Television Tuesday – Live From The RSC


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASomething a little different today, the show was actually a few weeks ago and I am also classing this as my film choice as well as I went to see it at the cinema, but as we have just celebrated the 400th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare so after a couple of weeks to reflect I decided it was time to write a post.

I never studied Shakespeare at school, and I was lucky enough to come to know his work first not through the written text but by seeing acted out albeit on the screen rather than in person.  I believe that is where so many schools go wrong, they try to force children to read the words first and deny them the experience of seeing it live and acted out as it should be. Once you have seen Shakespeare performed it makes it so much easier to read and to understand the lilting quality required for the iambic pentameter. I am sure they will repeat it at some point or you will be able to buy a DVD but let’s start with the trailer.

It is of course fascinating to see how much the words of Shakespeare have pervaded through modern culture, phrases we use every day can be found within his plays, and of course each actor who treads the boards or stands before the cameras and performs those words put their own emphasis upon them, it is humorously shown in this clip, but it is worth considering how conventions are being challenged by the new versions created with women taking up male roles, and of course traditionally all roles were male as historically women were not on the stage when the plays were first produced, though maybe Dame Judi is a little old for playing Hamlet.

The final clip from the evening I leave for Catherine Tate, first known as a comic then for her role in Doctor Who she has also proved herself to be an exceptional actress



So on to the final clip for this section and it is not actually from the live night itself, but before I post it I want to just briefly discuss the experience of watching this in the cinema rather than on the TV at home, first I think it really did add an extra element for me on a personal level that I have been lucky enough to go there, the two photos I have used in this post were taken during the trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon for my daughters 21st birthday, but also the most overwhelming aspect of watching on a big screen was the sound. Every time the audience in the the are clapped it was like being there sitting in the audience but being the only one not clapping, the first time I did actually look round and double check that the people in the cinema were not actually joining in but no they weren’t.

I really would encourage people to try this option out if it is possible at their local cinema, there are several other plays they intend doing the live link to throughout the year as well as opera and ballet performances, it is a great way for those of us who live outside London to experience the best in theatre and live performance without it costing a fortune in travel and hotels.

And speaking of sound that brings me to this final clip, something I saw on FB the other day and decided would fit in well with this post and give people a very different idea of how Shakespeare would have sounded when first performed, personally would love to hear the balcony speech done in this accent, guessing might not sound quite as romantic when Juliet responds.


I found this video in the suggested list after watching a different youtube video, I confess the title drew me in but I kept watching for pure comic value…


So for this weeks song I am going to share a video and a link both by the same band, the lead singer of which is related to one of my friends, the band has just had a name change and under their new name of Bravado Cartel they are going from strength to strength. They are heading to the States as I post this for a brief tour before heading back to Blightly for a couple of festivals over the summer. I could not find the video for the song in the link which is raising funds to fight cancer so I shall share another of their songs and let you see them and then you also have the option to click the link and listen to the other song.


Television Tuesday – Watching on I-player


Sometimes you catch a tiny bit of a programme and get frustrated you had not seen it advertised if you are in the UK and it is a BBC programme I-player can be a life saver. Sadly however I could not get any clips but this is the Radio Times link and UK viewers can get the programme links from their for a limited time span.

I loved this programme because it showed the behind the scenes process in a way you do not often get to see, there are many times when we hear about people getting away with terrible crimes and it is hard to understand why, therefore to see the other side of making those decisions the way they have to try to be impartial as they decide on charges and cases was fascinating.

In one a woman was assaulted by the boyfriend and the case is being dropped until she appeals, it turns out the reason was that witnesses did not want to get involved yet q few interviews later and things have changed and you cannot help wondering why the system failed. You can see a combination of factors in cases, witnesses, physical evidence, police reports, and see how these all go together to create the whole picture. Like in writing there is always a back story for every decision made, while we might not need to share them all sometimes it can be interesting to investigate a few.


I haven’t really watched any films as such this week, I have annoyed myself my misplacing the Game Of Thrones boxset of series 1-3 and the search for that could have made an epic movie by itself, and nope I have not found them so I know they are in a really safe place. I did intend to watch the new Bond film Spectre but that is still sat on my desk where the others should have been so hopefully by the time the A-Z challenge is over I will have watched that.


