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Vlog Time #45 – Book Launch Date

First a quick vlog…

Now your formal invitation…

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There is a Facebook page for the event so please feel free to come over and show virtual support even if you cannot physically make it, though of course I would love for you to all be there to share cake with me xxx

3. Wednesday · WIP Wednesday

Kicking Myself Up The Backside


This week I have made a real effort to get back into the swing of things and not allow myself to wallow in self pity, it would be easy to spend my time playing games on Facebook (okay I still do a bit of that) but instead I have worked on blog posts, scheduling Facebook posts and have even done my January Writing Resolutions Round Up which you can find by clicking here or in the tab above.

The fact of the matter is when adversity hits it becomes incredibly easy to get distracted in procrastination, when I realised my dropbox had not been auto updating as it was supposed to I could have cried, in real terms I have not actually lost a lot of work but the emotional reaction makes it feel so much worse.  To be honest in a bout of self doubt I have deleted far more work previously than I lost in this incident (yes I know you should never delete anything and just file it away for a rainy day.) It is hard to force yourself to focus and move forward when in truth you would rather curl up and not bother but Sunday reminded me of part of the reason for Voices, little Charlie and his tragic battle against Cancer.

Sunday saw the second anniversary of Charlie’s passing, a life cut tragically short in fact hardly given a chance to begin, and while I mourn the Grandma I loved so much I know she lived, loved and made the most of her time on this planet.  We do not have a choice in what life throws at us we do however have a choice how we deal with it.  We owe it as much to those who had no choice as to ourselves to make every minute of our lives count.  Of course we cannot all spend all our lives, climbing mountains, fundraising for causes or seeing the sights we long to see, sadly too much of our time is spent in doing the daily toil to pay the bills but the little free time we have is what counts.  It is about looking at the world about you, appreciating the million little miracles in every day life, as the quote says ‘stopping to smell the roses’.  It is saying thank you to someone who makes you smile, be they friend or stranger and causing a smile on the lips of another.  Paying it forward not just in theory but in practise, I regularly write random letters to friends and know from their responses how much they enjoy getting something other than a bill via snail mail, take up the challenge and do something to make others feel good. (If anyone wants to be on my random mailing list feel free to email me at paulaacton@gmail.com)

Life is not always good or easy but it is still a precious gift which has been denied to so many others, we can sit and feel sorry for ourselves or we can make our presence felt, which will you choose?

Inspirational Angels

Birthday Wishes

Today is a very hard day for some friends of mine you see today would have been little Charlie’s 3rd birthday.  I will not pretend to know how you get up each morning and carry on following the loss of a child much less how you handle the extra special days knowing your child will not be there to open presents or blow out candles.  Charlie’s legacy is to hopefully bring about changes which will reduce the number of parents experiencing what Fi and Joey are going through today, I read messages from his big sister Ellie and my heart breaks afresh that she too should have to deal with this pain at such a young age.  So for today they asked that we all wear purple in his honour (his favourite colour) there really is nothing more to be said other than I am…



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Book Review – A Big Hand for the Doctor By Eoin Colfer.


First apologises for last weeks disappearance, for those of you on my personal Facebook you will know I was very poorly, I actually went down with Tonsillitis.  Let me state I like many others thought that it was just a sore throat, however three days in bed proved to me how wrong I was, I lost my voice totally, could not swallow to eat or drink, had cold sweats and generally wanted someone to put me out of my misery or freeze me until a cure was found.  The I discovered that sometime the cure is just as bad lol the anti-biotics I have been on took their own toll and though I still have a few days to get through am determined to get back on my feet.

The reason being today is little Monster’s birthday, we shall be busy this evening playing with his new Doctor Who toys, stuffing our faces with cake and having lots of cuddles.

