Project Five – Secret Poetry Project

Week Four

This is a top secret charity project that I cannot really say much about other than it is writing a poem rather than a story and it has to be inspired by a picture provided. I have the inspiration and an idea of how I want the poem to go, I just need to sit down and get the ideas from my head onto the screen.

Project Four – The Role Of The Dice

Week One

This is the novel I am working on currently The Role Of The Dice, I am really loving this story and will elaborate on it more next week once I have at least one less project to tell you about but for this week I will share a graphic for it…

Week Four

Not much was done on The Role Of The Dice this month so far other than a little more outlining in my notebooks. I really want this out before the Leeds signing, it is going to be a push but fingers crossed I will manage it.

Project Three – January Patreon Story

Week One

Is yet another short story, this is the first story for my Patreon, normally I will only have two projects running at once, however, because the first two have run over from last year I am having to work hard these first few weeks. I will confess that at this minute I am still undecided if all the stories will be the same genre or just in a similar vein. I was initially thinking of making this double up as eventually being the second volume of ghost stories but it may be that I make is more of a general horror genre, I would like to tie in some of the stories with the month they appear in so we shall see.

Week four

I am behind one this short story for my Patreon, it has been pushed to the back burner slightly as I have no subscribers on there at the minute anyway however I am hoping to be back up to date on this by the end of the month.

Project Two – Unnamed Charity anthology story

Week One – Another short story for a charity anthology, this again is for a charity anthology and is quite taxing, it has a dark, twisted undercurrent and deals with disturbing subjects but is more realism than my usual fantasy which is making me push myself in different ways. The base plot for the story was one I wrote for a different anthology which was never published and fits very well with the required subject for this anthology.

Week Four – This is the second charity anthology project, I have my story outlined and am about halfway through writing it, if you are on FB and head to the Shenanigans FB page then you can see the cover reveal and the other authors involved. I will share more on this project next week.

Project One – Love Through a Lens

Week One – This is a short story for a charity anthology, this is in the final stages of editing and is a holiday romance. I have to say I found it quite difficult, as you will all know love and romance are not my normal main plots in a story so it was challenging resisting the urge to slaughter everyone.

Week Four – This was the short story for a charity anthology, I am going to reveal that it was titled Love Through A Lens but it is now pending acceptance so not much more I can tell you about that one for now, just keep fingers crossed.

Week Twenty-Six – I was accepted and the Anthology is now available for pre-order, I posted about it here and it will be posted at the top under the anthologies tab.