial killers and mass murderers. I just think there are some people who commit acts so heinous they forfeit the right to be treated as a human and like a rabid dog sould be destroyed for the protection of the innocent. I had this conversation once a long time ago and an old man asked me if I could actually flip the switch, I said yes, now as a parent I would go one step further and say if you asked me to kill someone who raped and tortured a child to death, not only could I flip the switch I could look them straight in the eye as I pulled the trigger.
  8. Do you have any secret talents? Sadly no, unless you count drawing elephants, well to be fair one elephant as I always draw it facing straight on and it is more or less the same sketch every time it is just something that stuck from a long time ago, probably because I love elephants.
  9. As a child, did you have a favourite teddy bear? Nope, not that I can remember and I asked my mum but she can’t remember me having one either. We always had dogs so it is quite likely I just didn’t bother with toys as their was always a live animal to snuggle.
  10. What time is it?  It is 11.25am, I actually wrote most of this yesterday but forgot to finish it and schedule the post so am just doing that and the tags now lol.


  1. What is your favourite genre of music?
  2. What are you wearing as you answer this?
  3. What is your favourite colour and why?
  4. Which is your favourite social networking website?
  5. If you had to raise awareness for one charity, which would it be?
  6. What is your favourite type of weather?
  7. Which controversial issues do you feel most passionately regarding?
  8. Do you have any secret talents?
  9. As a child, did you have a favourite book?
  10. What is you favourite meal to eat out?


And I am nominating…

Stephanie Hurt

Ellie Mack

CB Wentworth


Irene  (I know technically you are award free but thought the questions might be fun for you to answer and let us know more about you 😀 )

Linda G Hill




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WIP Wednesday – Dragon’s Rule!

I haven’t done an actual Award post for a while but this one dropped in my comments last week and I decided you know what lets go for it so…


I mean it has a dragon so how could I resist!

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
  2. Pass the award on to other bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
  3. Give 7 facts about yourself.

So first things first a huge thank you to Ravyn Whyt at Random Acts of Writing you can check out her lists here and learn more about her and the others she nominated.

Now 7 things about me that you don’t already know, well instead I decided to tell you seven thing I have learnt about myself through the self publishing process…

1) I could have a degree in procrastination, the closer I got to finishing the harder I found it to actually focus on the task at had.

2) Despite my bravado I have very little confidence when it comes to my own abilities and am actually now bracing myself for a stream of negative comments once people read my stories.

3) I realise the last one is irrelevant because I do not believe anyone will actually read my stories unless they know me and are trying to make me feel better.

4) I am becoming convinced I should go into PR rather than writing because I am pretty sure I can plan an awesome book launch if I put my mind to it but not as sure about producing the book itself.

5) Over the last twenty plus years I have suffered depression on and off, basically ever since post natal depression following my daughters birth, I am very good at recognising the signs of its approach and taking evasive action. I know compared to the black dogs that stalk others mine is generally more like the andrex puppy version but every now and again it grows fangs and turns into a huge hound, my grandmas death and the end of my relationship triggered that response.  I know I hid it well and only a few people very close to me would have known the signs but while in its grip I found writing almost impossible, especially Voices with its obvious themes of death and afterlife, writing Disintegration became my therapy, and while I wanted it to be longer than it is, I had to accept some of my work in it was just not good enough. (Don’t worry the demons are back to chasing rolls of toilet tissue once more)

6) I have found an extra strength in admitting my failings to myself and accepting them and where previously it would have defeated me I have now learnt that because I cannot do something today does not mean I cannot do anything today and that I will not be able to do whatever I set my mind to tomorrow.

7) I make the mistake of looking at other people projects that diminish my confidence further simply because they are so awesome for example, this trailer is for my FB friend Claire’s latest project, it has absolutely nothing in common with my own stuff but I find my self thinking I will never manage anything this awesome

Now who to pass this to? Rubs hands together, lets see who has been quiet for a while…

1) Rhonda

2) Heidi

3) Emily

4) Actually you!!!! If you are reading this and have a blog then you have also been nominated, after all the fact you are reading this proves your loyalty 😀



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Awards to Accept


As you can see I have been rather slack in accepting awards lately and I apologise whole-heartedly to every who has nominated me it really does still mean lots to me.  I have provided links at the top of this post to all those who nominated me please check out their blogs.  As I am so far behind I am going to cheat slightly by answering the questions provided by Jackie Dennis with her award nomination, I should explain that her blog is a family tree blog so the questions relate to that but as I have done some research into my own family tree it is something which fascinates me.

1. Why do you blog?

I started blogging as a way of practising my writing and getting feed back to help me improve but it is the wonderful people I have met through blogging that keep me coming back every day.

2. When do you blog, are you a morning person or a night owl?

I am actually a night owl but tend to write my blog on a morning for the next day (though it doesn’t always work out that way) then I can spend the rest of the day and evening getting stuck into writing and not have to worry about breaking off to write a blog post.

3. Who is your most interesting ancestor?

Hmm this is tough I would guess my Great Grandad Michael Acton as there seemed to be so much mystery around him which actually turned out to just be something tragic rather than bad

Memorial Victory medal

4. Have you learnt anything from looking back?

That very rarely do we know where we really come from,  I don’t mean just geographically but but that for every generation the choices they make changes who we will become, only a couple of generations ago half my family were Catholic if that had not changed then I might not be here.