Which leads me to a request I get to snuggle my boy on his birthday next month Fi and Joey will face the first of many hard times, Charlie’s birthday, it will be the first one where they cannot watch his face light up as he opens presents and blows out candles.  Too many parents seem to be left to this fate, it now seems everyone knows someone or is related to someone taken by this terrible disease, but today I would ask if you could to take a minute and visit a new blog – she is on Blogspot at the minute but am singing WordPress praises to her – so if you could just pop by and say hello you will recognise her from my first inspirational Angels post you can read here

Her blog can be found by following this link here.  Just stop by say hello and cheer her on. Right back to business which of course here is writing and books..

As this year marks the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who there are lots of special events going on, one of which is this series of kindle releases.

17225498Normally I would try to avoid spoilers however due to my feelings about this one that may not completely possible.

Each month a new story is launched written by a different author and featuring each of the Doctors in turn up to November and the current incarnation.  The books are aimed at young adult audiences so I am not the target audience but as a huge Doctor Who fan I see no reason I shouldn’t have a little read.

Now these are more Novellas than novels and I don’t want to give away too many spoilers so I shall keep my reviews as brief and spoiler free as possible.  It was well written and as a story thoroughly enjoyable but… and this is a big but it was not the First Doctor.

The author is a writer well-known for writing young adult/teenage fiction and of course he writes that brilliantly well but despite being old enough to have watched Classic Who this reads very much like it is written by someone who has only seen the most recent incarnations of the Doctor.  While he does grasp some of the speech mannerisms of the First his physicality is completely out of character with the older man who played him.

Could the writer have intended that this was a prequel coming before all the televised stories? That is completely possible but for the youngsters who read this then decide to look up the shoes featuring the First Doctor they are in for a shock, they will be looking for a guy who despite being a grandfather jumps into transport vortexes and instead they will find…


Now, okay in a push I just he could still jump but it jars with my memories of how he would act, he was many things but the action hero was not one of them.

Overall I will give this a 3.5 out of 5 I hope that the series will improve with the other Doctors,

Right off to get ready for a tea party, its good to be back.

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R is for Running (And Running Late)


(Altered due to late finishing and publication)

Turn the clock back a little under thirty years ago and my Sunday morning would have been spent pounding  the pavement.  Don’t get me wrong it was not by choice, I did long jump and did not go happily to to the conditioning session intended to build up stamina I did 15 steps in my run up and could not appreciate the need to run a couple of miles.

The thing is once you have the option taken away from you it becomes more appealing.  Since my spinal problems I no longer take my health for granted and I now know just how precious it is.  I tried finding some picturess from the athletics club I belonged to but like many things it is long gone.

As I write this the world has been rocked by the events at the Boston Marathon and the London one is due to be run tomorrow (was run yesterday) thousands of people line up with one aim, not to win medals or break records but to achieve something while representing those who no longer can represent themselves and raising thousands of pounds/dollars for charities.  I know both causes close to my heart will be represented on not only the London start line but that of other races throughout the year.  Hours spent pounding the pavement in wind and rain to do those precious angels proud, and I know the families of those helped by both charities The Joseph Salmon Trust and Charlie’s charity Cords4lifeUK will continue to contribute to helping these charities help more people.  I wish neither of these charities had to exist, I wish that both boys were playing in a school playground right now not looking down on their families and smiling at the legacies created in their name, but both not only exist but are needed and do great work.  I don’t know if I will be fit enough by next year to join either of the teams on the starting lines but I do know that I want to be and that before I turn fifty I intend to run at least one 10k race for each charity.

Maybe I will even get fit enough that I will experience the thrill of lining up one Sunday morning to begin those 26 miles that are not about the Elite runners they are about the masses saying we just want to give something back and make a difference.

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M is for Mementoes

20130210-230657We live in a digital age and the reality is that for many reasons actual momentoes have become fewer and further between until we reach a time in our lives when we start to reflect on years gone by.

