Glossybox Monthly Review

Glossybox Review – May 2017

Playing catch up on these reviews so there will be one a week for the next few weeks…

I had mixed feelings opening this but I was pleased to see the scrub as I was excited to try it. First up let’s talk about the sponge…

DAILY CONCEPTS Exfoliating Body Scrubber

Now, I confess, I did not really try this out much, my daughter was here when I opened the box and basically she stole it. Her argument was she is pregnant and she needed it for her wash bag for the hospital, how could I argue with that. However, I did get a good look at it, it felt really nice, it was dual sided so one side was nice and soft and the other was exfoliating but not too rough. At £4 it’s not that expensive though of course, you can buy them much cheaper, this does have one piece of bonus tech which is that the label fades with use, the idea is once you can’t read it you know you need a new sponge, however personally I think you know when you need a new one anyway and I do question if this could be altered dependant on what creams, scrubs etc you use with it. I did like it and if I came across one while shopping would buy one not sure I would go out of my way to get one though.

Next up…

SCRUB LOVE Active Charcoal Body Scrub

The claim ‘this is the scrubbiest scrub of them all’ and let me tell you they mean it, this does not just exfoliate it removes layers of skin! Imagine grabbing a handful of grit and scrubbing your skin with it and you have this, it is not for the faint-hearted or those with sensitive skin. Did my skin feel lovely and soft after? Well, yes but that was because it was all fresh skin. It smelled good in fact too good as the dog ate it before I had a chance to give it a second go but I have a feeling from how gingerly he crouched the next few days it was no gentler on the internal parts than it had been on my flesh. At £13.95 it is not the most expensive product I have used and it does do what it says, I didn’t get chance to see how it lives up to the claims of increasing circulation and the lymphatic drainage benefits but I can imagine the vigorous scrubbing would help, I, however, will be sticking to the sugar scrubs I prefer that are a little more gentle on the skin and make less mess in the shower.


DR.PAWPAW Dr.PawPaw Original Balm

I didn’t really try this very much as once again my daughter swooped in to relieve me of it, it reminded me very much of the Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm, at £6.95 it is slightly cheaper but have a very similar texture like that of a thick Vaseline. Like the others, it can be used for a multitude of things, thought the idea of some of the suggestions they make.. well let’s just say am not up for the idea of smoothing it through my hair. It is vegan-friendly I am not sure if other products are but am not sure I would buy this, it does not seem any better than cheaper products that are out there.


-417 Foot Nourishing Cream

I love this! Now I have to be honest I am rubbish at using foot creams regularly but when I have used this I can tell a difference and have no doubt that if I got my act together it would vanquish the hard skin completely, I think part of the problem is I just don’t like feet full stop, even my own. At £14.50 it is quite pricey, but I find foot products generally are, if I could get myself organised to use this consistently then I would buy it.


RUBY Powder Blush In Coral

This is one where as much as I like it I will never use it as it is designed to be used. The texture is lovely and it applies and blends really well but there is one small issue…

The colour is just wrong for me, I am undecided yet if I will double this as an eyeshadow or see if I have friends it would be better suited to, it gives the price in Euros rather than Pounds and is 14.99, while I might not buy this again I would like to try other products from their range if they were in other boxes in future.

Overall not a bad box this time round even if two products were snatched away before I could test them properly.

Glossybox Monthly Review

Glossybox Review – April 2017

Sorry for the delay in posting these, like everything else I am so far behind it is crazy!

I am going to say when I first opened this I was a little underwhelmed by the contents I was not sure a hand sanitizer was appropriate as one of the five and had concerns about some of the others which as you will see were in part justified.

ModelCo Contour Stick

We may as well start with my biggest concern on initially opening the box, I saw the colour of this and thought they had misread my file and thought my surname was Kardashian, as you can see from this hand swatch it was not a great colour match…

Now the thing is I don’t fake tan, well not more than once a decade, I don’t use creme blushers or contours but I thought I have to give it a go and to be fair when buffed in properly it does actually fade down to quite a nice glow but it did require a lot of buffing. I like my make up to be quick to apply, I do not contour as much as I probably should so I am doubtful I will use this for everyday make up, however as with many things I am sure it will get used up at some point even if it is only as part of a Halloween look. It costs £17 so not exactly cheap however a little goes a long way and if you love sculpting out those cheekbones might be one to try.

