A to Z Challenge 2014 – V is for Vlog


V  Sorry folks its that time of the month again where I inflict myself upon you.

Don’t forget to visit my Facebook page if you have a caption or title for the picture at the end not sure on the prize yet but there will be one xx


3 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge 2014 – V is for Vlog

  1. Personally I think you’re a meanie. One solitary picture of ‘The Monster’ and yet no mention at all. A couple of random hat pictures yet you wouldn’t put it on, and worst of all BY FAR, you’re doing belly dancing but won’t give us a wiggle in your belt !!!!! It’s too much Paula. Your audience awaits.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    1. I shall make a note to include more Monster in the posts lol he was actually being very uncooperative at posing this month but have a couple of pics to include when I do the monthly round up (and catch up on the other two I missed lol)

      lots of hugs

      P.S if I ever get good at the bellydancing I may reconsider but right now still struggling with right and left lol


  2. Its nice to see and hear what you sound like!!!!


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