For our parents generation there were lots though the value of them was not always recognised, those hand written letters, postcards, precious photographs that could be held in the had or placed in a frame.  We went through the 80’s when interior designers encouraged people to throw away they knick knacks and curios and go minimalist, now photos are stored on computer, on the internet, messages are sent the same way and old fashioned snail mail suffers for its lack of immediacy.

But once the flush of youth has gone and we look back we begin to desire tangible objects that we can hold in our hands and that is where companies like the wonderful Bespoke Affairs come into their own.  Let me state I am not being paid for this I just happened to have met the wonderful lady who runs this small business via fundraising for Charlie I asked if she could donate and she was generous enough to say yes and is donating this lovely box like this one for the auction at Charlie’s ball…


Compared to some prizes it may not seem much but when you consider this is an amazing woman trying to bring up her kids plus set up a business on her own you realise that this is much more than a box it is symbol of support from one mother to another, the person who wins it at auction not only gets a wonderful box, they become part of a story, a story that links strangers not just around this country but around the world.

907256_10151568377473834_585881876_nBespoke Affairs sells loads of different things most of which are adorned with sayings and reminders of the need for us to reach out to each other and that in our interactions we create memories and the value of those we make,  I could not help but end up buying a book mark for my daughter and Freda generously discounted allowing me to grab one for myself…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy daughter chose the white one while I was pleased to end up with the black one as the sentiment means a lot to me, please feel free to take a look at Freda’s Facebook store here

After meeting Freda to thank her for her donation in person I went to meet me daughter with the rest of the family to have dinner out, I took a few minutes to sit in the sun and scribble a few notes OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbefore creating a few more memories of our own, I have seen a few photo frames I rather like so now to decide on which photos I want to pop in them. xx

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H is for Hospitals

20130210-230657This post is a day late I am afraid and the reason is – partly – we had yet another hospital trip yesterday.  Admittedly the rest of the day was spent visiting my parents and grandma as I have to take the chance when the schools are closed and I am not working to fit visits in.

I have had both good and bad experiences with hospital, my first memory of a hospital visit was going to see my dad after he had a burst stomach ulcer, all I really remember of that was the huge tube coming out of his belly.

The next was to visit my grandad shortly before he passed away, I remember how tiny he looked in the expanse of white that was the bed.

The next visit was to casualty after slicing part of my thumb off chopping tomatoes, and the doctor telling me I had cut the nerve endings off so I shouldn’t be complaining it hurt.

The next visit was my longest stay with me as a patient, the emergency caesarian that brought my daughter into the world 7 weeks prem.


A week later and after a few setbacks for both of us we headed home and I did not see the inside of a hospital until…

desk (1265)

Since Jacks birth in 2008 both he and I have been no strangers to hospitals, he has fought meningitis plus had an operation to remove is adanoids, constant visits to ENT, Paediatricians, Orthoptists, Speech Therapists and Physiotherapists.  For me two spinal operations plus on going Physiotherapy.

Then more recently as you know my dad has had a two month stay in hospital, I have seen almost every department going over the years fr one reason or another and while most doctors and nurses do an amazing job, there are some whose bed side manners leave much to be desired.  Doctors and nurses who make the patient feel stupid for bothering them and are clearly in the wrong job.  The NHS is far from perfect but from friends experiences better than systems in some other countries but there do need to be changes.

Why are our Facebook walls full of children needing to raise money to be treated abroad? Why in terms of medical research are we so far behind other countries?  I know that we have increases of population and people are living longer therefore using more resources but we have to start making changes and looking at long term solutions rather than short term savings.  Things like Umbilical Cord Donation (don’t worry am not giving the full lecture here) is ruled out as too expensive, but how much is a child’s life worth? Taking emotion out of it and put in from a financial view point the cost of a child’s life is actually extremely valuable, not only does saving a life negate expensive pallitive care in the final weeks or months but also consider the life time of potential that child has. No one knows what that child could grow up to be, a doctor, a scientist, and Olympian, they could inspire millions or just work in a shop, paying taxes and contributing to keep our country afloat.