Next up…

Elgon Deliwas CleanisingConditioner

This was the one product I was really excited to try this month, it is a two in one type product which promises to be less drying than normal shampoo, it does warn that this will not lather as much, so did it work? Nope! First, it did not lather at all, and I know the lather is psychological to an extent but it does also allow you to be sure you have covered your whole head, especially when you have long hair. Afterwards, my hair felt drier than it does using the two separate products, and to be honest, I felt it needed washing again a lot sooner than normal. I had hoped this product would be everything it claimed to be, if it had, I might not have minded the £14.50 price tag but I certainly would not pay that for it

after this performance.

Next up…

SPORTFX Shape Up Brow Pencil

Okay, this really is a mixed review because, in theory, I loved the concept of this product, it just didn’t quite deliver for me. First the colour…

they sent blonde because that was what my hair colour was when I filled in the forms, and I have not changed it as there is no purple option so most times this still fits with my colouring, but the colour pay off is weak which means lots of going over your brows to really feel like you have made a difference. This leads to my other issue with it, to really be able to use it you need to wind it out a little, but you also need to be very careful as if you wind it out then apply too much pressure it snaps off. I think this could be fixed but just not sure how. What I did like was this bit…

At the opposite end of the powder pencil is a spoolie, I find this so much easier for shaping my brows than a straight brown brush or comb, I also feel it helps brush powder more evenly through the hairs for better coverage. At £7.99 it is not overly expensive, or wouldn’t be if you didn’t waste some getting the application process perfected. I have not checked on the number of shades available so while at the minute I will not be rushing to buy another I would not write it off completely. I should also mention that my daughter has also tried this and she really liked it though the shade was far too light for her.

Next up…

RODIAL Glamolash™ Mascara XXL

I had high hopes for this after the eyeliner, (the one my daughter ran off with) so I was disappointed that really this did not deliver. Don’t get me wrong it was an okay mascara and had I paid high street prices for it I would not have been bothered but this one is £24 and for that price, I expect better. Now because I am biased in favour of certain other mascaras I also got my daughter to test it but she agreed, it took several coats to build up to what I would expect of two coats of most mascaras, but maybe if you are looking for something lightweight and natural looking this might do it but when it says Glam I expect lashes to die for.

And finally…

MERCI HANDY Love And Hand Cleansing Gel

Now let’s be honest I was not happy to see this as an item in my box, not because of the quality of the product but you know… beauty box! I would have been happier to see this as a bonus item but and this is a huge but I love it! At £2.90 it is expensive as cleansing gels go, you can pick them up at pound shops or supermarkets cheaper but this one smells great and also makes my hands feel good after applying it, no stickiness, no slimy feeling, it just rubs straight in leaves you with an almost velvety feeling.

So that it is for this review, my favourite product ended up being the one I was least excited about.



#TheDarkerSideOfFiction2017 · Signings & Events

Let’s Talk Clothes!

Okay so you are lucky enough to have got a place at a signing event, you have the books, the swag and are ready, so what is left? Well, what are you going to wear?

So the night do is usually easier, it is normally formal and many times has a theme to help you decide on your outfit this was me with my daughter at the Leeds Event last year…

But it can get expensive, as you start attending more events you will meet up with the same people numerous times which means you cannot invest in one little black dress and re-wear it.  On the other hand, unless the day job pays really well or you have hit the jackpot with a best-selling novel you probably don’t want to be buying new dresses every few months that you can only wear the once or at least only once for now and then put to be rotated in a wardrobe. So the alternative as I have been looking into is eBay,  as I mentioned on Sunday I have found it to be a treasure trove of dresses bought for weddings, cruises and other suave social occasions that one has the excuse to dress up for. Worn once or twice these end up going for a fraction of the price of the new dress, likewise new clothes with tags show up in abundance, I am guessing like some of the clothes in my wardrobe these are bought but don’t fit and kept with the intention of fitting them one day or they just don’t get round to returning them within the correct time frame.

However, it is not just the ball/evening dress you have to consider, let’s start with travelling, you obviously need something comfortable but also some thing that will make the right impression at the hotel when you show up, then the evening prior to the signing you will need to eat, probably meet a few of the other authors in the bar or just hang out with them.

