Tomorrow will be Post Number 300

Just a quick post today mainly as I have been busy catching up with my friends on Facebook and changing the background for my twitter feed ( it only took three hours to persuade it to change.)

I have my post planned and just need to persuade my darling little monster to stay in bed long enough for me to write it, I actually started this one this morning but got distracted lol.  I have been working on my new blogging schedule I shall share with you in a couple of days once I work the new headers out if all else fails I will have to install the other software I had that I actually understood how to use.

Tomorrow I will finish off the year in a much better place than I started it now I am going to raid the fridge to finish some more of the christmas goodies ready for the healthy eating as I have put on around a stone since stopping smoking. Right off to start the proper post just as soon as I turn the tv off as The Big Quiz of the Year is on and I will get nothing done with that on.


6 thoughts on “Tomorrow will be Post Number 300

  1. The Christmas goodies are one of my many weaknesses. I’m addicted to those cookies my wife makes. 🙂

    Some weight gain is normal when quitting smoking. No harm done.


    1. need to make sure I don’t undo the good work the surgery has done though by adding the extra pressure of too much weight time to get fit again now


  2. Happy new Year Paula! I hope it’s a healthy and happy one.


    1. Thanks and I wish the same for you


  3. Dear one of our most loyal and active followers in 2012, we wanted to say thank you and wish you a very happy and healthy New Year!! All the best to you! Hovercraftdoggy


    1. thankyou and the same to you as well


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