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Weekly Round Up #14

Thank you all for you kind birthday wishes I have had a lovely day.  I have spent a couple of hours at the computer this afternoon while the family was out giving me that lovely gift of a couple of hours peace and quiet which am sure any of you with or that have had small children will appreciate the value of.

I decided as its my birthday and obviously the start of my next round of challenges 50 things before 50 I would do a little housekeeping on my desk and in my blog.

First you may have noticed a slight colour change I really was not feeling the pink anymore so have gone lilac maybe each year on my birthday I will change colour unless when I finally upgrade the blog to my own name I find a new layout I really like.

Now I am sure most of you will have heard me mention when it is quiet at work I end up scribbling on bits of till roll, discarded receipts, anything handy until I can get home and get round to making a proper note.  Well here is proof…

Now before I would work on them straight away or they got lost amongst the note books or in the bottom of my handbag so I had a bright idea…

Each idea is scribbled on a memo and folded up and popped in the jar for a later date…

I was going to leave the outside completely blank but given some days I have limited time I decided a hint on the outside of what the idea is suited to was acceptable.

Then it was off for dinner and it seemed even the food knew it was my birthday as my pork crackled perfectly for a change…

Sorry for slightly blurry pic but was hungry by this point and it smelled so good

Then of course came cake…

You know I would have shared with each and everyone of you if possible.

I realised my blogging schedule has a major flaw, having weekly round up on a Saturday was not working.   Saturdays are a busy day for me with work and family and I really needed posts that could be prepared ahead of time so I have tweaked my schedule a little so let me fill you in.

  • Thoughts on thursday

    Again no changes to Thursday

    • Photo Friday

      No change Friday

    • So it’s Saturday

      Saturday takes most of the subjects that sunday had before plus a new one Me And Mine which are posts about me, my family and more personal musings.

    • Sometimes Sundays

      Weekly round up will now take place on a sunday when I have more time plus most weeks there will be a bonus post where I shall either share a blog that I have really loved from the previous week or the new Fact Vs Fiction where I want to examine how world events or fiction can change our opinions or influence our writing.

      I am planning some new headers for each day and to tidy up my about and novel pages aswell as updating a few others.

      I am not going to set targets this week that will be resumed in the next weekly round up.

      I have had a lovely birthday but chocolate overload means an early night 😀

7 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up #14

  1. I love the look of your roast (and now I’m drooling haha)
    I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and thank you so much for nominating me (on your last post) xxx


  2. Love the jar! What a fabulous idea.

    The cake, oh the cake I am afraid my butt got bigger just looking at it my chair sank at least two inches.

    Happy birthday just in case I missed it the last time.


  3. Wow, you are so busy, so organised and so dedicated! I’m impressed! Glad you had a great birthday – that chocolate cake looks delicious! Like seriously awesome! 🙂 (And I’m not even a big fan of chocolate cake… lol.)


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