Then the big one your signing outfit, now I am pretty sure smart casual is the standard, it has to be comfortable enough to wear all day and practical, you don’t want to wear linen and look all crumpled after five minutes. There is though a secondary consideration, and that is your brand, does the way you dress reflect your work and personality? I am not for one second suggesting fancy dress, but if you write medieval fantasy would your readers really expect to see you in a floral, floaty dress. just as you work to bring your image together in terms of covers complementing each other, business cards matching other PR materials then you want to present an image of yourself that will both stick and be engaging. In some ways, it seems to me that it is almost like creating your own personal work uniform, it is the clothing you wear to put you in author mode when you are public.

I have bright purple hair, or to be fair this week it is the end of a dye cycle so it is more a mix of lilac and grey, so I am not what you would consider to be conventional, however, being plus size I am also acutely aware that not all clothes suit me or look good on me,  I am also aware that some of the things I might like the idea of wearing would not fit with my writing. While I am not saying that you should role play your characters I do think common sense comes into play, I write medieval fantasy, wearing Steampunk style clothes would possibly send confusing messages even though I love the style.

So what am I going to wear? For me I think it is looking like trousers suits with shirts or blouses, I like the idea of the traditional tweedy look against my purple hair, it allows me to show my personality with my hair but the suit gives a level of professionalism, and, rather than go for plain black, the idea of the tweed or possibly brown pinstripe appeals because it is the twist on the expected.

Of course, I don’t rule out the thought that I am over thinking this, but for me, I like the idea of having separate mix and match type items for wearing to signings.

Glossybox Monthly Review

Glossybox Review March 2017

Back to a plain pink box which is always a comedown after the special edition ones but let’s get to the contents…

My initial response was to be quite pleased, I had chosen the palette from a couple of options so maybe we should start with that…

SLEEK MAKEUP Eye & Cheek Palette

Because I am reviewing this a few month on from the time I chose the colour option I cannot remember what the others were, however, I believe this looked like a fairly neutral palette, and I probably chose this as I had gone for brighter colours for the last couple of palette options.  When I opened it I was quite excited…

There were what seemed a nice mix of shades and I thought okay I can do quite a bit with these, however, let’s break it down, cheeks first…

This is a one swipe swatch, can you see the problem, while I might get away with a very light dusting of the paler one, no way can I use the darker side, I do not tan so I could not even use it then, the blushers are highly pigmented but all is not lost they are very nice colours still so I will use them on my eyes. So let’s take a look at those…

Again the colours are highly pigmented and with the exception of the cream are all quite dark, I think the colours are lovely but really not good on my complexion as a palette. As an overall palette this would great on black or dark olive skin but for us pale and pasty folks the colours will be used in conjunction with paler colours from other palettes. At £10 it is not expensive but if you are looking for one palette to carry with you that does both eyes and cheeks you might need to be careful which colours you chose with this.



Hmmm I have to hold my hands up I am not sure on this, first it feels great when you put it on, but I cannot honestly say it did a great deal for my dark circles or puffiness, simply because it is not often mine are really noticeable. That is not to say I don’ egt them but when I do am usually feeling so run down and crap I don’t think to try using a cream at that point. For puffiness I have a really good roller ball type product I received in a Glossybox a while ago so I cannot see me spending £30 on this cream, but in fairness I cannot say it doesn’t work and might not be worth the price tag to somone else.

Next is…

THIS WORKS in-transit camera close-up

As you can see this claims to be an all in one product, sadly for me it did none of the things it claimed particularly well. In consistancy it is very similar to Vaseline, it does work as a barrier layer between your skin and make up to protect pores but I found that my foundation moved a lot over it and was hard to get a nice finish so as a primer it fails. I used this up as a night cream as I felt it took a long time to soak in and left my skin looking too greasy for day use. At £30 I can think of individual products that you could buy to do all three jobs with better results for less money, however, if you have really dry skin and want one product to travel with this might work for you.

Just two to go so…

FRUU Fruitilicious Watermelon Lip Balm

I am going to be honest when I opened this and smelt it, I could only smell Mango, which I don’t like. But as I always promise to try everything where possibly I gave it a go and I actually love the the texture and the more I hgave used it the more I smell watermelon over the other scents. At £2.99 it is a resonable price and is a decent every day balm

And finally…

GOT2B Styling Primer

I have to be honest when I read the description of this I was skeptical about what it would actually do, but I have to say that when I tried it, it really did make a difference. Because I have a few layers through my hair when I plait it for work as a do occasionally bits tend to come loose, I put a little of this in my hands and worked it through my hair now I have to say you do have to work quickly as it dries fast and is less effective but once my hair was plaited there were no bits escaping. It did brush out, though my hair did feel like it needed washing, it was not unbareable. The one downside was it made my hands feel really stiicky and took a good wash to remove that sensation. At only £4.18 in is a good price if you wear your hair tied up a lot or wear it in plaits, I can’t really comment on how it works with other styles but even just using it for the plaits it is value for money as it removes the need to use hair spray afterwards.


