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A Good Old Fashioned Rant

That’s right today I am going to have a good old fashioned rant so you guys get ready to have a good laugh as you will either know exactly what I mean or you will laugh at how simple the old woman is.

I hate windows 8!  Infact I will go further and say I hate computer nerds who sit around thinking of how they can take a perfectly good computer and make it so you require a degree in computer programming to get it to work.  We live in what is supposed to be an age of easy access for all the wider world so why mess everything up with systems that fly off onto god knows what with an accidental brush of the finger against the touch pad.  No asking if you are sure nope off we go wiping out what you had just spent ages trying to sort out with the blink of an eye.  I have spent the whole morning trying to work out my Microsoft Outlook I wanted to link it to the live email account I rarely use but no it had other ideas and refused to comply eventually I gave in and attached my gmail account to it then went off to sort my Skype out as someone mentioned it constantly showed me offline.

Well here we go again the nerdy types have had a few too many sherries over christmas and decided that Skype should be merged with Messenger – you know the most hacked system ever – I got chatted up by a computer pretending to be a female friend last time I had it turned on.  Not only that but they have messed about with the whole lay out and I hate it.

I actually left this to visit dad in hospital so have calmed down quite a bit gonna hit publish and go to bed dad is much better now thankfully.

14 thoughts on “A Good Old Fashioned Rant

  1. I don’t want to have think about using it yet. I just got a new laptop (well last May) with Windows 7, so hopefully won’t be seeing 8 for a while. Learning 7 was bad enough! GOOD LUCK. You know it’ll wind up just fine. (Although with 7 I still don’t things I knew with the previous versions of Microsoft Office).

    Great rant, who can’t relate? 🙂


  2. Glad your dad is better.
    I’m in the market for a new PC. I’m looking at Windows 8. When I got Vista, it was already a bit old and I loved it when everyone was saying they hated it. Heres hoping for the same with Windows 8.


  3. I hate it as well! We have it on one of our desktops so our son can watch netflix and the like but ah!! The dang thing is a pain to use. I hate the swipe thing to go to other screens. If I wanted to have a program like I’d use my IPAD (which is easier to figure out than windows 8). I’ll stick to my vista for now and hopefully when I get a new laptop windows 8 will either be improved or forgotten. Sorry your day went so terribly but I’m glad your dad is feeling better! Lots of love and hugs sent your way!


  4. Happy to hear your father is feeling better and happy to hear you have those same frustrations too! My daughter installed my new laptop yesterday with windows 8 she was very exited about it but I wanted to have what is familiar 🙂 What got her really mad was as you said, Skype being linked to Messenger (we were having trouble with the connection of Skype) but she got that straightened out and went to the older system but it took her ages to figure it out! On my own, it would have been totally impossible, it’ll take time for all of us to get use to windows 8 but there are a lot of advantages to it, it is very fast for one… Good luck!


  5. As someone who used to fix the odd computer – even I don’t get some of the Windows 8 changes, old games have become such a bane I am now dual booting 🙂 I have had some of the weirdest OS breakdowns and it was only out october 😦


    1. and my flash player has become totally unstable on FF have to use IE to watch any sort of video and moviemaker won’t work properly – I could rant all day I know it will all get fixed and caught up eventually but arrgggghhhhhhh


  6. Just bought a new desktop, and a laptop for my wife. I went with refurbished, units just so I could stay with Windows 7, which I trust more than 8. I liked XP just fine, knew just about what it could and couldn’t do.

    I’ve spent a lot of time over the last two weeks getting them all straightened out, setting up the programs, scheduling the backups and defrags and all. Ah… progress.


  7. XP is where I am at the moment and anything else to cope with whilst writing is too much for now…your experience is enough to put me off….let me know if you ever master it. Lol x


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