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Book Review – The Nameless City By Michael Scott


As you may remember I was not totally convinced by the first book in this series which you can read the review to here, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one.

17337621This book revolves around the Second Doctor (played by Patrick Troughton) and his companion Jamie McCrimmon (played by Fraser Hines).  It is ironic that given many of this Doctors televised stories are missing now that the feel of this fits far better within his reign at the helm of the Tardis than the previous book.

I did question whether my own opinions on the two Doctors was reflected in this observation but I don’t feel it is as I have watched as a little of both and don’t feel an affection for one more than the other which would lead me to relate to them more, I really do believe this writer has captured the essence of his Doctor and companion far better than the first.The-Second-Doctor-Patrick-Troughton-classic-doctor-who-13664581-1024-768

Because these are only short novella’s it is hard to discuss the plot without giving the whole thing away, in typical Doctor Who fashion I will say the companion is duped, the Doctor is fighting for his existence and saves his life and that of his companion in this case with music.  The visualisations of the character are good however I will point out that obviously anyone with a knowledge of Who will already have the images of the actors firmly in place so it is hard to know what a person coming to the second Doctor with no Classic Who viewing under their belt would make of him or the wild man in a kilt accompanying him.

I really wasn’t sure after the first one if I wanted to keep reading this series but after this one bring one number three.

A big thumbs up and 5 out of 5.

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