2. Tuesday · Telly Box Tuesday

Television Tuesday – More Tennis!

Ha fooled you, of course I did watch the tennis and was gutted at Federer’s defeat not because I do not think Djokavic in not a worthy winner but I wanted Federer to get the record number of wins, I think his contribution to the game and the way he conducts himself both on and off the court make him worthy of the accolade of greatest ever Wimbledon Champion, it would be nice if the record books said the same.

So obviously I still have not watched much real TV or films but I have watched a couple of things on Youtube I decided to share one very short one on the long side but hilarious.

First up another video from Devlinsupertramp, I get so jealous watching some of these videos as they are places I  long to go and I fear I will never be able to afford to visit them all unless I win the lottery.

Next up is one that if you live outside the UK you might not get completely but hopefully you can get the gist of enough to enjoy it.  It is a parody of a much loved ghost hunting programme here in the UK but even if you do not know that specific show I am sure you will have seen one of these programmes and still get the humour.

We shall return to our normal programming schedule next week…

3 thoughts on “Television Tuesday – More Tennis!

  1. Ha Ha, I love the p**s take of a certain ghost programme. Even down to the appropriate screams from someone. Well done on finding that.
    Tikal looks amazing but you’re right, that’s a lottery win visit.Fingers crossed for the Euro tonight.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx


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