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A to Z Challenge 2014 – Z is for Zygons

a-to-z-header-2014-aprilZ  You knew that I would have to fit the Doctor in somewhere and given we have just celebrated the 50th anniversary it is even more fitting we discuss an alien which featured in that episode.

If you are not sure what one looks like this is a Zygon in both its modern and Classic skins…



Now between you and me I don’t think they look very scary rather they look quite silly, so why was the monster terrified of them? Well lets begin by looking at what the TARDIS files have to tell us about them…

Interesting but they are still not really the sort of creatures to strike terror in to the hearts of small children who love Daleks so lets look at the intro they showed at the cinema…

And that is where we realise how they can inspire fear, it is the idea that they might be sat next to you, sat behind you, just waiting for a chance to gobble you up, except they won’t they will cover you in gunk then pretend to be you.  What scares children more these days is not the monsters they can see but the ones who look like normal people and if we are honest that is more scary for us adults as well, you can fight the monster under the bed but you cannot fight the monster you never saw coming.  The other issue as well is if you do not know who you can trust, do you trust anyone? And if you do not trust then could you risk offending the wrong people with your suspicions after all sometimes a bunny is just a rabbit…

Sometimes it is not the obvious which scares people, everyone has different treasures and possibly for a child what could be more scary than the thought the person sat next to them, that person they trust to protect them might just be the creature they need protecting from?  And on a more serious note what does it say about our society when the news headlines frequently prove for some children that fear it is not just a TV story that can be turned off…


5 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge 2014 – Z is for Zygons

  1. That’s a great rabbit scene 😀

    I remember when I was young, the Wizard of Oz scared the life out of me (those flying monkeys! yikes)

    Your serious note is right. For some reason we have had several hideous incidents with children and their carers/parents in Australia recently – it’s appalling.


  2. Feel free to share your posts on my new http://www.facebook.com/BlogTrainerUK page or Twitter @BlogTrainerUK using #blogquirky I just shared this one. I thought this is an incredible post. Especially about not being able to trust those closest to us or things we can’t foresee. Thankfully I am single now, but I was at one point in my life, in a situation that was like being in prison. I have been free for 3 years this November 5th.


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