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My New Camera Arrived

First apologies if you saw the title and expected a Vlog, basically it was delivered just before I left for work yesterday, then this morning I have been running round after a small child who decided to throw up every where during the night so the chances of filming anything went straight out of the window.  However I hope to film something to put up on Sunday but instead today I thought I would share my initial thoughts on the camera.

sony-cyber-shot-dsc-h300-advance-point-and-shoot-400x400-imadpzjmczsn6tegFirst thing I noticed was the ‘wet look’, the mottled black finish looks a little strange to me and the actual camera feels a little cold when touching the body rather than the grip, and I have to say it is heavier than my old Olympus.  This is the H300 model rather than the newer HX300 simply because with Christmas coming up I decided I didn’t want to spare the extra cash at the minute especially on a make I have not owned before (not counting a Walkman).

It does have some features I really like already such as the fact I can zoom while filming and it auto focuses as it tracks plus the pop up flash which is easier to press the button than physically have to flip it up as I did previously.

sony-digital-camera-dsc-h300-black-Simple well spaced buttons on both the back and the top should make it easy to use, I was looking at a different camera but they had the on off right next to the button to film video so it would be awkward in a rush and I could have accidentally hit the wrong one.

Technology has moved on a lot since I bought the Olympus and it has served me well in the four years I had it, it has filmed hours of video footage and taken thousands of photos and I certainly consider I got my money’s worth but because of not wanting to splash out big money this side of Christmas I found I had no choice but to try another make.  So far the only real negative I could complain about it that the zoom is quite noisy  and that it does take a few seconds to focus if you are zooming to the limit of it’s capabilities.

Anyway we shall see what he filming quality is like over the weekend.

3 thoughts on “My New Camera Arrived

  1. Camera Drooling! I have a Lumix that I absolutely love. Will not give it up unless it dies. Of course, there is a new Lumix out that is just as compact, with a longer zoom. [She rubs her hands together mischievously]


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