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The Old Fashioned Way

Well day two of no computer but hopefully if I have worked this out properly you will be able to see a photo with the post. Luckily prior to the computer dying I had printed off a few stories for editing as I prefer to edit on a paper version so I can at least get some work done.

I cannot help but wonder how many of todays younger generation would cope should they find themselves having to resort back to writing everything out in long hand in their best handwriting (so that you can make out what you wrote later).

I think this is one aspect where journalling helps the writer, I recently listened to a discussion about why writers still use notebooks and apparently there is a scientific reason to do with the different parts of the brain used in writing and typing which suggests those hastily scribbled lines stimulate the creative juices more than typing it straight out.

Would love to here your thoughts on this….

8 thoughts on “The Old Fashioned Way

  1. I think I’d agree with you … Sort of. I remember, once upon a time, I could only write when I put pen to paper and the initial transition to a laptop was really hard because I just couldn’t find a rhythm! But now I find tapping away on my laptop so much easier that I think writing on paper would be quite a drastic change for me. I think writers are creatures of habit in a lot of ways. What do you think?


  2. Forget the younger generation, I’m pretty sure I have forgotten how to handwrite by this point. But I am so much faster on a keyboard that I just can’t go backwards. Even making notes, I prefer to smack away at my BlackBerry.


  3. It’s funny, but I miss the old fashioned way. I had realized over the years, that once I put it on paper, it was ingrained in my brain…I never forgot it. You’d think it would be the same with the keyboard, but it’s not. Odd.


  4. As long as teachers keep their classrooms a writing-only environment, I think handwriting will persist. As for hand writing stirring the creative juices … hard to say. I would actually say I feel most creative when I’m nowhere near a notebook or computer — it’s usually out when I’m on a walk, and my brain gets flooded with ideas. Maybe this is because my brain is purposely messing with me, as it knows I have no way of recording this ideas.


  5. I can’t type up a story straight to the computer.I do everything in longhand and then type it up. The typing session allows me to see if I want to make changes which I can do as I go. Then I can print off a hard copy to copy edit.
    Without having handwritten the stories I wouldn’t remember what was coming next and be able to make changes.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx


  6. I carry a journal everywhere and still write long hand. I keep empty ones in my office so I always have extras. I think the old fashioned ways of keeping a journal are best, maybe I am just old.

    Love your pictures.


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