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Stories and Lists July Blog Challenge 2013 – Day 3: Create a fictional character and describe them in 500 words or less

Before I start on today’s blog challenge I have a huge favour to ask of my friends I have been roped into rustling up some raffle prizes for fund-raising at work and I thought where do I start then realised that I have a lot of very talented friends, I therefore would like to ask if any of my writer friends would like to donate a signed paper copy of a book or a voucher for a kindle copy please let me know, any photographer friends who might like to donate a signed A4 card mounted print or A3 poster style print or anyone who has any promotional freebies they would like to send for prizes for the raffle or tombola please email me for more details.  I would not normally ask but the cause is a good one as it is for the local hospice who cared for my other half’s great uncle in his final days when he lost his battle against cancer.  Any one who does donate will not only get me singing their praises but also we will be putting up a thank you list in the store I work in and I will say that my colleagues certainly do recommend books to each other so if one reads there is the chance others will xxx

The gardens at Kirkwood Hospice

Right back to the task at hand

Day 3: Create a fictional character and describe them in 500 words or less

She had no name, yet was known by many, to those living below she was the Mother, Sister, Moon Goddess and Sun Queen and to a few she was Angelus Confractum, the Broken Angel, though those who knew her by that name never had chance to speak of it.  The form she chose reflected those whom she watched over, tall, thin and willowy, long blonde hair flowing to her waist.  Her eyes the deepest blue pools that many mortals have fallen into and lost themselves. She herself has only fallen once, after that she no longer walked amongst the mortals, she distanced herself those few who crossed her path before she returned to the heavens saw her angelic form devastated by the loss and turned from her unable to bear gazing upon the pain in her eyes, those she cursed, turning them to stone, grief driving her anger and madness before she fled to her home.  She sits now watching over the world below no longer inclined to assist or better their existence, she is empty inside, she no longer cares about anything though she sometimes as she watches life below she remember what it is to feel and to love and longs for that feeling again.

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