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A – Z Challenge 2015 – The Overall Reflection Post


First let me say once again the best thing about this challenge is the opportunity it gives you to seek out new blogs and make new friends, I have found some wonderful, talented people whom I look forward to interacting with beyond the challenge and you never know if I win the lottery may even met in person one day.

This year was the first that I decided to go with a theme and I have to say it helped keep me focused on the task at hand, I will use the theme structure again next year though what the topic will be I have no idea. I think it has proved to me I can blog daily and keep up with my writing as long as I have a focus for the post so I will be working on that and continuing to schedule posts in advance to take the pressure off myself.  I will also write up extra posts to keep in reserve for when life gets in the way.

You can find a full list of all my A – Z posts in the tab in the headers bar up at the top of the page as well as see how I had done previously, I would say to anyone who has never had a go at this to sign up next year, it is a great way to push yourself while engaging in exploring new blogs and meeting new people.

4 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge 2015 – The Overall Reflection Post

  1. If you win the lottery, I expect your fist port of call to be somewhere a bit less exotic than some of your choices. I’d love to say hello in person and pass on a real Hug instead of a virtual one.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


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