Though there were a couple of negatives the positives made up for it in this box.

Glossybox Monthly Review

Glossybox Review February 2017

Once more I am behind on these so you are in for a few over the coming weeks and I have to say there have been some real hits and some huge misses…

First let say I loved the box, it was after all the Valentine themed one but I loved the pink against the monochrome, and onto the contents…

I am going to be honest though I was excited at a couple of the products, I was really annoyed at one of them so we may as well start with that one…

GARNIER Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Strength Restorer Balm

Now the first thing I should make clear is my problem is not with the actual product, the opposite in fact, this is not a new product to warrant the inclusion of a trial size sample, I have been using this product for quite a while. That was what annoyed me, that one of my fie items should not only be a trial size which barely covered my hair but should also be for a product that has been out for ages and I already use. I would have been happy to see this as an extra on top of the five items and maybe if I was not already using it I might have been impressed except as with most trial sizes of hair products they only give you enough to do a decent trial if you have short to shoulder length hair at best. At £4.49 (or less if you have the right saver type places near you) it does do what it is supposed to but Glossybox this month I felt robbed.

Next up…

LA THEORIE DES VOLCANS Noir Eternae Youth Potion Face Scrub

There are times you really want things to be different, and this was one! It sounded fantastic, a mineral rich volcanic paste, cleanses, purifies, turns from pink to grey as it works wonders on your skin… brings you out in the plague! Okay not quite but it did bring on an outbreak of the Rosecea I suffered from last year, at first I wondered if it was coincidence, I was stressed at the time I tried it, so I let it clear up and tried it again, yet again an outbreak. Was it perhaps the combination of using it with the cold weather, waited a few months tried it again, once more an outbreak, I shall not be trying it again. I think it is safe to say I shall not be spending £26 on a face wash that makes me look like a bubonic zombie.

Next up…

CIATE LONDON Paint Pot in Iced Frappe

I don’t normally get to give these a good testing as when I get one my daughter generally steals it, but because we can now wear neutral colours on our nails at work I put my foot down and kept this one. The colour is a lovely pale coffee, it applies really well and I love the brushes in these pots, although mine is lose from the lid and if you are not careful you open it it find the brush still sat in  the varnish. It does last well, though if you have your hands in water a lot it does soften and peel, at £9 it is towards the higher end of the mid range and it can be quite hard actually getting hold of this brand without ordering from their website but worth it or better still talk someone into buying you their advent calendar to keep you going for a while.


MEMEME Beat The Blues in Oyster Gold

Confession first, I think I may have been using this wrong, I thought it was a highlighter but it is actually an illuminator, while it can be used as a highlighter it can also be mixed into foundation, which I have not tried but I will give it a go. Used as a highlighter it blended right in and did not give me the shimmer I wanted, it did work well with a powder highlighter over it but just didn’t get the job done on its own, I was not too keen on the applicator,

It feels like a cheap nail varnish applicator and it is hard to get the blobs on each side even with the poor bristle quality. At £7.25 it is not expensive but I would not buy this as a highlighter however I am hoping that it may work well with foundation especially in the summer to just add a little all over shimmer.

And finally…


Every now and again you get a perfume that you really cannot decide on, you love it, you like it, your not sure about it, depending on your mood, for me this is that perfume. It smells of Roses, not shit Sherlock I here you cry, but no I mean it smells of Roses with a capital R! It is like being in my garden next to me older roses, especially the big crimson one that does not get the prettiest flowers but damn does it smell good.

This is the rose I am talking about the flowers are huge, the size of small melon, and they get tatty quickly but they smell divine. So what is the problem with the perfume I hear you ask, well it is just that is smells of Roses and nothing else, in my head I think of it being something my grandma would have worn, or the perfume kids get, and while I really love the smell I am not convinced I can wear it out. I mean yes could wear it on the school run or for work but I can get perfumes by popstars for less than the £20 a bottle this costs. You could use it to spray your bed with to bring the summer garden smell into the bedroom, but you see my predicament, while I love the smell I am just not sure about where I would wear it. Chances are this will get used but I will not replace it even though I really do like it.


