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Playing Catch Up Once Again

So after the laziness of the last month I am throwing myself back into my normal routine of balancing work, writing, family and fun, though not necessarily in that order, hell you never know might even fit housework in lol.

I have posted the May round up page finally you can check that out here… May 2014

This morning I have dancing, followed by work then when I get home tonight I will be filming this months Vlog, in which I shall reveal the winner of the June Caption Competition I run on my Facebook page.  If you haven’t already like my Facebook page please come over and say hello there, that is the place where I do the caption competition every month where you have a chance of winning an Amazon Voucher, I share loads of random stuff I see or like there and is linked to my Twitter so you see the strange, weird and wonderful messages I send out into the Twitterverse as well.  I am also considering doing something more creative with my Youtube Channel at the minute I really only use it for the Vlogs once a month (as you know you can’t upload them straight to WordPress).  I did upload some videos there yesterday from the Stratford visit of our boat trip on the River Avon, this is one of the three…..

I really wish I was heading back there soon, if you get the chance to visit and the weather is half as nice as it was for us get on a boat, we did joke about getting a rowboat but that seemed too much like hard work.

I also had my eyebrows sugared yesterday, you might have seen the before and after pics on FB but I also took some photos and hour then two hours after so you can see how quickly I recovered which I will add into the Vlog.

(Okay I am writing this Tuesday evening for publishing Wednesday so I need to check I have everything I need and get ready for tomorrow)

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