They played this as sort of an intro at the Kylie concert I attended I totally forgot about it until it showed up in the side bar as I searched for something else, I am classing this as the Youtube video rather than the song simply because it was part of a bigger experience than just the song, as you watch it I want you to imagine the DJ who was the warm up act has disappeared down into the stage, the lights are down. Then on two screens one at either side of the stage this appears and the concert begins…


After watching Boy George’s team on The Voice on Saturday night I ended up on Youtube watching lots of 80’s videos so I thought this week I would show a classic, I will also confess that in my naivety I the first time I ever saw Boy George on TV I was convinced he was far too beautiful to be a guy

I am also sharing and extra today and that is a friends new WordPress site where she will be doing book reviews, she will offer services fr both reviews and proofreading so please give her a follow, share and spread the love

Television Tuesday – A Woman and a Van

I didn’t watch much TV the week before last but had recorded a few things so this week was a little bit of a catch up viewing week


The Oscars…

I was thrilled Leo finally won his Oscar but more than that I love the fact he took the opportunity to put across the serious message about climate change rather than just a gushing stream of thank yous. I mean of course he did that but he went that step further and spoke from the heart, mentioning the real experience he had in how far they had to travel to film in snow. I have not seen this film yet but I am really looking forward to it and hope that the human race can amend their ways before we reach this point but I am not optimistic. It did annoy me that the Oscars was shown on one of the movie channels limiting the number of people who had the option to watch it over here, technology did mean I did not have to sit up all night but I could only watch it as I have the movie and sports package (I get it for the rugby) but the other thing I do love is seeing the dresses, yes totally girly I know but it never fails to astound me that there are still celebs who obviously don’t have any real friends, I real friend would not let you go out looking a mess no matter what the designer or how expensive the dress!


I was in two minds whether to watch this I shall explain why in a minute…

It has been a while since I read this book and though I know I enjoyed it I cannot now remember all the details so when the film came out I had to decide do I want to watch it or reread the book first. I decided in the end to watch the  film first then reread the book, which I have just started today. I shall discuss more when I do the book review but I do recommend the film.


Now I know if you are here reading my blog you are not easily offended, but if you are of a more excitable nature you may wish to pop your hot beverage down before pressing play on the next video, Mina is an incredibly lovely friend, not only does she look fantastic but she actually arranges these Silken Burlesque Shows…

Now, you might wonder just how I can get from Mina’s nipple tassels to writing but actually a good striptease is like a good plot, you reveal everything slowly and in way which draws people in and tantalise them, and although at the end you might think all has been revealed, when you stop to think about things you see that actually just a little has been left for you to fill in your own blanks and maybe want a repeat performance.


A song performed at the Oscars

This is quite a hard video to watch but an important one, too many times stories of things being swept under the carpet or the victims getting the blame seem to pervade.

Television Tuesday – Dark Comedy

Sorry I am late posting this but I forgot to hit schedule lol


So lets start off with something I watch every week when it is on…

I love the Voice because it is the Voice which determines the success not the look or marketability, I watch this while on the phone with my friend Debbie, we both sit in our respective homes and text back on forth numerous comments regarding our thoughts on performance, song choice and which judge they should go with, not all our texts would be suitable for a younger audience lol hence the reason we text rather than speak. This week was a battle round where they are supposed to go against each other but this to me was a perfect duet and I was gutted that they had to be split up, it would have been amazing had they formed a duet .


A comedy that begins with a suicide…

I remember watching this film when it first came out, well the first time it was shown on TV at any rate, I cannot believe it will actually be twenty years since this film was released in September, and though I cannot help but ponder the effect that technology would have on the formation of the club I hope that they never feel the need to remake it. The stars are each individually amazing, together they are outstanding and their chemistry is so good that I really cannot imagine another group of women being able to recreate it, plus lets face if few films give all the main roles to women past a certain age.


Something close to my heart…

I have contributed to a couple of crowdfunded projects and this is one of them am the producer Clare Eden is an amazing lady who I have become FB friends with, I have the beanie hat, sadly it does not suit me but I also have the signed Strangeness In Space art work you can see in the background, if you love quirky space/sci-fi adventures then check out the podcast, if you enjoy it (the episodes are free you can find them on i-tunes or at and consider joining us mirthlings.


This is also from the Voice but I will explain why in a minute…

I love this song, but it is one where I generally hate any attempt at a cover version, however this does work mainly because they both put their own twist on it and neither was trying to be an exact copy of Sinead. I am also going to share another song from the Voice because even though I love this record it is performed so differently that it took me a little way in to really click that it was this song, again taking something that has been done before and making if totally different and unique.

Television Tuesday – Getting Back To Routine

I have been very hit and miss blogging so far this year, not the sort of habits I want to get into so this week I am making an active effort to get back into the swing or scheduling and posting regularly, so what have I been watching…

Television & Youtube

I am totally obsessed with watching this, to the point where I subscribe to the Youtube channel and watch the clips as well as recording both the US and UK versions on my TiVo box

I decided to count it for both as I do watch it both ways, who ever came up with this idea is brilliant after all we have all pranced around at some point singing into a hairbrush or other object pretending to be someone famous, now we get to watch celebs do it as well, there have been so many clips that I could have chosen but I decided to just share a couple of my favourites.


