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Glossybox Review July 2015

2015-07-17 08.08.29

OohLaLa! Oh my what a pretty box this months goodies arrived in, I know the box should not matter but it does, I love it when I get something different and I do use these for storing things in, my Marilyn Monroe one from a few months ago now holds note cards waiting to be sent out into the big blue yonder. Even the bottom of this is pretty…

2015-07-17 08.08.37

However I guess we should move onto the contents…

2015-07-17 08.09.37

As you can see we have an extra layer this month so on we go…

2015-07-17 08.10.17

First thought is disappointment at no make up but lets go into the products one by one, the first one is the second from the right I have no close up picture because despite taking a couple of shots they were all blurred and  can’t be bothered getting the camera out for just one photo lol sorry!

Teoxane Cosemecteuticals Perfect Skin Refiner

I have to put my hands up I have not tried this yet but I am interested to as soon as I can. At the minute I am still struggling to get the last break out under control and because this seems to be some sort or chemical peel type thing even though very very mild I am thinking putting it on crusty scabs is possibly not a good idea. The fact you also need to use a high SPF while using it suggests it is going to remove top layers of skin so it will have to wait. As the full size version is £70 the chances are I will love it lol

So next up and back to normal review procedure…

2015-07-17 08.10.58

Vichy Liftactiv Advanced Filler

I have previously failed to be impressed by Vichy and I am afraid it continues, the full size is £31 and not something I will be buying, yes my skin feels nice after I use it but I don’t really think there has been any difference to the fine lines, I do know people who sing the praises of these products so I am not saying they don’t work only that they don’t seem to have worked for me.

Next up will it get any better…

2015-07-17 08.11.22

Lollipops Lip Balm Delicieuse

I loved the Lollipops eyeliner I received previously and the packaging for this fits in with the fun look of the company, at £4.15 it is slightly pricey for a lip balm but it is nice, soothes dry cracked lips but can be a little gloopy if too much is applied, would I buy this again, if I saw it in a store on offer yes, would I go looking for it probably not.

This month has not seemed good so far…

2015-07-17 08.11.51

noxidoxi Enhancing Serum Base

I like this, I don’t love it as I will explain in a minute but I do like it. Full size costs £33.46 (I think the strange prices this month are the conversions from Euro prices) and the idea is you put this on under you moisturiser.  Now that on its own works nicely and I really like it but here is the reason I don’t love it… when you move on to the next stage and apply your make up unless you are very careful it has a strange effect on your foundation. It reminds me a little of cleaning a frying pan and not using enough washing up liquid, you know what I mean where the oil goes opaque and leaves smears but as long as you have time to do the extra blending it is not a problem.

And finally…

2015-07-17 08.10.32

Glossybox Exclusive Travel Pouch

They say this costs £3.99 but really unless you have bought the box you are probably not going to ever come across it. I totally love this, okay I am not using it for make up I already have a make up bag I like and as I am not travelling in the near future it would be waiting a while to be used so I have appropriated it as a pencil case. Because it is quite large it means a good shake flattens everything out for when I am loading my bag and means I can fit a few extra bits in.

Not the best box I have received in terms of contents and I am hoping for more make up next box as the last few have been heavy on the skin care side but still some interesting things I would never have tried otherwise.

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