Glossybox Monthly Review

Glossybox Monthly Review – January 2014

I thought it best if I add the year into the title later in the year we will end up doubling up on posts otherwise.  I have decided to post the Glossybox reviews on the first Thursday of the month following when I received it as you will appreciate there are products which require a couple of weeks use before it is fair to judge them.

This months box was once more pale pink but the lid was a little deeper than normal and I opened it excited to see what they would send me to start the year off…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy first thought was one of disappointment, I think I had hoped for some fresh spring colours of make up after the bold Christmas colours but after a little further investigation I did get a little more impressed…


Floral Slanted Tweezers by The Vintage Cosmetics Company

I have to say I love the look of these but was a little annoyed as I already have several good pairs and didn’t really need these but I realised they could not possibly know this so I gave them a go.  They are good quality, have a nice spring to them and look really pretty, the plastic case and the little rubber bit that covers the tips to protect them also add the the overall quality.  Would I buy them, probably not at £8 it is possible to buy a decent pair of tweezers for far less, however if you are into all things floral or have a Vintage dressing table to put them on then it might be worth the investment.

Next up…


Moisturising Skin Cream by Yu-Be

This reminded me of the Nipple Balm I received in an earlier box, it is a very thick glycerine based cream, so think am pretty sure cross channel swimmers could use it instead of goose fat.  It states that the cream should be rubbed in until is is fully soaked in but to be honest I found it left me skin feeling a little waxy and it took hours to really soak in fully.  It would work really well with gloves or socks for an overnight moisturising treatment or to treat a specific dry spot but I think it is too thick and greasy for an every day cream.  At £13.50 for 33g I cannot see my buying this, overall I preferred the Nipple Balm.

Next up…


Super Toning Body Wash by Balance Me

The first thing that struck me about this was the packaging and the fact it reminded me so much of Body Shop products, and on further investigation this product would fit in very well on their shelves.  I have tried in both ways suggested, as a bubble bath and as a body wash.  The first thing worth noting is the smell, if you do not like the smell of Bergamot or Juniper then this is not for you as both feature quite pungently.  It is nice, bubbles and lathers well but to be honest I cannot in all honesty say I have noticed any form of toning.  Now being over weight I did not expect much but I had thought I would feel a little tightening or tingling of the skin.  At £10.25 for 250ml I am pretty sure you can find something out there that works better or at least costs less.  Overall not very impressed.


Passion Peel Off Masque & Blemish Mud Masque By Montagne Jeunesse

I have tried others from this company before and always enjoyed them so I looked forward to giving these ones a go, first up I tried the Mud masque…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASorry to anyone I just scared lol, as you can see it covers well and is very thick and creamy making it easy to apply, it die however mean it took some getting back off.  The masque dries to clay covering your face and gives a very satisfying cracking effect if the smile before removing it.  the wiping off with warm water means it reverts to a fairly cream consistency and means the face cloth you are using needs lots of rinsing before you reach skin again.   After your skin does feel great however I would warn against using this one prior to going anywhere special as it does draw out any spots or blemishes that are forming, yes it means they go quicker but for 24 hours afterwards your skin needs time to recover.  The second masque was a peel off masque with worked okay but I did find that it took longer than the 15-20 suggested to fully set and it peeled off in parts rather than in one nice clean movement (but that could be me that failed).  At £1.09 per mask you can’t go wrong with these and rather than buying a tube that means you have to use the same mask all the time you can get a wide array of different ones to try.

And the final product…


Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer Wake-Up Under Eye Patches by Anatomicals

First I have to share this from the back of the pack as it made me laugh…


After I finished giggling I battled my way into the card board outer which was actually quite a feat and a possible down mark for the packaging inside I found these….


I have never used a product like this so I took a while reading the instructions, then rereading them just to be sure I read them right, then I opened the pack and applied…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARight first let me state they are very hard to get into the right place probably because they feel really freaky and are quite slippery.  After some pushing and smoothing I finally got them in place and settled back to wait for the 30 minutes the must be worn for to pass.  They feel very strange and you are very aware of your eyelashes brushing against them so it is not the most relaxing experience.  When I removed them I will confess that the dark patches and fine lines under my eyes were less noticeable, because this was a new product I tried it on an evening rather than on a morning so I cannot honestly comment on how long the effects last for but next morning there was no lasting difference and my eyes looked exactly how they did pre-treatment.  At £6 for a pack of three I may be tempted to buy them for special occasions or rather for the morning after a special occasion but I would not be using them on a regular basis

So that is it for this months hopefully February will see more make up rather than just skin care.

5 thoughts on “Glossybox Monthly Review – January 2014

    1. They have their own reviews you fill in on their site for which the reward you with points towards freebies, the blog post is just for you guys to be amused by tales of me slapping slimy things on my face lol

      Hugs xx


  1. I am a sucker for face masks. Love the picture!! Thanks to your review those masks have been added to my growing list of products to try.


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