Glossybox Monthly Review

Glossybox Review January 2017

So the first box for 2017 arrived, was I impressed?


I am going to be honest I was really underwhelmed by this box when I first opened it, lets begin with the first reason why…


Hairon Zero Crease Hair Tie

I have received these previously in a Glossybox, my opinion does not change just because they are pink this time instead of white. While they do what they say in that they do not leave a kink in your hair the fact is they are still no good for putting in my hair, they do not hold the ponytail tight enough to stop the shorter bits falling out and after a couple of uses they stretch and become even less effective. They are £3.99 for three so not overly expensive but to be honest I might use one once in a blue moon if I am maybe going out after work and have to cope with a few stray hairs to avoid kinks.



NIP-FAB Kale Fix Moisturiser

I was quite intrigued by this right up until I opened it. The first problem I found with it is the smell, it smells of kale, aloe vera and vegetation generally, and I have t say I hate to think how much more it would smell if it was a hot summers day. The actual product (yes I did test it still but only on a night) works quite well on dry skin areas however you should avoid any greasier areas with it, I have quite a greasy forehead at the minute and it did bring out a few spots when I trialled it, at £19.95 it is cheaper than some moisturisers but personally for me not one I would buy again.

Next up…


THEBALM Meet Matt(e) Trimony Single Eyeshadow

I loved the packaging for this and was really looking forward to trying it, it came in this lovely aubergine shade…


Now this is a little harder to assess as a whole as the shade is part of a palette which sells at £34, for me I felt the colour pay off was not good, initially the pigment seemed good but the minute I started blending it disappeared, I will say I have not tried it wet, generally I never use my eye-shadows wet I know it is supposed to intensify the colour but I really shouldn’t have to especially at these prices.


VITAMASQUES Manuka Honey Face Mask

I do like face masks so I do enjoy getting them in the box but I have to say this one really had me annoyed..

When I went to get it out it was literally dripping and the mask itself was crumpled within the packaging which was quite hard to actually quite hard to unfold and unstick. Once you do get in straightened out it really did not fit very well and I had to lie down to stop it sliding off.

As you can see it barely touched my nose which is one of the driest parts of my face but what makes it even more frustrating is that the actual formula made my face feel great, it really did seem to work and at £3.99 it is cost effective to use on a regular basis. I know getting a shape that fits everyone is impossible but think this one could be improved then I would definitely buy it again.

And the final item for this month was…

UNANI Illuminate Milk Cleanser

I have to say I really like this product and it reminds me very must both in terms of product and packaging of the products I regularly use by Naobay. At £14 this is around the same price as similar products I use, I would certainly use this and may buy it again once I run out depending on how much shipping etc is (this is a problem with the brands you can only get online) and would certainly be happy to try out further products from this range.

Glossybox Monthly Review

Glossybox Review December 2017

Finally up to date as I wait for this months box to arrive and I have to say I love the box…

dsc02260 dsc02262

Sadly as much as I liked the box I didn’t have it long as my daughter also loved it lol so lets see if the contents matched the packaging…


I have to be honest I was not blown away despite the fact it was full of make up products but did I feel the same after I had used them?


MDMFLOW Semi-Matte Lipstick in Vamp

The first thing I should say was I chose the colour for this which also influenced the next product as well. I am not sure if I like this packaging, the lipstick does seem quite small however I did like the colour when I opened it…

dsc02272I chose this colour out of the two options as the other was a more neutral shade of which I have plenty when I swatched it I did find it was lighter than I initially expected but was still a nice berry colour…

dsc02273I love the packaging for this and I really like the colour. The lipstick stayed on quite well though required definite topping up after eating and drinking, at £18 I am not sure if I would buy more especially given the only option would seem to be online so the fact photos do not necessarily show true colour would put me off.

Next up…


Revlon Nail Enamel in Valentine

I have to be honest out of the whole box this was the biggest disappointment. The colour sent was chosen to be paired with the lipstick you chose, to be honest the match is not a good one colour wise in the first place and this nail varnish left me frustrated, seemed to either have to be applied thin and streaky to get it to dry and more than two coats it would not dry properly, in the end gave it up. At £6.49 it is not really expensive but I still would not buy it.



