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Stories and Lists July Blog Challenge 2013 – Day 31: Write a flash fiction piece involving your fictional character, your hero and your villian

Day 31: Write a flash fiction piece involving your fictional character, your hero and your villain


Matthew hoisted the camera higher, the blaze was raging despite the valiant efforts of the firefighters.  They had got everyone out and it would be easy for him to walk away but if the fire spread the whole block could go up leaving hundreds of people homeless.  different possible solutions raced through his mind each dismissed as impossible to pass off without drawing attention to the fact greater forces were at play.  For the first time in a long while Matthew was stumped, he could see no way to quell the flames.

She looked down as she did so often, her eyes flitting across the continents nothing engaging her thoughts, nothing worthy of her time.  A famine in one land, a flood in another, once she would have interjected, sent rain to water crops, sun to dry the pools but now she did nothing.  Orlando stood watching her, he thought she was unaware of his presence but she knew he loitered in the shadows waiting as always but she felt neither the inclination to encourage or banish him.  If she concentrated hard enough she could summon the memory of what it was to feel but it required so much effort and rewarded her only with pain she seldom indulged the whim.  Then she heard him.

His voice travelled through the air and whispered in her mind as he tried to find a way to save the buildings, she had heard telepathic voices before but they had been nothing more than murmurs, this voice was different though still quiet the tone was urgent and demanding.  She followed the signal back and saw him she sensed his turmoil, could feel the power bubbling beneath the surface caged by his desire to remain unnoticed.  With a flick of her fingers thunder cloud gathered above the blaze and the downpour begun.

She watched as the people who had been watching the fire fighters battle the flames ran for cover until only he remained, staring skyward as if searching for her silently thanking which ever deity had intervened.

The flames fought against the onslaught but gradually smoke was replaced by steam and the threat of more harm averted.  She closed her eyes and willed herself down, down into the restrictive human form, down through the air and the clouds until she felt the earth beneath her feet.  Like a moth to a flame she was drawn to him, fascinated by the secrets he held so close to his heart.  She had deliberately arrived out of sight, she knew that the other mortals would not notice her appearance but she was uncertain as to what he could sense.

Orlando watched as she moved towards the human, torn by his desire to come between them, to claim her as his own and the realisation that for the first time in many many moons there was fire in her eyes.  It would be so easy to strike the feeble mortal down now where he stood but then what?  Watch her fade once more, diminish until nothing but an echo remained.  For now he must stay his hand until the fire within her heart blazed with strength enough to consume the mortal then he would step forth and take his rightful place by her side.

As she approached the sodden man Orlando turned away before his resolve could be tested.

Matthew stood watching the woman walk towards him his feet firmly rooted as if he had lost the ability to move.  Something about her entranced him, he had a feeling they had met before despite the fact he knew they had not, he would have remembered.  He stared straight into her eyes as she drew closer until her body pressed against him.  She was almost as tall as he was and it only required the slightest tilt of the head for her lips to meet his, he felt a warmth flood through ever fibre of his being and knew nothing would ever be quite the same again.

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Flash or Maybe More?

Sometimes ideas come at the strangest times, like this one.  I actually have no idea where it came from at all but there I was laying in the bath up to my neck in bubbles relaxing properly for the first time since the op when it pounced upon me and made me get out of my nice warm bath and write it down.

So the idea is a little along the lines of the Handmaidens Tale but more drastic where women are reduced to little more than slaves and commodities.  I am really not sure if I want to follow this idea despite the fact I filled half a dozen A4 sheets with notes in the space of 5 minutes.

The opening lines came to me and it is those I shall share here and whether anything grows from it we shall see in the future.

I am a child of the millenium, born in the opening hours of this century,

I believed in the system until the system was corrupted with the madness and insanity that comes with fear.

As my fortieth birthday approached I worried about the normal things, getting older, getting a few grey hairs and the lines appearing on my brow.  How foolish I was!  If I had written the future in one of my novels it would have been dismissed as nonsense and too far fetched but as is so often fact is far more strange than fiction.  This is my story and the story of millions, it is the story of all and yet of none.

It is the story of how civilisation destroyed itself.

As I say am really not sure what I will do with this if anything.

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On My Knees

This is my attempt to convey the emotions of the scariest time in my life as my son fought for his life.

The cold air fills my lungs as I step out into the night,  I have not left your side for hours but now as they stand around you inserting needles and drawing more blood I can stay strong no longer.  I now you are in safe hands for these few precious moments I am stealing not for myself but to allow the overflow of emotion to be discharged before I resume my vigil by your side.

