The Mighty Muse and Poll Results

Well to be honest I have written much over the last week, I have jotted down a few ideas towards the ghost stories collection but not actually spent much time working on them.  You may ask why I was so excited on sunday at this idea and I still am but real life is playing havoc with my writing.  After six weeks off sick with my back I have been back at work this week only a couple of shifts but it still takes some adjusting back to the swing of things.

The poll results were fairly conclusive 53 percent of those who voted went for the short story collection ebook, but I have been musing on going one step further.  It has been pointed out to me that christmas is on its way, yes I know it is only August but in only a few weeks we all know that those snowflake filled cards will begin appearing in card shops across the country.  Now I don’t know about you but I have relatives I hate buying for, I struggle everytime searching out the perfect gift but I am thinking would it be weird this year to give them a book by me?  I am toying with the idea of using CreateSpace to be able to order physical copies of the collection as gifts. I don’t know what the costing will be like and until I actually writing the short stories and do it I won’t know if it is a realistic option I did look at the lulu print option once before and found it would be very expensive to self publish with them but it would also give an extra avenue for people finding my work.

Those who self publish via Ebook have you looked into this option?  Is it egotistical to even think of doing this as a present?

What do you think?


18 comments on “The Mighty Muse and Poll Results

  1. It is not egotistical to share your gift of writing! Think of those that create paintings, needlepoint, make quilts, and cook their favorite recipes to share as gifts. Now these family members that you don’t have a close bond with may not appreciate it like you would hope; but if you can give your gift and let go of emotions attached to it, then it will be marvelous!

    Go for it Paula!! xxoo


  2. Funny, but I’ve laughed at myself for the same thoughts. In a way, though, it’s not so different from someone that knits giving a scarf or baby booties or whatever as a gift. It’s something you’ve made yourself, rather than something you bought.


  3. Last year I used Blurb to self-publish two story books that I wrote and illustrated for my twin nieces. I also made my Mum a big photo book from our trip to the USA. I had a wonderful time doing it. It’s pretty expensive – depending on the style/paper you select, but the quality is wonderful. I would definitely recommend them and that style of gift. 🙂

    The girls enjoyed their book but it was my Mum I was most surprised at. I thought it wouldn’t be her cup of coffee (I added that just for you, Paula! 😉 ) but she loved it. You can arrange the photos/size them as you want and add anecdotes. Go for it! 🙂


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