Collection Cosmetics Define & Perfect Eyebrow Powder

I cannot make up my mind on this product, the colour is just about right for me, maybe a little dark…


I don’t mind the little brush application process…

dsc02276I already mainly use a powder to do my eyebrows so that was not problem. It took my a while to put my finger on it but the issue is the ball bearings that for some reason are rattling around in the brush bit. The thing is I can’t even work out why it is there, if it was in the powder side I might have thought it was there to loosen it except that it would actually pack it down, there is no liquid in the brush part that need agitating it is just annoying and distracts me as I use it. At £4.19 it is a good price and I like the product, they just need to sort the rattling noise.


The next product is this one…


Lipcote Lipcote

Sometimes a product can have been around for a long time before you ever try it, for me this was one of those products. To an extent I think I never needed it, most lip products these days are designed to have a long lasting formula, so I tried this out over a range of lipsticks, I have to say it did make some last longer, others I could not say I saw a difference, I confess I do not like the tacky feeling that you get when you have first applied it however that does fade very quickly and at £3.99 it is actually a reasonable price if it makes lipsticks last longer before you need to reapply after all many of the lipsticks cost far more.

And the final item…


Essence Light up your face luminizer palette

When I first looked at this palette I was not impressed, the colours were not really suited to my skin tone however once I stopped and considered how I could use the palette I have become rather fond of it.


Rather than using them all as luminizing powders I have been using the two outer darker shades to use for contour shades when I feel the need to contour during the day, they give a little glow along with the shading and I use the middle highlighter if I want a more subtle glow or over the top of a liquid highlighter. I will say that for nights out the shades are not strong enough but they are fine for during the day r for when you need to be understated and at £3 would also be great to take out to top up rather than carrying your more expensive products with you.

Glossybox Monthly Review

Glossybox Review – November 2016

The first review for this year brings us almost up to date so here we go…


Initial thoughts were this seemed like a good mix of everything, beauty, make up and they threw in a choccy so time to take a closer look…


This Works Deep sleep Pillow Spray

Now I have to confess I did not test this, I have no problem falling asleep, slaying asleep occasionally but never falling asleep but predictably it smells mainly of lavender and I passed it over to my daughter to try out. She did try it but could not honestly say it aided her in falling asleep though it did not hinder her, at £16 it is hard to recommend it without being able to say more definitely that it works.

Next up…


Wilkinson Sword Quattro For Women Raspberry Rain Disposable Razors

I was a little miffed at first to see razors again especially as it only seems like a couple of boxes ago we received the Venus one but lets face it hair removal is a big thing for us ladies so I gave them a go.

dsc02226There are as suggested four blades and the handles are quite long and nicely shaped well for access to all those awkward to reach areas like the back of the ankles etc. I especially like the bobbly bits on the end grip…

dsc02227they stop it slipping out of your grasp as easily. I cannot say I was impressed by the smell. yes you could smell it as you got it out of the packaging but by the time you use body wash, shaving gel, the fragrance is lost and a waste of time and I have to say at £5.69 for three they are quite pricey for something you are going to use once and throw away, I liked using them but would not buy them.

And Next…


DE BRUYERE BEAUTE Jumbo Eye Pencil in Bubble 07

The card describes this as a Khaki-grey, and looking at it initially it does look that way…

dsc02222but I have to say the true colour is more of a gold. it goes on well and I am rather taken with it. At £15 it is not overly pricey but I have to admit I have not tried this on a night out yet which is the true test of a creme eyeshadow, though I like this, it goes on well I cannot honestly say whether it will show creases during a night out.

Next up…


Ruby Professional Large Tapered Blending Brush

I already have a couple of brushes that are my go to brushes for blending shadows so initially I was not over excited to the see this how ever I was curious to try it out.

dsc02231The ones I have are flatter and angled slightly but like this one they are quite fluffy feeling. The rounded end of this make it really good for blending the lid shade into the brow shade, I did find it not quite as good for blending crease colours simple as it almost blends a little too well and removes a little bit too much of the definition between colours. Overall the brush quality is great I used it doing fancy dress make up as well so I also know it responds well to washing. at £8 it is a decent price for a brush and I would certainly recommend it and look forward to maybe trying more brushes from the range,