Yes we are on the verge of ending up with an aged population with a too-small workforce to support them and the reason is we are letting too many of our children die to save a few pounds now.

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C is For Charlie


How could C stand for anything else than our little hero who has changed so many lives around the world.  I know many of your here followed Charlie’s journey with me and so wish it had had a different outcome.  It requires strength to create something positive from such tragic circumstances and that strength overflows in Charlie’s family.

They are in the process of registering Cords4LifeUk as an official charity and continue to fundraise to help promote the benefits of cord donation, I know by now all my UK followers will have signed the petition by clicking on the picture of Charlie at the side of this page but if you have a friend or two who you think would sign, share the link with them. I asked Joey Beard, Charlie’s dad what all the support has meant to them.

“1st of all thank u for doing it ……. The support we have received has been amazing and has really helped us as a family through a very difficult time”  Joey Beard

Charlie’s mum and sister along with a couple of family friends have been in the recording studio this week and have released a 6 track EP to raise funds to continue ensuring that Charlie’s Legacy becomes a reality.  Please go take a look, you can have a little listen before you buy to let you appreciate this is actually really good quality stuff.

http://rubberbandaid.bandcamp.com/   this is the link for the EP and warning when you listen to The Best Two Years have your tissues ready this was sung by Charlie’s amazing big sis Ellie and the words are truly heartbreaking yet you will find yourself smiling through the tears remembering this truly remarkable little boy taken far too soon by cancer.  I will post links at the bottom of the page for those who are new to this blog and have not read all Charlie’s story for now I will leave you with a taster which is just Kelly Worth (watch out for that name in the future) singing what has really become Charlie’s song and on the EP she sings this with his mum Fiona.

You can read more about Charlie’s journey on FB and support the family via Twitter @Cords4LifeUK

More details can be found on my interview with Claire Halliwell who set up the Cord Donation petition and on other posts here on my blog if you type Charlie into the search bar plus the lovely pic of him will take you straight to the petition if you click on it.

Inspirational Angels

The Second of My Inspirational Angels Series – Hayley Leon

desk (384)

Some Angels are only loaned to us for such a short time – I wrote this recently on someone’s blog (they know who they are) but it really is true some Angels are destined to spend only a short time on Earth others to remain and walk amongst us and some inspire others to be transformed.  As I have helped trying to promote Charlie’s Cause I have been amazed by some of the amazingly strong and compassionate people I have come in contact with.  There are events in life which if the strike will either make you or break you these people have stood up to adversity looked it firmly in the face and fought not only for themselves but for others, when most would curl up in self pity they have reached out to help others, they are each and every one of them truly inspirational and over the next few weeks I would like to introduce you to just a few of them.


I would like you all to meet Hayley Leon, her partner Lee and there son Jacob, though it was Jacob’s fight, it is the families journey and subsequent decision to become fundraisers extraordinaire that has led to their inclusion here.  Not only are they raising funds to support the unit that saved their son’s life but Hayley has taken an active role in helping to promote the petition for Charlie’s cause Cords4Life UK as well.  Recently Jacobs Journey launched their own website and Facebook page to compliment their twitter campaign.

First Hayley let me say thank you for agreeing to be interviewed and letting me ask lots of emotional questions which you have probably answered a hundred times before.


1) Jacobs Journey is a very apt name for your cause given the very real journey you have all been on with Jacob, can you tell us how it began?

