2 thoughts on “Vlog Time #48 – Updates

  1. Dang woman—you look great! I’m glad you’re taking a bit of extra time, reduce some of the stress a bit. And YAY on doing your own trailer…can’t wait to hear it. 🙂
    Cheer up sweetie…you’ve got so much going on, but you still manage to get it all done, and look great doing it! Love ya Queenie…try to have a bit of fun with what’s left of this year, don’t write it all off…just chalk it up as a work in progress.


  2. It’s devastating to hear you’re on a downer Paula. I know it’s hard when you have health issues but now you’re better I hope you start to feel happier and more optimistic.
    Do we get to see the turkey next week or does the Monster’s school not allow video unless they can sell it to you? I can imagine one little chap getting quite excited now with Christmas up and coming. Shame about the book launch but you have to feel happy about it first.
    xxx Sending hopes for a great weekend and Massive Hugs xxx


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