And finally…


111SKIN Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask

Now I have to confess this sat around for a while before I got round to trying it…

dsc02283As you can see when I opened it it had slipped off one side of the mask, however as it is a sealed unit it did not effect the product just made it harder to get on…

wp_20161218_21_30_03_prothe first thing you notice is it is gold. It adheres to the skin quite well, it almost has a wet rubber feeling, it does slide a little so as you have to keep it on for twenty minutes it is better to be able to lie back while wearing it. There are however a couple of issues with it…wp_20161218_21_30_28_pro as I have noted previously with these types of masks the never seem to fit well, on this one the eye holes as small and set wide apart, I am not sure whose nose the measured to create  that hole but as you can see it is around twice the width of mine and a lot longer, in the end I folded the end back because the sensation of it flapping against the end of my nose was driving me crazy, and the mouth it set too low. I could I suppose have crinkled the mask more to try to squeeze the holes to fit better but it does say the mask should be smoothed over the face. The actual results from the mask were pleasing, my skin looked brighter, felt smooth and hydrated and the results lasted a day or two. The big issue for me with this is the price, they recommend you use the masks three times a week and at £20 each that is a very hefty hole in anyone’s wallet, even as a one off this is pricey. I would use them again if I had them given but not likely to buy them.

And an extra…

dsc02224Normally I love chocolate but this reminded me of Ferrero Rocher which I don’t like, my daughter did try it but was not impressed however bonus points for the thought!



Glossybox Monthly Review

Glossybox Review – October 2016

I am a little behind with these so I want to post a couple over the next few weeks so we catch up ready for next years boxes…


It was the basic pink box and I confess I was not initially thrilled when I saw the contents but I will say one product was a very pleasant surprise.


First up I am going to address the surprise bonus item, this was not the pleasant surprise I referred to though.the shampoo sample was a decent size allowing for a few uses, it left my hair feeling very soft and smooth but I did feel like me hair felt thinner, I handed it over to my daughter and again she agreed it made her hair feel very silky but she felt it made her hair look oily. We both did take wild guesses at what we thought it might be and my daughter guessed correctly in that it is a shampoo from Head & Shoulders, though I would not personally use this for my hair I would recommend it as an anti-dandruff shampoo still.

Next up…


BEE GOOD Honey & Camelina Facial Exfoliator

I did like this and at £10.50 it is a similar price to the one I already use. The one thing I did find was it did not seem to last as well as my other product I use, I have to be fair and point out this may be because I did not use it regularly so it probably lasted longer than it should have but I did not love it enough to switch from my regular Naobay one.

Next up…


NUXE Shimmering Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse OR

This product confuses me, it suggests it can be used for the hair as well as the skin but comes in a nail varnish style bottle which is very awkward when it comes to getting it out. I looked at the price, I looked again then I shook my head, the price listed is £34. The gold flecks are supposed to give a shimmer…

dsc02131and maybe they would if you were already bronzed shimmering and stood in the sunlight but I found it had very little effect under normal lighting. Overall I felt this was a waste of money, I took it along to a night out and let a couple of friends try it and they shared my opinion both in terms of product and packaging.

Next up…


Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait -Buttery Lip Cream

I have received this exact lipstick previously via the So Susan Love Lip bag but I was not disappointed to see it, this shade is a barely there neutral…

dsc02135but it serves to work in different ways. These lipsticks are very moisturising and hydrating, the colour pigmentation is good and they last well. This shade offers the option of wearing alone or being worn as a base to put other more drying lipsticks over. At £12.95 the price tag can seem a little excessive especially as the tube is actually cardboard but the designs are bright and fun and the lipsticks themselves are great especially in summer when you need all the moisture you can get.


UNIVERSAL BEAUTY COSMETICS Secret Flush, soothing Cream Blusher & Lips Stain Duo

Okay I confess I saw this and was not im[ressed, I am not a fan of cream blushes and personally think they are not very flattering on older skin, this was no different but when I took the lid off I liked what I saw…

dsc02140I liked the fact they added an extra layer of protection so that when you removed the normal lid there is an extra clip over cover…


The colour is somewhere between a dark coral and dusky pink, and though I would not wear it as blush it makes quite a nice lipstick though of course it needs to be applied via a brush, at £15 it is not something I am likely to ever buy but I will definitely use it up.

