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DVD Review – Cranford (BBC Tv Adaptation)

While the novel sits languishing in my TBR pile the DVD was dusted off and enjoyed an outing.  First broadcast in 2007 the BBC adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford Chronicles has a star studded cast led by Dame Judy Dench and Francesca Annis.  The story seem a little bland if one were to consider it logically a village of elderly spinsters and widows going about their way of life for a year.  However, nothing could be further from the truth, Gaskell’s work reflects the careful social nuances of the age, the resistance by those who lived in villages to the technological advances of the time.  The Cranford Chronicles comprised of three novels which were combined to produce the series.

But the reason I love this series is not the reflection on social policy, the effects of industrialisation on rural communities, no it is the humour.  For those who have not seen  it I particularly recommend the scene with the cat and the lace, those who have watched it will no doubt be smiling at the recollection.

Gaskell has a flair for observing the silliness inhherant where ever groups of people co exist in small groups.  Some characters you will laugh at some you laugh with but you will laugh.  That is not to say that she does not explore the darker side of life and death, there are times in the series where you will find tear welling up others where you find your self holding your breath.  If you have not seen this series I highly recommend taking the time to sit back and enjoy a trip back to a simpler time where Gaskell will guide you on a journey through all aspects of village life.

As much as I would love to share my favourite clips I have no idea how to take them from the DVD nd the clips I could find on youtube are limited to episodes so I will share a slightly longer clip than I would have liked which opens the first series and if your appetite is wetted then you can look up the rest of the series on there.

This second clip is part of the behind the scenes extras that come on the end of the DVD for all of you who love classic adaptations it is a must watch.  I love to see how these novels and their characters are brought to life.

I hope you have enjoyed the clips. What has been your favourite adaptation? Do you prefer TV or film adaptations?

14 thoughts on “DVD Review – Cranford (BBC Tv Adaptation)

  1. I’ll have to check this one out. I don’t know if I prefer TV or film adaptations. I only prefer that they are done well and do the book justice.


    1. I have to say that adaptations are one thing the BBC do really well their costume dramas are usually well researched , stick to the books and look authentic


  2. I prefer the TV adaptations to film because there is more time to develop the characters, though I do find that the director and script writer has to agree with my interpretation of the book or it looks as if its missed the point somewhat. Yes indeed the BBC do good work there though I think it was Sky that got Pratchett on to the screen (with his input). I see that GRR Martin only gets to write for one episode per sceries of Game of Thrones (which I have yet to watch). In this case, given his writing speed, I wish he would jack the episode and get on with the last two books in his ongoing story. He’s not getting any younger.


    1. I haven’t read or watched game of thrones yet although my daughter is reading them I think i am scared if I do i might bin my manuscript lol Sky did a good job with the Pratchett ones I would hate to hate think what might have been done with them though Had he not had so much input himself in an interview he did say how important it was to him they found someone who shared his views of the stories


  3. I have read the book but not seen the T.V adaption, I will be taking a look. The BBC do make could costume dramas


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