The tears come now a deluge sweeping over my face the pain I feel is not mere emotion, the pain is physical ripping my guts and chest far deeper than any knife could ever penetrate. I am a failure in every sense of the word I can imagine, for you my baby boy I could not protect from this threat, I cannot kiss it better nor sooth your pain. I long to hear you scream to let me know you hurt but that time passed now you whimper and it lay limp and lifeless the image of nightmares from which I cannot now awake.  I fall to my knees I do not care who sees me and I the non believer beg any and every god I can think of to put right what I cannot.  I want to tear at my hair, to scream into the night but the strength to do so has gone with the fading of the light in your eyes. I will bargain my soul, my life, my body whatever it takes for you to pull through, I would rip out my heart with my bare hands if it would make yours strong enough to fight. I am angry at those who I listened to and delayed what I knew in my heart, I hate myself for not acting sooner.  I cannot stop the tears yet know I must I cannot return to you showing my fear.  Terrified that in sensing my weakness it will weaken you in turn.

I light a cigarette after several attempts as my hands shake so badly I cannot hold the flame steady and each time the flame blows out the tears come more thinking of the flame flickering now deep within you struggling to stay alight. As I exhale I look to the stars and call upon every ancestor from the family tree whose name I can recall to look over you and hold you on this side of the veil.  I beg them not to gather you into their arms and take you away from me for if they do I must follow.

A few moments more and I am back by your side the child crawling round yesterday lies motionless with tubes and monitors protruding and I cannot comprehend how quickly this has come to pass how over a few hours you went from normal to fighting for your very existence.  I try to process the information I have been given but it is all jumbled.  To be strong I must stay numb block my feelings I must not show weakness nor acknowledge the pitying looks from the staff as they leave the room.  I will not sleep I will sit by your side and hold your tiny hand and you will draw strength from me, it is all I can give as the medicine courses through your veins fighting the invisible monster whose attack I could not save you from.

And as you lie there my finger resting on your tiny hand I watch the clock tick down listening to the reassuring sounds of the monitor knowing every second that passes makes my chances of keeping you just a tiny bit better but terrified that clock will stop along with both our hearts.

Am not sure I really managed to get across what I wanted to but for now it is as close as I can come and despite thinking I was strong enough to face these feelings I found the tears welling in my eyes as I tried to allow my mind to drift back to that first night.  Monster had Meningitis and during the day I had made numerous calls to the NHS Direct service who kept telling me it was just a viral infection because the rash went away with the glass test, it was only around half an hour after him being admitted that the rash stopped disappearing.  We were told if we had left it an hour later, as would have happened had I listened to the advice given me, it would have been too late, we had forty-eight hours before they knew whether he would pull through.

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In the darkness I wait.

I know you are approaching. I can smell your scent.  Fear seeps from your pores announcing your presence long before my eyes feast upon your form.

I hear the thunderous cacophony playing within your chest as your heart beats ever faster in keeping with the increasing momentum of your feet.

You knew you should not walk this way, that you should have stayed on the illuminated path but your arrogance persuaded you that those few minutes saved would be worth the discomfort of the walk through the woods.

This is my space, my time upon which you intrude.  One should be wary of what one awakes in the darkness.

I can see you now in the distance, you pull your jacket a little closer as if that will protect you from your fate.  I can smell your cologne now a musk smell which mingled with your fear excites my senses. A growl escapes my lips little more than the wind through the branches but you halt.

I watch as you look round, listening for the sound to be repeated and it will, I promise, just not quite yet.

Silently I transform into the image that will bring your doom and wait as you pick up your pace walking towards your destiny.

Close enough now you will see what I want you to see, the naked female form stepping out before you on the path.  Shock, surprise then a flash of lust reflect in your eyes and you move towards me.

I allow you to gather me in your arms, your voice seeks to reassure me, your assumption I need protecting admirable though so very misplaced as you will discover.  Yours thoughts race from helping me to what you think your reward should be.  My face buried against you chest as my lips curl back in a grin that would reveal the canines that shall soon taste you flesh.

You look round for my imagined assailant, seeing no one. I shiver with anticipation, you begin to take off your jacket intent on covering me as much to relieve your own increasing lust as to provide warmth for me.

My lips press against you neck now tongue flicking out to lap the salt that forms the sheen on your skin.  intoxicated by the smell of you I can no longer hold back.

You scream briefly as I tear out your throat, your heart beats on pumping the liquid from the wound that I lap up hungrily.  I let out the call and the pups emerge from the undergrowth, tonight dinner shall be served warm I lick my lips and the feast begins.

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Josh Mosey’s Flash Challenge

Strolling through my emails this morning I read this post flash fiction challenge 10 options 100 words limitless possibilities

I don’t normally do these things not because I don’t think they are great but because I always feel guilty at not having time to go read all the others posts who take part but as this seems to be a one off for now at least then I thought why not.  So first the badge thingy which if after you read mine you fancy taking a look, click and it will take you to Josh’s masterpost.

