Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday #16

So I am late putting this up today, partly because we have had nice weather here today and I have been getting some washing done and secondly because I was out last night at my best friends and my head was not so good earlier lol. I am sat here now with a caramel hot chocolate and have been watching a little bit of football until I realised the Icelandic fairy tale has come to an end and now have on Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories, I like Judge Rinder but was not sure how I would enjoy him doing something more serious, it is okay but very similar to dozens of other true crime programmes, his barrister background is not really used to bring anything new to it. So because I am late just four for today…

  1. There are some days I want to run away and go back to a simpler life where technology simply had an on/off switch but it is always nice to know you are not alone in your battle against the machines
  2. When my computer died and ate all my files I had to start again on some things, others I had printed off hard copies and had to retype every thing, this is a lesson now maybe we can all learn from, not only to back up but to keep those back up files up-to-date with technology
  3. I listen to the podcast hosted by this blogger so was interested to see his new youtube vlogs
  4. We have all giggled at the auto correct meme’s well put your drink down, we don’t want to spray it over the keyboard and have a giggle with a lovely lady who has recently returned to blogging and I am so happy to see her back

That is it for this week again sorry it is so late, catch up again next Sunday.

One thought on “Lazy Sunday #16

  1. Tear avoidance department … Couldn’t agree more about the back ups. I use Apple’s Time machine and now have added upload storage to a remote drive (400 miles away).


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