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First attempt at flash fiction inspired by picture from my hard drive

Okay here we go wish me luck…….

She tiptoes through the fragile stems.  Careful not to trample a single one under her dainty feet.  She knows the pain of being crushed, of being snapped.  At times her anger builds and she could rip them out by their slender stalks, tear their roots from the ground and destroy their delicate beauty.  She knows she could never do this, she above all knows how precious life is.

She pauses.  In a short time the sunrise will begin slowly. Its fiery tendrils reaching out in the distance lighting up the sky.  He is there.  He is always there.  Each night he sits surrounded by bowing beauties.  Their heads hung in silent slumber.  In a few hours they will raise their heads to the light as she slips back into the dark.  She wishes he would leave.  She wishes she could stop his nocturnal visits.  She has tugged at his hair, scratched at his arms.  Each attempt as ineffective as that first time.  She never knew hate before.  She knows she can never stop him.  She knows she cannot save those who will join her and every night she remains alone she rejoices.  She feels the pull.  A connection with the earth that tells her it is time.

She slips silently past him.  He looks up as if he sees her but she knows he sees nothing.  He stands now and she freezes.  He brushes himself down and walks away with that smile upon his face.  She wants to rush towards him rip that smile from his face but knows she cannot.  She is the one who put it there though not by choice.  She looks down at the place he has vacated.  The crumpled remnants of fragile life broken and twisted.  She hopes they will recover but knows for some, like herself there is no amount of healing that can bring them back.

She takes one last look at the moon as it slips across the sky.  Until tonight she must go.  She has tried fighting it before holding on to see the sun just one more time but she does not have the strength.  She breathes one last breathe tasting the night air.  It is polluted by his presence like everything that remains behind, left in his wake.  She feels herself sinking as she slids into the earth.  She curls around her bones.  Anchored like a ship in harbour.  Only he knows she is her and he still will not leave her in peace.  Her thoughts begin to jumble, she cannot think, she cannot remember how long she has lain here.  Before the darkness takes her she whispers a prayer, the same one always ‘Please Daddy find me, take me home but if you can’t please let me wake alone.’

10 thoughts on “First attempt at flash fiction inspired by picture from my hard drive

    1. Thankyou am trying to push myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to writing at the minute. I am quite enjoying trying out different things and given the wide range of pictures on my computer I have a lot of scope to try out all sorts of ideas


      1. its a great training technique i think – itry never to go over 500 words and when i don’t, i get more hits – blog readers don’t tend to read the longer posts – its a great discipline and flash fiction is the future and you are good at it


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