Stories and Lists July Blog Challenge 2013 – Day 2: List 10 of your favorite things, doesn’t have to be your most favorite, just ten things you like

Day 2: List 10 of your favourite things, doesn’t have to be your most favourite, just ten things you like.

At first glance this would appear easy but the more you think about it the more things you can find but I want to try to keep it to the simple pleasures in life so here goes….

1)  Watching the wonder in your child’s eyes when they discover something new for he first time.

2) Walking through the woods on a sunny autumn day and kicking at the crunching leaves.

3) Curling up with a good book and being able to forget the world exists for a little while.

4) When I sit at the computer and the words flow and I don’t have to delete them all when I read them back later – the other writers will understand that one.

5) Empty plates when I have tried a new recipe, especially if I was unsure I had it right lol

6) Sitting in a field in the middle of summer with the sun shining listening to the birds sing – if I can hear a babbling brook all the better

7) Getting letters that don’t come in brown envelopes lol I do love receiving the occasional proper letter and enjoy writing them as a few of you can testify to after they have dropped through your letterboxes.

8) Chocolate do I really need to say any more on that one lol

9) Sky watching, no matter whether it is day or night, fair or stormy there is so much to see up there and if you allow our imagination to roam you can drift on the breeze an see untold wonders.

10) Finally of course are my friends and family, though I am not sure if they would appreciate being referred to as things lol but I love you guys you keep me semi sane in a manic world – complete sanity would of course be too much to expect lol

So there are a few of mine lets see some of your in comments…

4 thoughts on “Stories and Lists July Blog Challenge 2013 – Day 2: List 10 of your favorite things, doesn’t have to be your most favorite, just ten things you like

  1. I just tried to list ten things mentally and how hard was that! I know I enjoy many more things than that but they were all hidden behind that little bump on the back of my head ( damn wives and rolling pins) where I couldn’t quite see them.
    Therefore as your elder, I’m highjacking your list and claiming it as my own except number 5 as I like my guests to survive, so for that one I’ll replace it with ‘Visiting my favourite tearooms and chatting to the staff’ ( yes, I lead a very exciting life)
    Sorry Paula, you’ll have to think of your own ten now..
    xxx Hugs xxx


    1. you are very welcome to share all my happy things though as the heavens have opened rule out sitting in the summer field for a few days lol


  2. Great thoughts Paula! I could agree with almost all of those but my favorite had to be the kicking and crunching autumn leaves.


  3. Great list! We share a lot of things in common. 🙂


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