Glossybox Monthly Review

Glossybox Review April 2015

First before we look at what is inside can we just take a minute to appreciate the box this month…

2015-04-22 08.10.33

Even the inside is pretty…2015-04-22 08.11.32I believe there were a couple of different colours in the box and that the different colours had different quotes in, I have seen someone post one with an Audrey Hepburn quote in.  They also included a guide on how to use a couple of the products to achieve the perfect 50’s look…2015-04-22 08.11.42Enough of me drooling over the packaging lets get onto what was in the box…2015-04-22 08.15.44I am not going to lie I looked and was disappointed, because the box contained two pencils and none of the other products were very big it looked like I had received very little and I was definitely feeling underwhelmed. Did that continue? Let’s see…

2015-04-22 08.12.39

Nougat London Soothing Bath Pearls

I decided to start with the biggest disappointment I received the full size 35g bag which costs £6 and it looked very pretty and I was intrigued, it promised a delicate fragrance and a limb lengthening sheen, it delivered neither. I double checked that I had added enough as I had only put in half the pearls but no that was about right. For the same price I could buy several bottles of bubble bath or a couple of Lush Bath products and they would be a far better investment than this.  I can safely say I will not be buying this again in fact I have half a bag left I have no urge to use.

So on we go…

2015-04-22 08.13.09 2015-04-22 08.17.09

Darphin Exquisage Beauty Revealing Cream

I have had so many face creams from Glossy box most of which left me feeling disappointed and I really really wish I could say the same about this one.  The truth is I absolutely love it and that annoys the hell out of me because realistically I know I will never spend this much on a cream for my face.  I received a 5ml trial tub which is almost empty now to buy this amazing product is £65 for the 50ml tub.  Seriously if you can afford it try it! I might even consider a go fund me to finance it on the premise that I will look better in my Vlogs if I have it, not sure I could get anyone to believe that though lol It is of course top of my shopping list for when I win the lottery before I head off to all the exotic locations from last months A – Z.

Next up…

2015-04-22 08.13.23Colour Club Barely There Nail Polish

This is a strange one because I still haven’t quite decided how I feel about it.  When I first saw the colour I pulled a face, I like my nails bright and vibrant, then I read the card which said this was the latest trend in Hollywood so I thought okay lets give it a go.  The actual product was really good, applied well and stood up to housework without chipping right up to me cleaning the cooker and the oven when it gave in and fled from my nails in rapid flakes. At £4.10 for this full size bottle it is great value and I would certainly try other colours, this colour however, reminded me of a French Manicure where some went home before applying the white tips but I have to say I am applying it to pasty white hands in the middle of an English Spring, if my hands were lovely and tanned like most of those in Hollywood it would probably look great.  So overall though not a complete hit not a total failure either I just need to get a tan and try again.

On to the next one…

2015-04-22 08.13.582015-04-22 08.14.19

POP Beauty Kajal Eyeliner Pen

Of all the products this was the one I held out the greatest hopes for, it comes complete with a built in blender for smoky eye looks and is supposed to be perfect for creating cat eye flicks, which would be great if I had the perfect eyes for cat eye flicks but I don’t.  So for me this would be used as a basic eyeliner and at £6.50 it is perfectly affordable and as you can see from this picture it does do the job…2015-04-23 12.57.30I just did one eye here so you can see how dramatic the effects are and as I say it works really well but I much prefer the Lollipop liner I received in a previous box and though in theory one can never have too many black eye liners if I were spending money to get a new one I would chose the other over this one but that does not take away from this product I just like the fact the other twists up.

The final item was…2015-04-22 08.14.35

Lord & Berry Lipstick Pencil in Kiss

Let me start off by stating red lipsticks do not suit me, every one I have had so far has gone home with my daughter.  That is until this one, I had done the rest of my make up before I applied this and was already calculating if I would have time to take it all off again after trying this on.  In hind sight I should have as I went off to work wearing it then realised it was too bright for work and messed my face up trying to get it off.  This product has staying power, lots of staying power even when you are trying to scrub it off, in fact I would recommend only wearing it when you want it to stay on and having industrial strength make up remover ready to take it off but the truth is I loved it. I even think it looked okay on me…2015-04-23 13.02.43

And if you have seen my pictures on Instagram or Twitter in the last 24 hours you will know I went platinum blonde again so it should look even better next time.  The pencil cost £10 but I can see it lasting a very long time and it is great value for money.

So I have to say although I though I was in for a major disappointment this month I ended up being rather chuffed with the products and my lovely Monroe box is going to be used to store note cards in ready to send off to my fabulous friends around the globe.

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