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Moving Forward.

Okay so it is the time of year where everyone gets annoyingly lovey-dovey, it is also almost a year since I joined the ranks of singledom index2though hopefully with far more grace than Ms Jones.

While I am certainly not in a rush to get back out there in the dating world I have recently started considering what I am looking for in a future partner and I have realised that I am looking for a person who certainly does not exist. In fact I think of the spell made in Practical Magic to find the true love with a person who could never exist to stop Sandra Bullock’s character from ever falling in love.

So let’s examine my impossible man…

imagesLets start with looks, and yes as I say I fully accept not only am a shallow but I am also aiming way above my own level, and yes I know I am not quite hideous but I am no supermodel either so Brad Pitt is aiming high, but I am even fussier than that as I like the young pre-Angelina Brad, you know long hair Legends Of the Fall Brad, I would also accept Thelma and Louise Brad or Interview With a Vampire Brad but not Fight Club Brad.

I like my guys tall so over six foot is a must, and as well are in fantasy land here he of course will have the perfect body, not for me that is something like this,Awesome-Body-Of-Wade-Barrett think rugby player, wrestler, preferably with the tattoos. Actually any type of sportsman with muscles will do, as long as they stop before the veins pop out, that makes me feel a little queasy.

Right so far seems fairly simple, I need to find a sporty model who doesn’t mind a girl with plenty of curves, except this is where is gets really complicated, you see what I want mentally from a partner is not something that is as easy to match up. You see in many ways the things I am looking for in terms of personality and compatibility are far harder to find.

I need a guy who gets quotes like this without me having to explain it…


I want someone who understands this world without me needing to tell them about it…


I want I guys that will love me as much as this man loved his Elizabeth…


I want someone who has the brains and mental complexities of a genius…


And on top of all this he has to understand my kids will always come first, that he will find me sat at the computer at silly o’clock because I can’t sleep and so I am writing or chatting to friends on the other side of the world.  They need to understand when I sit staring off into space that sometimes it is better not to ask what I am thinking as the answer may be disturbing and involve a gruesome death.


Sometimes I think the only way I would ever find my perfect man is if I wrote him as a character, but then he would still not be perfect, after all perfection gets boring very quickly.

As I said at the start I am not seriously in a place right now to start a new relationship and maybe my wish list is indicative of that but should you have the phone number of a wrestling, geeky, sci-fi nerd then feel free to send it my way lol but until then I think the only men in life will be a monster and a timelord from Gallifrey and you know what I am okay with that.

12 thoughts on “Moving Forward.

  1. Blimey, there’s nothing like being a bit specific is there.The only thing you missed out was age really. I’m so glad you included a love of Pratchett in there so at least we know you have a good sense of humour.
    Oh, don’t forget to tell those who turn up at your door to form an orderly queue.If they don’t treat you right they have me to answer to.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    1. I am pretty sure by the time I start thinking about a new relationship seriously the list of demands will shrink significantly, like down to them having a pulse lol

      Huge hugs xxxv


  2. So funny! Paula, I just wanted to let you know that I am taking a total break from blogging for the time being. I have so appreciated your support and have felt guilty for not being a better ‘follower’ of your blog. You are such a beautiful, sincere person and I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and will ‘see’ you when I get back! Lots of love – Julie xxx


  3. You my dear, are nutz!!! When the right guy comes along, one that sends your mind reeling and your heart thumping…you may just surprise yourself when it comes to the package he comes in….IF….if you look and feel beyond the cover. As a writer, you know more than anyone…what’s on the outside often has VERY LITTLE to do with what’s on the inside. However, there’s nothing saying the beautiful ones don’t like to read too!!! So my luv, along with a heartfelt hug and a chuckle…I also send a silent prayer that the man of your dreams opens your cover and sees what we do…that the cover is just a promise of what’s to come…the real treat is what’s between!

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    1. As I say I think it is the fact that I am still not really in a place where I am ready to walk that path again that makes me pick out the ideal impossible man lol right now have lots of other exciting plans for the next couple of years including a mini tour of the States calling off to see as many friends as I can work out to see, and at least four novels that are already in development in various stages, even if the perfect man came knocking I might not have time to fit him in lol 😀

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      1. nothing (and no one) is impossible! and I better be on that list of friends you are gonna see…even if you need to have some of us come to you wherever you are!!!


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