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Sabotaged By the Dog

Just a really quick post to let you know that my posts over the next few weeks may be rather sporodic.  The lovely puppy decided to take my legs out from under me while I was carry the laptop. The laptop flew in the air then hit me in the nose before landing on the screen, I landed on my back and it is a close thing between which was the most serious injury.  While I should be okay after a few days the same cannot be said for the laptop which has been taken to the shop (thankfully it is insured) but it could be five weeks before I get it back or replaced.  Until then I have an old laptop with no cooling which occasionally works for a few minutes and am hoping to borrow a netbook to see me through but until I get it I shall do my best even if it means trying to post from my phone to keep  in touch,

14 thoughts on “Sabotaged By the Dog

  1. I hope you’ll be back on your feet again quickly with no lasting damage. I hope the other patient comes off life-support before the 5 weeks is up though or we’ll have to start holding candlelight vigils. xx Hugs xx


  2. I’m glad you will heal, but this sounds like a modern version of “the dog ate my homework”. Now this is “my dog crashed my laptop!”


      1. the one I have been trying to coax back to life was the one with the sellotape that had been stashed under my desk until I decided how to dispose of it lol


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