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Flash or Maybe More?

Sometimes ideas come at the strangest times, like this one.  I actually have no idea where it came from at all but there I was laying in the bath up to my neck in bubbles relaxing properly for the first time since the op when it pounced upon me and made me get out of my nice warm bath and write it down.

So the idea is a little along the lines of the Handmaidens Tale but more drastic where women are reduced to little more than slaves and commodities.  I am really not sure if I want to follow this idea despite the fact I filled half a dozen A4 sheets with notes in the space of 5 minutes.

The opening lines came to me and it is those I shall share here and whether anything grows from it we shall see in the future.

I am a child of the millenium, born in the opening hours of this century,

I believed in the system until the system was corrupted with the madness and insanity that comes with fear.

As my fortieth birthday approached I worried about the normal things, getting older, getting a few grey hairs and the lines appearing on my brow.  How foolish I was!  If I had written the future in one of my novels it would have been dismissed as nonsense and too far fetched but as is so often fact is far more strange than fiction.  This is my story and the story of millions, it is the story of all and yet of none.

It is the story of how civilisation destroyed itself.

As I say am really not sure what I will do with this if anything.

8 thoughts on “Flash or Maybe More?

  1. I’m so glad you wrote it down. I have these amazing ideas (at the time I think they are amazing) but don’t have access to pen and paper. Later when I try to think of it, poof–can’t remember at all.


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