I is for Iceland – Places I Dream of Seeing!

I Now this one is going to surprise a lot of people who know me well as they know I generally don’t do cold but for a view like this I can make an exception.

Photos Via Google Images
Photos Via Google Images

There are quite a few attractions the Iceland holds for me most of which I know you guys will share.  The first goes back to my F choice of Mount Fuji and that is the volcanos.

Photos Via Google Images
Photos Via Google Images

Iceland has a few and although I might not be up to climbing them I believe there are flights over them so that might be an option assuming I have my fact right on that.

Now being a cold place there is ice and that means glaciers and even though I am shivering just thinking about it I think I could manage to put on enough layers to look at sights like this, especially before they all melt as a result of Global Warming,

Photos Via Google Images
Photos Via Google Images

There are some areas of the world that are so beautiful they are worth getting out of our comfort zones for, and believe me there are not many I would consider shivering for.

There is of course and added bonus to heading out on a boat in this area and that is the chance of this…

Photos Via Google Images
Photos Via Google Images

Seeing whales in the wild. A lifetime ago on a boat trip in Tenerife I was lucky enough to see Dolphins in the wild and it was something I would describe as an almost spiritual experience.  It was a brief encounter and before the days of digital cameras and certainly something I wish everyone in the world could experience, I seriously believe if they did they world would be a better place.

My final reason for picking Iceland is also the most temperamental one and is of course the Northern Lights.

Photos Via Google Images
Photos Via Google Images

This is one problem with arranging a trip to Iceland the thing you are mainly going to see may not always show up, it depends on so many weather and astrological conditions, in an ideal world you would be able to plan ahead with the Met Office and make sure you were in for an amazing light show but that is not always the case, the best you can do is keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best and if you cannot afford to just stay until you see them then it may take more than one trip.

4 thoughts on “I is for Iceland – Places I Dream of Seeing!

  1. My friends went there recently and loved it!


  2. I’m not sure why we haven’t been there – it’s an easy flight from Glasgow. One year we even bought the guide book, then went somewhere else! Someday soon, I hope.


  3. I dreamt of Iceland for 20 years until last year I realised nothing was stopping me. Hop on a plane, it’s only 3 hours from England and less than £150 return on Easyjet 🙂


    1. Your travels persuaded me it would be worth the cold 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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