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Stories and Lists July Blog Challenge 2013 – Day 26: List 5 – 10 books you wish had been written


Day 26: List 5 – 10 books you wish had been written

Should I actually answer this? Surely books I wish had been written are ones I may potentially write?  These challenges really do make you think not only about the answers but about how you interpret the question itself, so I think I will take this as sequels, prequels, and companion books to ones I really loved.

1)  Lots of sequels have been written for Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice but I would love to have seen a prequel and a sequel for Persuasion.  The prequel could explore the young lovers first meeting and the events that led to Anne refusing Captain Wentworth and his decision to head to sea.  The the sequel could follow the fortunes of all the characters after Anne and Wentworth’s wedding, will his money overcome the families snobbery and what will happen to the ancestral home once their cousin gets his hands upon it.

2) I would want another Vampire Chronicle written by Anne Rice I really loved the characters of Pandora and Gabrielle and though there was one book written about Pandora’s story am sure there was enough for another and I would really like to know what happened once Gabrielle gained her immortal freedom from her husbands tyranny.

3)  I would actually want more in the Harry Potter series while I fully accept that the place she stopped does make sense for her in terms of wanting to write other things I would love to have read more about the magical world and though Voldemort in no more as the ‘big bad’ I am sure lots of other avenues could have been explored in terms of their adult careers and the children’s exploits at Hogworts.

4)  More of the First Series by MS Fowle (sorry Mel) I fell in love with her characters and was gutted when she decided to end the series, as I said of Anne Rice’s series and the Harry Potter books it was a nice neat place to make that choice but I do think there was so much opportunity for building on what was already a fanstastic series

5) The one lurking in the back of my head interfering with the one I am writing at the minute.

3 thoughts on “Stories and Lists July Blog Challenge 2013 – Day 26: List 5 – 10 books you wish had been written

  1. The death of ‘He who cannot be named’ brought the Harry Potter books to a natural conclusion. But…. what about all his followers, how were they dealt with? And the acts performed by them during Voldemort’s half-life, do they remain in place? I’d like to have seen Neville’s family problems solved and seen how each of the main characters grew after graduation. There was so much more to come.
    Anna McCaffery’s books on the Dragon’s of Pern had more to offer and I’d love to have the skills to take those on as sequels.


  2. I would love to see my Potter books. Not that I keep my fingers crossed but I would like it. Good luck with your writing, even the one that’s lurking. I have one there as well 🙂


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