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A to Z Challenge 2014 – U is for Undercover


U I decided on another flash fiction for this post so I googled undercover and from there looked at spies and secret agent images until one spoke to me and told me it’s story…


Damn she screwed up the letter as soon as she finished reading it, everything had been going so well, now it was time to make a decision.  When she had accepted the assignment it had seemed simple, infiltrate the gang, discover the power structure behind the drug cartel and get information on the big shipments so they could move in and complete drugs busts catching them in the act.  Then she had met Carlo and everything had got complicated fast.

He was everything she should have hated, top of the food chain in this dark world which she was inhabiting, good looking with an arrogant swagger and the self assurance of someone who was used to having his own way.  Maybe that was why he had pursued her, the fact she had not fallen straight into his bed at the snap of his fingers, she shivered as she thought about those first meetings where he had cornered her, his fingers tracing his intentions slowly over her skin.  Ironically it was his interest in her which had caused her superiors to extend the length of the operation, throwing her at him as bait hoping to lure bigger fish into the open.  It had never been voiced that she should allow herself to be caught and they certainly would never have approved had they realised she would fall for him hook, line, and sinker, but that was where she found herself now well and truly snagged.

The letter she had received this morning though changed everything, it confirmed what she already knew in her heart, her hand slipped unconsciously to her stomach where his child was now growing.  There was no way he would allow his child to grow up not knowing who he was, but if he found out who she really was…the thought made her blood run cold.  She could request to be pulled from the operation and placed in the witness protection programme but he would find her, she suspected that he had people on the inside although the fact he had not worked out what she was confused her.  She turned to leave the room intending to head out to get some fresh air, she had not heard him come in and his presence in the doorway made her jump.

She smiled at him and began walking towards him before freezing mid step, dangling from his hand was her badge…

Can she talk her way out of it? To be honest I can think of a hundred different ways it could go from here which is why I decided to leave it hanging and let you all fill in your own endings, maybe you could leave your ideas for what happens next in the comments.

3 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge 2014 – U is for Undercover

  1. ‘Cos I’m a sucker for a happy ending I think he’ll open his other hand and show his own badge from another agency………
    Nicely written Paula.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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