Lee; When Jacob was 2 weeks old he became very poorly and began screaming and vomiting, we took him to Coventry University Hospital where they completed some basic tests and believed he had gastroenteritis, we were not happy with the results as Jacob was completely out of character appearing to be suffering with extreme pain, he would feed on milk, then vomit and start screaming, we couldn’t comfort him and it was very upsetting.
We noticed Jacob’s eyes were not responding normally as they appeared to be fixed in one corner, we raised this with the nurse who contacted a specialist (Dr Morgan) who checked his eyes.
Dr Morgan then immediately arranged for a CT Scan to be completed on Jacob’s head, we were now feeling very worried, one minute we were told he had an upset stomach and now he was going to have a CT scan of his brain? The results came back and Dr Morgan explain that Jacob had a large mass within his brain believed to be caused by a bleed.
Obviously we broke down, when you hear of bleeds to the brain you automatically think of the worst, we were completely unable to help our son or even comfort him.
Dr Morgan arranged for Jacob to be rushed to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, we had to wait while a specialist ambulance arrived, by this time our family was at the hospital and we were breaking the news to them, this was completely heartbreaking and would be the start of a journey that would change our lives forever.
The specialist ambulance arrived and Jacob had to be place onto a life support machine for the journey, this looked like an incubation chamber full of wires, tubes and equipment, we followed the ambulance to Birmingham, we were directed to ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and we had to wait while the Surgeon on duty reviewed his scans and symptoms, Mr Rodrigues then came to speak to us explaining that Jacob needed brain surgery to remove the clot and relieve the pressure within the brain that is causing the pain, we had to sign a consent form before the surgery could take place, there was a real risk of death from the operation but a certain risk of death without it, not really a choice so we both signed and put all of our hope into a man we didn’t know.
Jacob was prepared for surgery, we were allowed to see him quickly before he was taken into theatre, we did not want it to be a goodbye but it had that feeling to it, we waited for several hours and then we were told the surgery was complete and Jacob was still with us, this was the first hurdle in many that Jacob will overcome, we had to wait again for them to take Jacob back to ICU and place him on life support, he was unable to breath for himself and he was incredibly weak.
Jacob was in ICU for 4 days but this felt longer, after 3 days we were given accommodation in the Hospital although Hayley didn’t leave Jacobs side the whole time, our Family all took turns to visit and the support from them and friends was fantastic, we were completely torn away from our normal lives as nothing else seemed to matter.
The team at Birmingham were great, everyday in ICU there would be a different nurse looking after Jacob, we sat and watched as they constantly attended to him, feeding him through tubes and tracking his progress every hour of the day and night.
After 3 days Jacob was well enough to start breathing for himself, this was a really upsetting time as it was clear Jacob was not happy and was struggling to breath on his own, he looked confused to what was happening and it was devastating to watch him unable to pick him up and comfort him.
Jacob was taken to the Neonatel ward , this ward specialises in post ICU care and there was now 2 nurses to 4 children, we got to spend some more private time with Jacob and we able to starting picking him up briefly and feeding him normally, the care here was still fantastic and the nurses would respond to every cry. He stayed here for 8 days, in that time he had his drain removed from his head and physio started. On day 8 his surgeon was happy for us to take him home , we on the other hand were petrified, we were so scared as there was also a chance of a second bleed. Mr Rodrigues didn’t know weather he had got all of the abnormal blood vessels because it was quite deep in Jacobs brain. We were sent home with weekly appointments at the hospital and for a nurse to come twice weekly to measure Jacobs head for any swelling. He also started regular physio at home. For the next 10 months our lives were consumed with Hospital visits,scans, doctors appointments, physio , twice weekly nurse visits and developmental checks.

309667_10150322789781245_116152128_n2) I know it will be hard to put into words but if you could try to explain how you felt seeing him lying on the life support machinery

Hayley; Seeing Jacob on life support machine is an image that will never leave my mind. In a blink of an eye my baby was taken away from his side room after being treated for a stomach bug and taken to a HDU unit where the KIDS team from BCH arrived with all their equipment . There was wires every where , a big tube in his mouth , tubes up his nose. We were briefly allowed to check in on him but we had to leave them to do their job. Myself and Lee just stared blankly at each other. We always joked that we had so much bad luck in our lives but this was something else. Why was this happening to our baby? Was it something i had done? We started to question everything! Dr Morgan (Jacobs Paediatric Consultant) was fantastic. She kept saying Jacob was having a little rest , he wasn’t in pain and the KIDS team would make sure he got to BCH safely. It was some kind of nightmare we were in! Lee took it really bad. Because he had only taken a weeks paternity he was very upset that he hadn’t spent enough time with him. I was trying to hold it altogether , even though I just wanted to hide in a room and cry and cry and cry!

