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Spread Some Love

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANo Vlog again as you know from yesterdays post I am having a few issues with windows 8 and the compatibility of certain software and programmes but I want to take a few minutes of your time to look at the links I am discussing and consider making someone smile.

Next week is valentines and many of us are safe in the knowledge we are loved and those that aren’t in relationships know they have the possibility of happiness and that it could be waiting round the next corner.  But there are children out there like little Charlie who do not know what tomorrow will bring or even if tomorrow will arrive.  I did not know about this amazing scheme until today when someone posted the link for Charlie’s page but it is amazing.

post pals

Post Pals provides a chance for children in long term hospital or hospice care to make contact with the wider world.  Obliviously home addresses are not provided but a mailing address is where mail can be sent safe in the knowledge that it will reach the child for whom it was intended.  One recipient until her tragic recent passing was the amazingly courageous Alice Payne well known for her blog and bucket list.   As well as their site which can be found by clicking on their name at the start of this paragraph you can find them here on Twitter and on Facebook I have looked for a US site for them but not found one so far.  There will be heartache along the way lives cannot brush against each other without leaving a trace and some of those on these sites will not be there to receive cards for year after year and a lucky few will get better and leave the programme to make room for others.

What I would ask of you guys is please consider taking a few minutes and a couple of dollars/pounds/euros or other currency and making a child smile.  I do not ask that anyone send huge expensive gifts to strangers but instead to pick up a post card when you visit somewhere cool or scribble a few lines on a pieces of paper and post it.  In some ways sending to children overseas has an extra bonus in that the child gets to see lots of cool stamps from around the world my little boy loves it when I receive post from fellow bloggers as he loves looking at the stamps I may even have to start a little scrapbook for him with them.  We can’t fix the world but if we all take a few minutes out of our day to think about making someone else happy in a way we make the world a slightly better place. If someone has a link for a US version of this please let us know.  I stated at christmas I wanted to start writing at least one handwritten letter per month well I am changing that to two one to a friend/blogger and the other will be a card or postcard to a child fighting illness.

Will you join me?

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