The smell of sulphur filled the air and a crimson glow emanated from the great lizard stretched out filling the cavernous space.  He was close, he could see the light reflecting in the surface of the gemstone he desired, only a few more steps and he would have it. Loose rocks caused him to lose his balance and fall.

The dragon opened its brilliant blue eye, took a deep breath and exhaled.  The flames danced in the precious stones it guarded before dying away to leave the cave empty.  He returned to his slumber to await the next thief coveting his treasures.

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Tag You it!!!

The delightful Maddie over at Breezy Books has tagged me in a new game you can read her post here.

The challenge is “The idea is to locate the word ‘look’ in whatever manuscript you have lying around (I may be paraphrasing here) and post the few previous and following paragraphs and then invite other authors to do the same.”

So off I wandered to have a quick look….

As the elevator halted Priscilla lost her balance, the heels that she wore as part of her daily corporate uniform failed her, sending her forward through the air. Instinctively she reached out grasping Tyler’s arm to steady herself, as soon as she regained her equilibrium she pulled her hand back as if the cloth of his suit had burnt her hand.

“Sorry” She found herself apologizing despite the fact he had turned to her and smiled.

“Not a problem, are you okay?”

“Yes it just caught me off guard, I just hope it isn’t stuck for too long.” She reached out her hand to the control panel hitting each button hoping that it would spur the elevator to movement. She reached finally for the alarm button pressing it several times before a voice crackled into the intercom explaining there was a power cut, an accident in the street had hit a power cable it would be back up as soon as the cable company arrived.

She stepped back aware there was nothing they could do but sit back and wait. She looked around at the steel walls, wondering how long she would be able to bear being in here. Tyler seemed to sense her unease and turned to face her loosening his tie, he began complaining he would not make the ball game he was heading to that evening if they were held up long. She was aware he was trying to pass the time and distract her from the fact they could be trapped for hours but as he spoke she found herself drifting off contemplating what it would be like to feel his lips against hers. She made the effort to return his conversation all the time taking in each of his features, the lines that appeared round the corner of his eyes when he smiled made her realize he was perhaps a few years older than she had believed previously. She had thought him in his mid twenties, too young to consider for anything more than a fling, not that she would have considered having one she quickly reminded herself.

She was becoming aware of the walls closing in on her, she could feel herself growing warm and feel her heart pounding in her chest. She felt it was beating so loudly surely he must hear it, she slipped her jacket from her shoulder, her eyes now leaving him and flitting round looking for an escape route from the shrinking metal cage which encased them. His words were muted now as if they were coming to her through water, she could see concern spread across his face and his arm reaching for her. She felt herself falling then dull pain as she met the floor before everything went dark.

In the darkness she saw streams of blood running down the elevator walls she ran between them pounding on the cold hard metal as she screamed for help. She knew she was not alone a figure stood watching her. It did not move or speak just stood watching, she flew at it now pounding her fists against the unyielding flesh. She felt strong hands grasp her wrists, holding her, restricting her movement

Okay so thats my bit taken from one of the ghost stories I am working on, lets see who is next up…

M.S. Fowle

The View Outside

“The Light-Bearer Series” Novelist, Emily Guido

Hunter’s Writing



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Flash Fiction; Interfacing

“So there was like this princess and she was checkin’ out this tower and there was this old bag there who were doing some spinnin’ stuff.  An she asked if she could ‘ave a go and the bag said yeah so she did and pricked ‘erself on somefin and fell down on floor.”

The teacher raised her hand and stopped the girl before she could continue.   It was only Monday morning and her head hurt already.  When she had set the home work she thought it was simple. Summarise a book you have read recently to create a short blurb for it.  She had spent the last lesson explaining what a blurb was.  The class had refused to believe her when she told them books used to be printed on paper with brightly coloured covers and a few brief lines telling them about the book.  She had shown them images from the National Museum of the few remaining books which they held in cryogenically sealed exhibit cases.

As she looked at the bank of screens she wondered how teachers of the past had ever survived with a room full of disinterested children sat before them at least she could mute them when they became disruptive.  They all had access to the Approved Standard Text Database yet not one had bothered to access each student had summarised one of the dozen Approved PreEductional Texts.  A screen flashed indictating a pupil had a question she clicked the link.

“Proceed with enquiry”

“Miss is it true that there were once thousands of books.  That they talked about Tabboo’s”

“Yes there were once millions of books, everyone read different things, in different languages..” Another screen flashed “Yes what is your enquiry?”

“Miss what were languages?”