3) Jacob has two big brothers who I am guessing were told by everybody when he was born to look after their little brother how did they cope not only with his illness but with the fact that it obviously meant a lot of time spent away from you while you were at the hospital?

Hayley; When Jacob fell ill Callum was 9 and Jack was 4. We had fantastic support from our families who all took time off to look after them and to make sure their day to day life wasn’t interfered with . We didn’t want them to worry. Callum was a bit wary that something was not right but Jack didn’t have a clue as he was very young. We didn’t want them to visit Jacob in PICU because the whole experience was not nice for anyone who came to that ward . Lots of babies and small children hooked up to ventilators was heart breaking and I kept my children away from that. They did however come to visit Jacob for a few hours when he had his drain removed. We were able to go for a walk around the hospital and grab something to eat with them. They enjoyed the visit. Callum now knows that Jacob was very poorly and has since wrote an autobiography on his short life so far.
4) I obviously got to know you through Charlie’s couragous battle against cancer, how did you become involved with Cords4Life UK?

Hayley; I first found out about Charlie when we set up Jacobs Facebook group. I remember searching for Birmingham Children’s Hospital and his page popped up and I have followed him ever since. There was something quite special about this little boy. I loved looking through his gorgeous smiley pictures and his family are quite simply amazing! I got to know Joey through twitter and arranged to meet them all in hospital while Charlie was having his trial drug to drop of some presents for the family . Charlie was gorgeous, and Fiona and Joey were lovely and I was very honoured that they let us visit. Jacob had a wail of a time eating biscuits and being cheeky! It is a time I will never forget as Charlie and his family changed my outlook on life.
5) I would imagine that you got to know a lot of parents during your stay at Birmingham Children’s Hospital many of whom won’t have been as lucky as you have been, have you ever felt I guess what would be termed as survivor guilt?

Hayley; We have never felt guilty because Jacob survived , in fact I have never even thought about this before. Myself and Lee prayed so hard for Jacob on the night of his op and we hoped our loved ones above were listening to us because we didn’t want him to leave. My Grandma Died 7 days before Jacob fell ill and my family always say she left so Jacob could stay and I will always believe this.

150296_10151029521396245_1370066121_n 150296_10151029521396245_1370066121_n

6) I have gotten to know you well enough to become Facebook friends and have seen how well Jacob is doing but can you tell everyone where he is on terms of treatment now, and his prognosis for the future?

Hayley; Jacobs prognosis for the future is excellent. He has some left sided weakness due to the bleed but its not anything that anyone would notice. Its only something he would notice himself as he got older. He has another scan in July to check his brain and another developmental check to rule out mild cerebral palsy. The future is very bright for Jacob he is a very determined little boy!

300615_10150322794196245_149882415_n7) Do you ever worry that it could come back given how rapidly it struck before?

Hayley; Jacobs bleed was caused by a group of malformed blood vessels in his brain which burst as they became weakened by the blood flow. His last scan showed that Jacob had no AVM in his brain and that everything was normal. We are certain that this will never happen again but he will have 2 yearly scans to double check.
8) What made you decide to fundraise for the hospital rather than merely send a thankyou card?  And how would you counter those that argue we already pay for the NHS?

Hayley; When we came home from hospital , we set up a Facebook page for Jacob so we could raise money for Ward 10. No one knows if their child will ever need help from their local hospital and we all pray that this will never be the case, but we would like to know that if there was ever a need, they have the equipment, money and knowledge to be able to treat babies and children in the best possible way. Fundraising for Birmingham Children’s Hospital has become my hobby and passion and along with my friends and family we will continue to help and hold events to raise as much money as possible. Some people will just send a thank you card but lots of people want to give something back, how can you ever repay someone who saved your child’s life! The only way you can do this is to raise funds and make the hospital the best it can be.

