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What Are You Reading?

I am trying my best to keep blogging via my phone and decided today to talk about reading. I am currently three quarters of the way through the Terry Pratchett book Raising Steam and loving it.

It is the fortieth book in the Discworld series and I marvel at the way Pratchett has continued to create stories and develop already familiar characters without things becoming stale or repetitive. If you consider a film series the first film tends to be great but the sequels become more and more blatently about squeezing every last penny from a franchise rather than continual development. Pratchett however goes on from strength to strength introducing new members to an already spectacular cast.

Very few film franchises can achieve the depths of characterisation to make long term impact in the way books can but it can also be argued very few authors can keep their standards as high and the storylines fresh without frequent cast changes. Which book series leave you in awe? What are you reading right now? And could it spawn a lasting legacy?

7 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?

  1. I have to confess to re-reading my current Pratchett’s at the moment in anticipation of getting the new one for Christmas. “Don’t buy it OR ELSE ” was the last threat issued. I’m therefore on Snuff at the mo’ and very much enjoying Sam Vimes’s holiday. I gather the new book features another favourite of mine, Lord Vetinari,
    Like you I’m completely in awe of the man who can pen so many books ( alone) without ever once failing to entertain me and always delighting me with his characters.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  2. I have yet to start any of the Discworld novels that I have. I still need to finish the pile of ten or so that I started before the semester began.


  3. I always love books more than films I am reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer it is a sad reflection what happens when life as we know it is destroyed …why do we always revert. I also love Pratchett … not enough time in my lifetime to read all his books though . What an amazing writer!!


  4. Yay! I’m so THRILLED to be able to say I’m reading Pratchett too – Feet of Clay! I’ve pretty much been alternating between Pratchett and a murder mystery for a while now. But fact is, I’m always willing to read a Pratchett; my current obsession being Sam Vines I’m trying to read every night watch book I can find. I love Pratchett’s novels for so MANY reasons – the seemingly simplistic but resounding themes he uses, his ability to make you laugh out loud and groan in dismay or mourn a character, often in the same scene much less the same book. He’s truly inspirational as a writer. (As you can see I’m a one-woman fan club)


  5. I was happy to find you through Tumblr, it’s a lot less cluttered than WordPress. What am I reading? I poked through a poetry book my son’d sent me in a shipment of odds and ends – some are ok other parts, eh – Velocities, Stephen Dobyns. I’m about halfway through a Vampire Book that’s more a study of stories – David J Skal – but they’re ominous enough to afford heaviness although I’m annoyed at vampire behavior and the outright feeble-mindedness of humans.

    I’m in the market for something else. I don’t know what yet.


  6. Hi Paula. It’s almost a miracle, but I squeezed two feel-good books in recently. D.D. Scott’s new romance, Hollywood Holidays -and- Janet Evanovich’s new Stephanie Plum novel, Takedown Twenty. Both light entertainment. Perfect after NaNo! 🙂


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