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Josh Mosey’s Flash Challenge

Strolling through my emails this morning I read this post flash fiction challenge 10 options 100 words limitless possibilities

I don’t normally do these things not because I don’t think they are great but because I always feel guilty at not having time to go read all the others posts who take part but as this seems to be a one off for now at least then I thought why not.  So first the badge thingy which if after you read mine you fancy taking a look, click and it will take you to Josh’s masterpost.

The smell of sulphur filled the air and a crimson glow emanated from the great lizard stretched out filling the cavernous space.  He was close, he could see the light reflecting in the surface of the gemstone he desired, only a few more steps and he would have it. Loose rocks caused him to lose his balance and fall.

The dragon opened its brilliant blue eye, took a deep breath and exhaled.  The flames danced in the precious stones it guarded before dying away to leave the cave empty.  He returned to his slumber to await the next thief coveting his treasures.

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