She wondered what was taught in the history module that her pupils always seems so ignorant of everything, “Languages were different versions of speech it became aware the different regions speaking with these languages led to misinterptations therefore all language was designated to be replaced so that we all speak as we do now.  Returning to the original enquiry yes these books did contain many Tabboo’s which is why all texts were analysed and only those deemed appropriate and non threatening were submitted to the database.  All other texts were deleted to prevent disharmony within our society.  People would read any book they chose regardless of whether they had the appropriate instruction to assimilate the information this lead to dismarmony therefore was deemed dangerous and dealt with. The time for this session is now completed please download your assignment information and log in next week.”

She hit the button closing the screen and leant back in her chair.  She reached forward and grasped a sheaf of printout from the desk.  To be caught with this would mean disposal but she could not resist the forbidden fruits as she began to read.  It was the best of times it was the worst of times…..

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Through the Door

“TAKE HIM TO THE TOWER!  OFF WITH HIS HEAD!” Liz screamed before turning on her heels.  Courtiers fell like bowling pins in her wake as she stormed from the room.  Slamming the door behind her she stopped.  Why did they all have to tell her who to love?

She looked ahead.  A corridor stood before her lined with doors.  Trying to regain her composure she chose one halfway along and strode towards it.  She reached for the handle and pulled it open.

Mr Darcy stood there smiling.  There was no denying his arrogant good looks. “Elizabeth my dear I have been waiting for you” “Well you can sodding wait” she replied slamming the door in his suprised face.

She picked a different door opening it uncertainly.  It opened into a garden.  It appeared to be empty as she cautiously stepped in. She wandered along a path.  To the right she saw the remnants of a long forgotten tea party.  In the distance she could see a lake. She approached it entranced by its beauty.  She stood gazing at the reflection of the sun on the shimmering surface.  Her slience was disturbed by the clatter of hooves. She rolled her eyes.

The prince launched himself from his charger landing infront of her and dropping to his knees.  He reached out grasping her hand which she wrenched from his grip.  She leant forward taking his head between her hands.  She stooped forward and planted a kiss in the middle of his forehead.  With a puff of smoke he was gone.  In his place a large green frog that happily launched itself into the water and swam out of sight.

She looked round again the garden had lost its charm.  all she could see now were the imposed lines of formal patterns enforced upon nature.  A wall she hadn’t seen before stood a few metres away a small door set against the red brick.  Shrugging her shoulders she headed for it.  the door was stiff reluctant to open.  She grasped the handle with both hands and pulled.  It flew open and she fell backwards.  Stood just the other side was a boy.  A year or two older than herself.  He looked awkward, uncomfortable.  Nothing special just the boy next door.  The boy her parents said was strange, no good, bad news.  She stood up and walked towards the door just as she was about to pass through it….the alarm sounded.

Grumbling she reached for snooze trying to hold on the the door handle but it slipped through her fingers as the sun seeped between her eyelids. Damn she thought. Tonight maybe she would find the right door quicker.

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First attempt at flash fiction inspired by picture from my hard drive

Okay here we go wish me luck…….

She tiptoes through the fragile stems.  Careful not to trample a single one under her dainty feet.  She knows the pain of being crushed, of being snapped.  At times her anger builds and she could rip them out by their slender stalks, tear their roots from the ground and destroy their delicate beauty.  She knows she could never do this, she above all knows how precious life is.

She pauses.  In a short time the sunrise will begin slowly. Its fiery tendrils reaching out in the distance lighting up the sky.  He is there.  He is always there.  Each night he sits surrounded by bowing beauties.  Their heads hung in silent slumber.  In a few hours they will raise their heads to the light as she slips back into the dark.  She wishes he would leave.  She wishes she could stop his nocturnal visits.  She has tugged at his hair, scratched at his arms.  Each attempt as ineffective as that first time.  She never knew hate before.  She knows she can never stop him.  She knows she cannot save those who will join her and every night she remains alone she rejoices.  She feels the pull.  A connection with the earth that tells her it is time.

She slips silently past him.  He looks up as if he sees her but she knows he sees nothing.  He stands now and she freezes.  He brushes himself down and walks away with that smile upon his face.  She wants to rush towards him rip that smile from his face but knows she cannot.  She is the one who put it there though not by choice.  She looks down at the place he has vacated.  The crumpled remnants of fragile life broken and twisted.  She hopes they will recover but knows for some, like herself there is no amount of healing that can bring them back.

She takes one last look at the moon as it slips across the sky.  Until tonight she must go.  She has tried fighting it before holding on to see the sun just one more time but she does not have the strength.  She breathes one last breathe tasting the night air.  It is polluted by his presence like everything that remains behind, left in his wake.  She feels herself sinking as she slids into the earth.  She curls around her bones.  Anchored like a ship in harbour.  Only he knows she is her and he still will not leave her in peace.  Her thoughts begin to jumble, she cannot think, she cannot remember how long she has lain here.  Before the darkness takes her she whispers a prayer, the same one always ‘Please Daddy find me, take me home but if you can’t please let me wake alone.’