I have not watched any films this week so instead I am going to leave you with my top three tracks from the Oasis greatest hits album that I have been listening to this week, peobebly not the ones you might be expecting…

Splitting the Audience


So we begin with something that seems to have divided viewers from the comments I have seen…

Personally I thoroughly enjoyed this but I can see where people who had not watched all the previous series struggled with it. The idea of him taking a Victorian case to act as a form of mind palace was inspired and my only complaint is damn that Moffat and I hold Mark Gatiss equally responsible that I might have to wait a while year for another episode. I appreciate it involves scheduling these big name stars together but come on boys you could have at least had it written by now instead of being about to just start work on it. I do enjoy the way they play with the modern and canon views of Holmes and the juxtaposition of other characters both as plot devices and reflections of the roles they would have been expected to maintain in the the Victorian era fascinating.  One bonus feature was the inclusion of a quick clip of The Woman aka Irene Adler and for those who are interested I had read a very interesting article you can find here speculating as to whether she could have in fact been based on a real person.


This week there is no film, I sat racking my brains trying to think of one I have watched this week but the truth is there hasn’t been one. However you still get a clip, this was on over Christmas and though I didn’t watch it I, like a while generation or two probably know the whole thing more or less word for word, when it was on a friend commented on Facebook just how amazing to think this film is now over 75 years old and it just goes to show you cannot reproduce true star quality, no matter how many remakes, reboots or spin offs they try to make only one person will ever truly be Dorothy.


I love these even when they are picking at songs I quite like lol


I love both the song and the video for this

Christmas TV

I want you all to know I did start this post earlier then I decided to decorate my bathroom, am now exhausted but it looks cool just need to decide on a new shower curtain now as the old one looks a little grubby compared to the fresh gloss paint, so I shall keep this short and sweet…


It can only be one programme…

What can I say without spoiling it for those who have not seen it yet, typical Moffat! you are dragged at a fast pace through ever possible emotion going, bitter sweet at the end but WOW! And if you are prone to the *feels* get your tissues ready before you begin don’t be lulled by the caper that begins the show.


Okay technically not a film as it is 4 hours long and was made to be shown in two parts for TV but near enough

I love this, my kids love this and for me it is the perfect Christmas film, shed a few tears while watching when the monster asked if there would be more Discworld films and I had to say that I doubt it in my lifetime, and also knowing that the man himself would not be there to appear in cameo.


Okay I am changing the rules and adding in an extra category, it will be either a favourite or something new I have just heard that week, for this week instead of a Youtube video you get one of each first up my favourite ever Christmas song then second a new song I heard last week which impressed me so much I bought the album


And finally the WordPress pixies have produced their annual report…

Television Tuesday – Wrestling Soaps


Okay before anyone starts I know it is not real!

But that being said, I love watching the wrestling, and this week marks 25 years of one particular character ‘The Undertaker’. I used to watch years ago but then there was a time I could not afford to pay for the sports channels, now as I get them for the rugby I have picked up watching wrestling again and I have to say I still love it. If you look at wrestling as a series sport then of course you will be disappointed but it is not the in ring action that really keeps it going, it is the writing, the story lines, rivalries and characters them selves.  If you consider the character of the Undertaker and allow one storyline per year (and in reality he may have two or three) and compare that to releasing a book each year, then there are very few series that keep going for that long and allow the main character to alternate between the good guy and the bad ass. Even more traditional forms of soap have very few characters that stay in a show for that long and have major plots on a regular basis.  If you want serious sport watch the Olympics if you want great entertainment then sometimes you have to just let yourself ignore the obvious short punches.



I have discussed this film before but have no idea what happened to that post it may have been as part of a challenge, it goes to show the importance of tags at a later date lol. The thing I love about this film as much as the film itself is the idea of a single second or action having the power to change your life opposed to the idea that fate will always bring you back to the same place.  Whenever there is a disaster there are always those people who just missed a plane, people who were running late cursing as the missed a bus or train only to later discover that it was actually a blessing. We have all driven past accidents knowing if we had been two minutes earlier we may have been in it. It is that idea of what if vs it was meant to be that I find fascinating, have you ever had a major life changing moment as a result of missing a bus or train?


