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Comic Interlude

I am traumtised, imagine me there laying in the bath (hmm not the nicest mental imagine just give me a better body that will help, okay you got one) so I am laying in the bath up to my neck in bubbles.  I am lost in a book for Austen in August when suddenly a cascade of water flies across the pages and a weight lands on my legs.  You got it…the bloody puppy has jumped the safety gate yet again and decided he wants a bath, he doesn’t even like baths but the bubbles were seemingly too much to resist.  To add insult to injury he decides then to start drinking my bath water as I try to hoist him back out of the bath.  Aggreived at his premature removal he then steals one of my new fluffy pink slippers and legs it back down the stairs and stands barking at the safety gate demanding re-admittance to the living room. As you can imagine that was the end of tonights attempt to have a soak in the tub, just thought it would make you smile.

21 thoughts on “Comic Interlude

    1. My fluffy slippers are now soggy slippers and my book is on the radiator drying, the bloody animal doesn’t even have the decency to look ashamed of himself he is happily knawing on his bone now


  1. Lol, this puts me in mind of that crazy episode of Corrie when Schmeikle jumps in the jacuzzi that Les and Cilly are in (with their take-away pizza!) and it crashes through the ceiling! What a little scamp – have you posted a picture of the puppy? I’d love to see him. 🙂


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