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Weekly Round Up #9

Well if I say it has been a week I wish I could forget that would be an understatement, as most of you guessed from last nights post things are a little stressful at the minute,loving someone who has depression is draining, I do not know at this point whether things are damaged beyond repair, but I have been in worse places than this before and have pulled through.  It is true sometimes we do not realise how strong we are until after the fact and though at the minute I am tired and weary, I pick myself up and face another day, thankyou to you all for your comments of support both here and on facebook after reading, I did not intend to let so much out but once I started it came and I could not hold back the tide.  Of course it always comes in threes so on top of the personal stuff the monster flooded the bathroom which came through the kitchen ceiling and I have no electric in the kitchen, while this is a good excuse for take aways I need to get some washing done so a trip to the laudrette tomorrow if it still wont come back on without throwing the switch then a call for a repairman.  On top of that my phone stopped working on Wednesday I thought it was the handset that was broken so off I went today and bought a new one after much wrigging of arms behind furniture I switched it…nothing.  So after what seemed like an eternity on hold while they ran line tests my suppliers told me they need to send an engineer out on Monday, great I will get my phone fixed the down side I have to move two huge fully laden book shelves and the tv cabinet for the engineer to get access, what fun.

I set two targets last week..

1) Do some reading that means blogs and books

2) keep up with the schedule and relax

I don’t even need to go there do I……
So for this week here goes…

1) Read through Queen of Ages check for any typos I missed

2) 5000 towards the Ghost stories Collection

3) Do some reading

4) Schedule a nervous breakdown
Now as a bonus today as I depressed you all so much last night I want to share my day with you, well a couple of hours of it, in an attempt at normality we took the monster to the food festival that is on here in Huddersfield I indulged in a little retail therapy and spent far too much on crap but what the hell enjoy the pics, am going to try to add captions to them all and slow it so you can read them if I can rather than post each pic individually.

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up #9

  1. Love your pictures and that pick and mix bag looked very good ;). I would very much like to pilfer. Sorry about the crappy few weeks you’ve been having. I know it sucks but hang in there lady.


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