Now I know Bunny can be a little annoying to some people but personally I love her quirkiness and that she encourages young girls to just be themselves and not worry about being ‘normal’, whatever that is supposed to be on any given day. I really like this series because we have all seen those products on TV that seem like they would be really cool, very occasionally we take the plunge and buy one, half the time we go on to be disappointed. I love that she really does put these products to the test, if someone tells her she has done it wrong she often does a second follow up video having tried viewer suggestions. She buys these products herself and has no qualms about telling it as it is, and inspires honesty, integrity and individuality as traits her viewers should value, plus the monster loves watching her as well.

Television Tuesday – Back To Basics

The last few weeks I have been rather slack in terms of blogging general but even more so on certain days, so today we are going back to the original format I intended for these posts so let’s go…


Given my away day this week it can only be one programme…

The reason I have chosen to discuss this, other than the obvious, is also that the season finale is fast approaching and we know that Clara’s days are numbered.  It was really interesting watching the panel with the writers of the show and learning the way that they craft the stories was fascinating. Sometimes my daughter complains that I read far too much into plot points and come up with far too many kooky theories but I fear that the writer in me cannot help but see extra links even when they are possibly not there. One thinks Steven Moffat did say that has really stuck in my head is that if you hit a wall the chances are that whatever is wrong is not what you have just written, it is somewhere further back and one you find the error everything else will fall back into place.


Rewatched this this week…

I loved these films the first time round, sadly so did the kids which led to the DVD’s becoming extremely scratched to the point where only a couple actually still worked, but, as we recently acquired an xbox One and the full box set was on offer at work (throw in staff discount) I decided to invest in a Bluray box set and I have to say the picture quality is fantastic. The thing that struck me was firstly just how young they all look but also just how rare it was that the original cast stuck it through all the films. In books we have full control of how our characters age, but in film that could have been problematic, you cannot be sure how someone will look as the age, and though make up can fix some things others are not that easy to sort out.  Imagine if the twins playing the Weasley twins had suddenly developed differently, if one had shot up a couple of extra inches or the other had put on weight, though they are identical twins these things can sometimes happen. I hate to think that in ten, twenty years time they will probably feel the need to remake the films because of new technology and hope  JK retained the control to make sure it never happens.


I love this series ‘Everything wrong with…’

I generally dislike sequels and people cashing in on franchises, also as the parent of a 7 year old monster who wants to be a palaeontologist, they give unrealistic expectations. Okay he knows that dinosaurs are not real but he also now believes every piece of amber should contain an  insect and that you can get DNA from every bone dug up. As a bonus though I want to show one of the monster favourite programmes at the minute that we recorded on the Tivo box.

Why Keep Watching?

This was me during the day for Halloween…

safe_image.phpYes I know I could have dressed up and made an effort but I decided to go to work as I was lol.

That evening after dishing out chocolate eyeballs and answering the door with a monster sized Grim Reaper by my side, I settled down for an evening of TV. Now the last couple of weeks I have not really watched much as I have been so busy and as I have only a week left to get the edits finished I probably won’t watch much this week but it was Halloween so I think I deserved a night off.

First up was Doctor Who, the monster skipped this weeks as he is terrified of Zygons, every child should have a monster that scares them and as he loves Daleks, and Cybermen, it would appear that shape shifters scare him more than robotic style baddies. I loved it.

Next up I had a choice Most Haunted Live or Rocky Horror Live, well after a little emotional battle MH won though I have recorded Rocky Horror so I won’t really miss out. MH got the win as I actually had a friend who was there on set as she is a member of a paranormal group in that area but in a way this post is not about the shows themselves but the haters who watch them.

I get that when you watch a show for a while you begin to believe you know what you are getting and if the programme changes or evolves then you can feel put off. What I do not understand is watching a programme week in week out if you do not like anything about it, that people actually waste precious hours of their life to watch a programme they no longer enjoy just to be able to go on line and bitch about it afterwards. Now of course Doctor Who has always polarised opinions but that is nothing to the reactions to Most Haunted.

Now I love the show but I do not watch is as a serious paranormal investigation show, there are others out there that fill that role better, but I watch it for pure entertainment value. So as you can imagine a live show on Halloween has to be a must see for me, but I cannot understand the people who watched it for three and a half hours only so they could pick it apart and declare it all to be fake.  The fake debate is one for another day, I do not believe they fake it all but I do believe they over react for the cameras, hey this is TV after all. But given how short and fleeting life is why do so many people waste time on the negative, if you don’t like something don’t watch it, grab your remote and hit the button. And what is more why abuse those who have enjoyed a programme, insults have never yet made a person change their opinion to the best of my knowledge, live and let live.

And if you don’t want to believe things go bump in the night, don’t spend an eighth of a day watching a programme with Haunted in te title!