And finally the pleasant surprise…


PS…PRO Miracle Pencil

When I saw this I was intrigued, I expected it to maybe do one job well if I was lucky, then I looked at the details on the card and stopped expecting it to do anything. Now, I am not a make up snob but at £2 from Primark I was not expecting a lot but I tried it, the pencil is so much more creamy than I expected, it blends out well and does work as lip and eye liner as well as concealing small areas, I have not really tried contouring my lips with it as such though it does highlight the bow slightly, I was very impressed at this especially given the price tag and would happily try other products from this range and may very well replace this once it runs out.

Glossybox Monthly Review

Glossybox Review – September 2016

I was thrilled to discover a vibrant red box when I opened up the outer packaging this month…


I opened it up and had mixed feelings out what I saw, I was thrilled to see my MUA palette but disappointed to see two facemasks


So first up let me show you the palette I chose for last month…


MUA Eyeshadow Palette

As you can see although it does have one or two neutral colours the rest are a mix of shades which can be mixed or matched with each other or the neutral shades to create more dramatic style, like the other palette this s only £4 so great value for money.

So the first real product of this box lets start with one of the face masks…


The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying glow Mask

I think this was more of a sample than a product, there were no details for it on the card I looked it up on line and found it had great reviews and a tub was priced at £15. Now you guys know I do try these things for you even those I am sceptical of but this I was looking forward to, right until the point I put it on my face. I did my best to keep it on for the minimum five minutes suggested but lasted only two as it felt like my face was on fire. as I say it has great reviews and my skin is not usually the type to react so strongly but obviously something in this did not agree with me, so I would certainly suggest calling into a store and maybe asking if they have any samples to try before buying.

Next up…


RODIAL Smokey Eye Pen

I was confused at first by this, the description seemed to suggest it should have a smudger at one end which it did not and it is a definite pencil rather than a pen. I have to be honest it was a good pencil bt not sure it justified the £17 price tag, however I did not get to test it for how long wearing it was as my daughter stole it.

Next up handy for Winter…



When you first put this on it does make your mouth feel a little oily, but it soaks in after only a few minutes to give a rather nice moisturised feeling, I love the fact that it is organic and that it doubles up really nicely as a top coat on top of lipstick which can be quite drying especially in Winter, so this gives dual possibilities for use. At £12 there are of course a lot cheaper lip balms about but the antioxident properties might just be the added value that justify the price tag.

Next up something else I was a little disappointed to see…


REVLON Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat

I was disappointed to see this because I have numerous top coats already of various makes that have been bought on their own or have come as part of sets and to be honest I very rarely use them. This one is priced £7.99 but to be honest I cannot honestly say it made much difference to how long my nail varnish lasted, I have yet to try one that really blew my mind and this was no different.

Next up the second mask…



You will remember a few months ago I received a similar mask and struggled to keep it on for the required time as it did not fit well and kept sliding down, well, this one has one design feature that is a definite improvement…


The mask actually comes in two parts which does mean it gives more flexibility in terms of fitting to different shape faces, I did still end up having to lie down while wearing it but that was due to how much product there was on the mask. The mask costs £7.99 so it is more expensive than some other masks but it did work in that my skin felt wonderful after, though I cannot honestly say the feeling lasted 120 hours but if I came across it in a shop I might buy it again especially during Winter months where the skin takes a hammering from the weather.


The one thing I would say is the feel of this mask may not be for everyone, it does feel as slimy as it looks and feels very cold when you first put it on, it has so much product on it I did even contemplate trying to put it in a sealed bag and see if I could get more than one use out of it but decided not to try in the end.

The final product…


TOO FACED Better Than Sex Mascara

Occasionally you receive a product and end up being so glad you got is for all the wrong reasons! I have come so close to buying this mascara on numerous occasions based on all the times I have heard people rave about it, however the price tag put me off they lis the RRP here as £19 but if you look on Amazon you will see the price on there around the £26 mark, now the price itself is not really an issue I pay around the same for my Tarte mascara but if I had shelled out that money on this I would have been crying, and had track marks down my cheeks.


The wand was okay, obviously as this is a trial size it is rather short but I didn’t mind the applicator what I did mind was three layers later I still didn’t feel like my lashes looked anywhere nearly as long and full as I like them, if the seriously believe this mascara is better than sex they have led a very sheltered life. Normally I would be gutted to have received a mascara that did so little for me but the fact this saved me a wad of money made up for it.

Overall not a great box for me and if my eyeshadow palette had not been in it I would have been very disappointed at the contents but it was a lesson learned about the mascara at a fraction of the cost of buying it.