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Glossybox Review October 2015

First thing I have to say was I was very disappointed at the plain pink box, we were asked to vote for one of four designs plus another vote was for a lipstick colour so I mistakenly believed the box was for this month and the lipstick for next but am now guessing both are for next month, so the contents… (apologies for the photos this month my camera was having a hissy fit and just would not focus and get the colour right at the same time lol)


Initial response was mixed a couple of things that excited me and a couple I was a little disappointed with but not everything was as it seemed…


Lanolips Antibacterial Hand Cream

As you all know I work on a till so anything antibacterial comes in useful but I was not overly impressed to see another hand cream as I have plenty butI have to say this is a nice everyday hand lotion. As it is still early in terms of really cold wet weather I cannot judge how well it will do in the coming months but, right now on my hands as they are, it is nice.  At £8.99 it is expensive but if it delivers on the antibacterial part and keeps the germs at bay over the winter months it will be a good investment.

Next up…


Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Curl Mascara

I was really excited when I saw this as the previous Jelly Pong Pong product I had received I loved, plus I needed a new mascara, sadly this is not the one for me. It has a very wet formula and does not give particularly good coverage, and I have to be honest at first I thought it was not waterproof as it smudges easily but then given the trouble I had getting it all off I am not sure what it is supposed to be but not sure I would even use this as a work day mascara.  My daughter also tried it and did not like it either so I can safely say at £17.95 I shall be spending my money on a different mascara rather than this.

One hit, one miss , up next…


Talika Photo-Hydra Day

Okay so you have all heard me talk about the moisturiser I fell in love with and so far nothing has lived up to it, well this one does not either but it is actually a very nice day cream that works well under make up.  Like my favourite this is also French but at £24.85 it is significantly cheaper, so far I am liking this and it has not caused any issues with my skin so this could become a regular in my winter skin care routine.

Next up…


So Susan Haute Light Highlighting Pencil

I have generally really liked the So Susan products I have come across but I was a little sceptical about this, the highlighters I have used so far had been powder, cream or liquid but never a pencil. I expected it to be hard to use but it actually smudges and blends really easily and although it is not a look that suits me it does line the eyes well also. At £15 it is expensive but will last for ages, personally I will use mine more around the eyes than on the cheekbone simply because of the colour tone and the fact I have one I use I love.

Last but not least…


Nicka K Airbrush Blending Sponge

I may very well be the last person to get on the beauty blender train but I am kicking myself I left it this long.  I have used make up sponges for years, I really did not believe that these strange shaped blenders could really be that much better but I absolutely love it.  Now of course I should imagine the cheaper ones may not work quite so well and at £6.50 I could buy a couple of packs of sponges instead of just one of these but I am converted.  My foundation and concealer went on better, and both gave me better coverage using less product which is a money saver. I will definitely be getting one or two more of these the keep at hand and maybe one of the bigger ones just for foundation so I can use a separate one for concealer.

So basically the one product I was excited about was the one that let me down and the ones I was not so thrilled to see turned out to be great products, this is the reason I stick with this beauty box, it makes me try things I would normally turn my nose up at.

One thought on “Glossybox Review October 2015

  1. Last month I saw a new doctor who dismissed all the other ,moisturisers I’ve been given for my cellulitis. Instead he gave me a prescription for Aveeno.with active colloidal oatmeal ( whatever that is). The stuff is amazing. Non-greasy, non-smelling absorbs easily and leaves the skin smooth. You’re not left with sticky hands at he end either. It’s perfect for anyone prone to excema.
    I don’t know how much it costs normally but is in a nice large dispenser.If you get the chance to try it I’m sure you’ll like it Paula..
    See, it’s not often you’ll find me giving out make-up tips.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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