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Double Award Whammy

Today I got a double whammy two awards in one day.  As the rules are quite similar am going to deal with both at the same time.

Okay the rules…

Thank and link to the person who nominated you

Tell people 7 things about yourself

Nominate 7 people for the award with links to their pages for the beautiful blogger award and one for the Very Inspiring blogger award .

So first the wonderfully talented Rhonda for nominating me for my second Beautiful blogger award.  I only found her blog recently but already love visiting it.  She blogs on a wide range of subjects even tackling the dreaded ‘P’ word politics at times.

My other award came from another wonderful lady the talented, witty Terry.   This woman is literally a walking angel (and thats from a pagan) she does not have the easiest life but deals with the stresses of being a full time carer with a grace and strength that is incredible.  Even when she is having a rant her sense of humour shines through there are very few people in this world who could handle what life throws at them and still have the ability to make people smile and she is one of them.

Now the hard bit another 7 things you actually want to hear about me.

1) My name..Paula is because I was supposed to be a boy.  My parents were so convinced that I would be a boy they never picked a girls name I was supposed to be Paul it was the midwife suggested adding the ‘a’ and thats how I was named.

2) I just spent this afternoon in fancy dress at work as a circus bareback horse rider (no leotard I wore a dress) and just after I started my shift most of the others who bothered to dress up finished theirs and went home.

3) I love watching costume dramas and have just been rewatching series two of Dowton Abbey

4) My prize possession on my bookshelves is my first edition of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible that I bought at a charity bookshop.

5) I am rubbish at picking favourites when some one asks what is you favourite film etc with me everything depends on my mood

6) I am pagan, but was christened Church of England then discovered doing my family tree a couple of generations back my dad’s paternal family were Catholic.

7) I like so many of your blogs that most of my sunday is spent catching up on reading them (so if you get half a dozen comments ot likes at once you know why)

Okay on to the nominations luckily i am getting quicker at the whole links business.  I am going to cheat and pick 8 blogs I haven’t nominated before then you can pick which one you would like (that way if you already have one you can add the other to your collection)

1) hunter’s writings – a fairly new blog for me but highly amusing with a wicked sense of humour

2) Pause – another new photo blog I found after they visited me but some really stunning photography with a real sense of humanity thrown in

3) Seventhvoice – beautiful poetry plus in depth discussion regarding the struggles of parenthood with a special child.  Love and strength emanate from the posts

4) Thekingfamilyvampires – a fellow anne rice lover currently editing his latest novel

5) The Second Site – Bird’s fledglings have flown the nest on and moved to their own blog page witty, charming and engaging if you forgot the angst of being a teenager their posts will remind you through fresh eyes with articulate and humorous posts

6) Lurking Musings –  am still contemplating the zombie blog and its greater significance within literature….have decided sparkly vampires may be the cause of the zombie uprising

7) Blessed with a star on the forehead – poetry, writing and an honest observation of life

8) subtlekate – I have only just started following her but her coffee philosophy  post which led me to find her was amazing

Okay so thats it folks I am honoured to get these awards and if I haven’t nominated you yet it doesn’t mean I don’t love your blog just as much just that I can only do so many at a time. Now just need to notify everyone…….

15 thoughts on “Double Award Whammy

  1. congratulations! i just let my kids know they won something…i may have to return them to my site..they don’t like being on their


    1. At the minute my main job is being a mum, to pay the bills I work in supermarket and my spare time is spent working on the manuscript for my first attempt at a novel


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