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Weekly Round Up #7

Well it has been a strange week hopes of hitting the deadline are being swept away mainly to be honest by my toddler and his puppy who seem intent on destroying the house and mummys sanity (what little I had to start with).  Strangely I am not as upset by this as I thought I would be, I do still have 6 days if I could persuade him to behave for just a couple of days then maybe I could do it but not holding my breath.

Watched the Olympic opening ceremony last night an amazing spectacle which did us proud, sadly at the minute the cyclists aren’t doing quite so well as I type maybe coming so soon after their magnificent performance in the Tour De France.  I was disappointed not to see Duran Duran last night I misunderstood and thought the link up to Hyde Park was going to work both ways but it seems they got to see the ceremony but we didn’t see the concert I shall be searching youtube in the hope someone posted something.

For those who didn’t make it to the end here are the fireworks

And the only clip I could find for the concert

Okay back to business last weeks tasks…

1) Try to stick to the new schedule I posted yesterday

Yup managed it and so far this week it has worked well a couple of quite serious posts this week so will try to lighten things back up again

2) Keep editing if I can reach end of part two there is still  chance

Not as far through as I hoped to be this time next week you will know if I made the deadline or not

3) Try to fit in some extra reading I just started a new book I really want to get my teeth into

Managed a little but not much the book is really good but not read anything from my kindle this week I tend to read that more when out and about and as I haven’t really been anywhere this week it hasn’t had much use

4) Now monster is at home as nursery has finished work out a writing schedule around him so that I am not always sat writing till the early hours

Failed miserably infact with the heat the monster is refusing to go to bed without a fight so even late night writing has been tough through sheer exhaustion

5) Organise some of my novel research ready for wednesday posts

I have made a start, this weeks post will be continuing on the characters and next week I have one lined up on medieval torture methods including the infamous chappy chopper just for Kyle

So for the week ahead..

1) Keep following schedule by the end of next week I should have a better idea how you are all enjoying it

2) Keep editing – I know if I can find the hours to put in I can do it but it will literally be last minute if I make it

3) If weather stays nice get out and do some writing in notebooks because I have been so busy I have been working on the computer the whole time which expains why no poetry I always seem to write poetry better on paper

4) Watch lots of sport – yup I am a sports junkie when the olympics are on and believe it or not once upon a lifetime ago I was a sporty person and used to do the long jump somewhere my mum has a pic of me competing but I have no idea where sadly

5) Sort out my photos on my hard drive for use here on the blog I can’t even believe how many I have and how many I haven’t posted of places I have visited so before I go off anywhere else I need to sort out wht you have or haven’t seen.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up #7

  1. I missed the ceremonies because NBC blocked them here. Grrrr… and when they finally showed them (5 hours later) they ruined it with lousy commentary.

    But Rowan Atkinson is still tops in my book! 😀


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