5. Did your family move around a lot?

One side of the family were very much situated in one area but the rest moved around quite a lot a trait which continues to this day.


6. Have you always written?

Always but I never kept it when I was younger probably from fear of my sister finding it and using it to embarrass me with

7. Is it more about the writing, or the researching your family for you?

The two are separate, my blog is about writing and the family research is something personal that I have undertaken with other family members, but the writing bears extra poignancy when I consider a couple of generations ago family like my Great Great Grandma Annie Sophia in this picture could neither read nor write, her whole life was dedicated to working in a factory then bring up children and grandchildren.

great great grandma callis

8. Do you have a filing system?

Errrmmm does stuffing things n box files count as a filing system?????????

9. Is it just you doing this, or do you involve the family?

I have other family members from different sides of the family who are also looking into things we were all actually already doing it and only discovered the joint interest when I approached them for information

10. Have you found new family members you didn’t know about?

I have though not living ones but there were children who passed away whose names had never been mentioned again which seems really strange to us today.


I am not going to nominate people if you do not have either of the two awards I have features please accept it from me and answer the same questions that Jackie gave me I would love to know more about your experiences with your ancestors.


11. How far back have you gone?

In terms of knowing real information about people the mid 1800’s but I can trace back in terms of names and dates to 1596


A - Z Challenge 2013

A is for Anniversary

20130210-230657I could not have timed the beginning of this challenge better if I had tried, with the beginning tying in with my anniversary of one year here at wordpress.  I had tried another blogging platform previously but it just didn’t suit me and I found it hard to find my feet and get started.  Then a Facebook friend from the US had a look around for me and came back and suggested here as the best place to fit my needs and I haven’t looked back since.

Though recently I have fallen behind in visiting blogs I know that the people I have met here understand after all most of them like myself are balancing family, jobs and writing and as much as we would love to spend hours reading it is the first thing allowed to slide when we feel overwhelmed.

I just want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to you the people who come back day after day and support me and give me the self belief to keep going.

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Fantasy Vs Reality


I have a lot of friends on here that write Erotica and will admit that lately I have been reading quite a bit, (Lee you might want to stop reading here – and Sammie and actually anyone that knows me in real life lol)


I am not about to start writing it any sex scenes in my novel are there as part of the plot rather than basing a plot around sex I don’t have the talent to do that well, but what it has got me thinking about is fantasy.  Erotica is based primarily on people’s fantasies diverging into many different sub genres to feed all tastes that could possibly exist.  The thing is as writers at times our imagination can lead us to have very vivid fantasies both in and out of the bedroom.  The question is can reality ever match our fantasy?


When I was sixteen I had my first love a few months of puppy love followed by the requisite mourning period of broken hearted youth.  We never slept together, so in my innocent teenage mind it would have been magical; roll forward a couple years and a chance encounter in a nightclub after the consumption of alcohol.  It seemed like a good idea unfinished business between the two of us, after we both agreed that though pleasant it had been a mistake, both of us felt disappointed that it had failed to live up to what we had built it up to be in our minds.


Last night I had read a post about fantasies and it got me thinking about my own, those I would still like to live out and those which I now concede are better left as they are.  Now for those getting excited I am not about to divulge those fantasies in detail here and now lol let’s just say that one of them theoretically were it ever to be lived out would place me in a position that could be potentially dangerous hence it will never happen, other fantasies include me not having control – well you guys know how much of a control freak I am that is never happening in real life.  The fantasy that I am most upset at finally realising I would now never act upon is my JT, now yes I live in the real world therefore know it will never be put to the test, he is never going to bump into explain he has split from his wife and beg me to run away with him, but the fantasy of it has been with me for thirty years.  Last night the sad realisation hit me as I was reading his autobiography in the bath that if in an alternate universe it did happen he could never live up to my expectations.  Frequently we see celebrities hauled down from the pedestals upon which we have placed them by showing themselves as mere humans, and on one level we can forgive them (depending of course what they have done) but what we can never forgive them for totally are the dreams they take from us.


Now you might wonder how this relates to writing, well lets all be honest we all have a writing fantasy or two about someone out there reading our work, falling in love with it, the offer of contracts involving a lot of noughts and film rights being discussed.  Even in some of the blog awards we share and love we ask who would play your character in a film then fantasise about our leading men, (I still haven’t actually decided on mine for the novel quite like the idea of unknown actors lol) I digress back to what I was saying fantasy writing comes with a whole heap of benefits while the reality for most of us is an inbox full of rejections then if we get lucky a small publisher will take a chance on us that will not allow us to give up the day job but will see your book in print.


The thing is this is one fantasy that it is harder to give up on.  We cannot all top the bestseller lists but we can all dream about it because in part this fantasy is not actually about anyone else.  It is simply about us, our abilities and our determination to succeed.  For some succeed is to write the perfect novel, to write the perfect poem, for some it is to get across and share a message but the final line is that it is possible if only we are willing to work hard enough, slave away at our craft, learn from our mistakes, take chances and risk failure.  Today I saw a friend of mine had received some news I shall not spoil it saying who but let me say I am thrilled for her she had almost been talked out of believing in herself, and into closing her laptop but today her fantasies are beginning to come true.


Believe in your own abilities, keep sight of your dreams and don’t let anyone tell you no – let your mind run wild with fantasies but only indulge in those that can do you no harm.