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Book Review – Peril At End House By Agatha Christie

Another Agatha Christie novel this week, featuring my favourite detective…


The Goodreads Blurb…

While on holiday in Cornwall, Hercule Poirot falls, turns his ankle and stumbles into pretty Nick Buckley, accident-prone heiress of a local estate and the survivor of several near-fatal mishaps. Poirot suspects more when strange connections surface between distant relatives, an absent pilot and a local gang of friends.

I have stated before I love the Agatha Christie novels and the Poirot ones are my favourites, yes he can be a little annoying in his ways but when you allow for the historical elements then much like my other favourite detective Sherlock then allowances can be made. It is well known that Agatha wrote to a formula and adapted it to each story and this one does differ a little which does help in assuring you do not work out the whodunnit until the end. As always there are a rich variety of characters but I do feel that some of them in this are less fleshed out than others however it is still a highly enjoyable mystery.

The questions of motive and gain play off against the idea of inherited evil, whether a place can be cursed or if actions are always what they seem.

Now an awkward bit because normally I avoid spoilers but want to discuss the ending, maybe that will be best discussed in another post as a theme in its own right but ties in with ideas of justice and whether what is right is the same as what is just.

Enough said onto the score, I am giving this one 4 out of 5 stars, I love Agatha but would like to have seen more character development for the other characters. But as a bonus a clip of the story from the best Poirot ever…


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