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Coaxing Life

This morning I have briefly coaxed life into the old machine, one issue is that the machine haas not been used since last year therefore when I turn it on it wants to up date all the software which of course takes time which usually results in it over heating and shutting down before it gets turned on lol but  I am taking it one day at a time.  I was also reminded how usless the WordPress app on Blackberry is I approved several comments from my phone only to find them still pending today.  I have spent lots of time despite my back hurting painting and sticking with the monster this week he has had me drawing Doctor Who monsters 379729_10201389278881092_1400044733_n 941497_10201389748212825_1597642500_n

I am not the best artist in the world and am very much out of practise but they make him happy so I will accept his smiles while he is still young enough to think they are great lol but it also made me think about why we buy DVDs of TV series, it cn be argu much of it is available on Netflix or you tube so why bother?  It is partly the quality but I think mainly the extras, I want to share an amazing extra from one of the Doctor Who Dvds, well part of it, that I believe makes it not only worth the money but explains why the show continues to inspire generations for not only the visuals. (It is a little long but well worth a watch or a listen if you can find all the parts on Youtube)

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