541592_10151417731666245_725846638_n9)  You were honoured as one of the hundred heroes for your fundraising last year, how did that feel?

Hayley; We were over the moon when we received our award , it was lovely to know that the hospital wanted to show their appreciation. The night was filled with amazing stories of brave people who were fundraising to say thank you for all the help and support the hospital gives them.
46766_10151404138736245_380331365_n10) Your next event is your charity night can you tell us a little about that and where people can watch out for further events

Hayley; We are holding a charity night at the Willenhall Social Club Coventry on Saturday 30th March from 7pm We have some fantastic entertainment , live music, Children’s entertainer , Peppa Pig and George, Mickey and Minnie mouse, face painting , Raffle and a DJ! Tickets £5 adults £3 child. The amount of people helping me out with their time and generosity is amazing! We will also auction off a signed Coventry city shirt, a Coventry Blaze signed goalie stick , a signed photo of Man Utd Player Ashley Young and a signed Photo of Liverpool Player Luis Suarez. This will be taking place on Jacobs Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/Jacobsjourney/ 25th March til 8th April! You can follow Jacob on his face group page which is listed above or on twitter @jacobs__journey for further events . Jacob also has a webpage http://jacobs–journey.webs.com/

I just want to say a huge thank you to Hayley and Lee for sharing their story and if you want to bid on anything or even maybe if any of your writers would like to sign a book and donate it to a good cause here are the links again.

Anyone wanting to find out more about how they can help Haley raise funds please check out the web page Jacob’s Journey follow on Twitter @Jacobs__Journey or on Face book Jacobs Journey

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Random Thoughts And Storylines


I am afraid it is sheer randomness for todays post, part fantasy, part rant, part insanity a little like my life lol.

First let me get the little rant over with which is to do with Charlie’s petition, you would not believe how hard it is to get 100k UK citizens to sign to help save lives, trying to get a celeb to RT on twitter can be like pulling teeth even those who have lost someone to cancer themselves are reluctant to sign something they believe means they are criticising the NHS well news flash the NHS is doing a good job of its own bad PR at the minute, this petition is actually about trying to get parliament to discuss cord donation and make the funds available for it to be made a countrywide option,  I get really annoyed at people arguing it will cost too much I would like to see them put a price tag on their own childs life, facebook and Twitter are full of posts from people desperately trying to raise money to take children abroad for life saving treatment, shouldn’t we be ashamed that we are so far behind the rest of the world that this is needed?  I am sure those people would happily raise money still for hospitals who offered treatment here infact in lieu of flowers Charlie’s parents asked that donations be made to the hospital who cared for Charlie so many times in his short life, with gift aid added it came to over eight thousand pounds, false economy seems to be a fixture of modern life taking the cheapest solution short term even if it gives the least long term benefit.

Right rant over!

Next would you believe it is possible for a writer to have an over active imagination?  No I know to an extent we need one, that’s how we create characters and stories but my problem is that idea just keep coming.  There is no way I will ever be able to write everything which presents itself to my mind.  I get distracted at times by the fact new characters and plots force their way into my thoughts demanding attention. For example after my post a couple of days ago about Doctor Who podcasts I then read a post from someone else about fan fiction and got thinking ramdomly about that.  No harm there you would think? Wrong!  I know have an idea for an gothic/timetravel story stuck in my head demanding attention which I really don’t have time to give it at the minute, last week it was the coma story that ended up as a flash fiction that interrupted the limited sanity that I have, so many people commented on what could be done with it but never will be which leads to another quandry…

What is my Genre?  My novel is dark/medieval fantasy, my short story collection ghost stories and another novel idea I have is Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian so where do I see myself going?  I love being able to write what takes my fancy yet I know that I really should choose one direction to follow.