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Random Thoughts And Storylines


I am afraid it is sheer randomness for todays post, part fantasy, part rant, part insanity a little like my life lol.

First let me get the little rant over with which is to do with Charlie’s petition, you would not believe how hard it is to get 100k UK citizens to sign to help save lives, trying to get a celeb to RT on twitter can be like pulling teeth even those who have lost someone to cancer themselves are reluctant to sign something they believe means they are criticising the NHS well news flash the NHS is doing a good job of its own bad PR at the minute, this petition is actually about trying to get parliament to discuss cord donation and make the funds available for it to be made a countrywide option,  I get really annoyed at people arguing it will cost too much I would like to see them put a price tag on their own childs life, facebook and Twitter are full of posts from people desperately trying to raise money to take children abroad for life saving treatment, shouldn’t we be ashamed that we are so far behind the rest of the world that this is needed?  I am sure those people would happily raise money still for hospitals who offered treatment here infact in lieu of flowers Charlie’s parents asked that donations be made to the hospital who cared for Charlie so many times in his short life, with gift aid added it came to over eight thousand pounds, false economy seems to be a fixture of modern life taking the cheapest solution short term even if it gives the least long term benefit.

Right rant over!

Next would you believe it is possible for a writer to have an over active imagination?  No I know to an extent we need one, that’s how we create characters and stories but my problem is that idea just keep coming.  There is no way I will ever be able to write everything which presents itself to my mind.  I get distracted at times by the fact new characters and plots force their way into my thoughts demanding attention. For example after my post a couple of days ago about Doctor Who podcasts I then read a post from someone else about fan fiction and got thinking ramdomly about that.  No harm there you would think? Wrong!  I know have an idea for an gothic/timetravel story stuck in my head demanding attention which I really don’t have time to give it at the minute, last week it was the coma story that ended up as a flash fiction that interrupted the limited sanity that I have, so many people commented on what could be done with it but never will be which leads to another quandry…

What is my Genre?  My novel is dark/medieval fantasy, my short story collection ghost stories and another novel idea I have is Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian so where do I see myself going?  I love being able to write what takes my fancy yet I know that I really should choose one direction to follow.

5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts And Storylines

  1. Sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble inspiring action regarding Charlie’s illness. I usually have this perhaps idealistic view of medicine and healthcare in Europe, but now I realize everywhere has its positives and negatives. Although I feel blessed to live here, the U. S. is not without its issues as I’m sure you know. We have prioritization problems lol.

    As for a genre, I used to feel the same way, but right now dabbling is making me happy! I’d say to just go with it, but I guess most successful authors find their niche and stay there.


  2. You’re doing a great job over Charlie’s fund and more strength to you for it. Trouble is with so many causes hitting us on Facebook and elsewhere you’re facing a degree of apathy because people just say “Another one “!” I was trying to fundraise for Disabled riding which is my wife’s cause and I wanted to see the place built before she dies from inoperable cancer.There’s little uptake but I don’t blame people.I’ll moan that the NHS is behind other countries in possible treatments for my wife instead.since they can’t adequately explain why they don’t know about things others now do. One new treatment you can even book a Mumbai holiday for. I hope you find the celebrity you need who will come out and support you. In the meantime I’ll keep on tweeting.
    My rant over.
    There’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t cross the genre boundaries as an author. Plenty f famous ones do it. They just write under a different pen name until they’re sure. Even Stephen King did it and he’s survived. Was it Richard Bachman ?? If you have the imagination for it the readers always have a thirst for it. Just don’t expect to see me come out of my comfort zone and start writing something different. I don’t have ideas like yours.
    Good luck. xx Hugs xx


  3. Just keep bringing awareness and talking about the petition, Paula. Don’t give up; you’re doing good work.

    Overactive imagination? I just commented on your last post that sometimes my brain makes me tired. It just doesn’t stop! And is there a reason to stick with one genre? I say write what your heart and mind want to write. Some people do use pen names between genres.


  4. Maybe you need to take a step back and first ask are you writing just becasue you love writing or with some readership or publishing goal as motive? It can make a difference to where you choose to put your time and effort.


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