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Guess Who Got a New Toy

Finally I am back my christmas present from the other half arrived yesterday and after a few hours pressing buttons, swearing just a little and making oaths that I will never let a computer die on me again the new one is just about set up.  I say just about as there is always at least one hitch in my case it is Word I cannot find the disc anywhere much less the code that is attached to it therefore I have got a 60 free trial while I tear the house to bits searching for it before admitting defeat and shelling out money for the new one.  I have got Corel office but I have no idea if that is compatible with amazon or whether I can download straight from scrivener bypassing word altogether if anyone know the answers please let me know.

I hope you all had a good christmas I did as I think this picture sums up…


The one thing I actually quite like about Christmas is the table, I love the excuse to get out all the tableware and the best dinner service, and if I lived in a different age and had servants to do the washing up I may be tempted to do it far more often.


I was lucky though I did have a little help making the starter and dessert this year…(for the foodies out there it was roasted butternut squash and sweet potato soup for starter and triple chocolate cheesecake for dessert)


I am working out a new blogging schedule for the new year which I hope to share with you over the next few days as I get back into the swing of things plus I need to work out how to use the photo software on this computer to make new headers for the categories.

10 thoughts on “Guess Who Got a New Toy

  1. Ah, the Christmas table. 🙂

    A new computer! They don’t even give discs with the software anymore, everything is just downloaded. I haven’t got brave enough to do the Office on line thing, but it is out there. Kind of like Google Docs?


    1. I presume it will be not really played with it yet am going to look round see what offers I can see for it as I really need a new printer aswell could have cried when I looked at prices for buying office I could understand when it was a disc and they were worried people were handing them round but now they want you to download it surely they could cut costs a little, maybe I will buy student version until I make enough writing to pay for the professional version lol


    1. mines organ went into complete failure it was all I could do to get it to stay on life support long enough to rescue my files I know they should now always be kept backed up but there was a problem and some of the files had not backed up properly I nearly cried


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