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This is just a quick post asking for help!!! As I was writing my award blog I kept looking at the list of blogs I was following thinking am sure there should be more… At first I thought it was because i had hit the follow via twitter on a couple but that didn’t explain where so many of your were. Then today I hit follow on a new blog and it drops down about this new reader bit to manage your blogs so I click it.  And there you all are but instead of being set to send me updated you are all set at never for email messages…I did not set this nor can I find a way to choose to set it differently.  So if anyone knows how to alter this please let me know.  And if it seems like I havent stopped by your blog since following you now know why I will catch up eventually I promise…

3 thoughts on “S O S

  1. This is new to me too. Wish I could help, but it looks like I’ll have to keep checking back to see the solution. Could it be that those particular followers have set it that way?


    1. not sure I might have thought so if it only affected afew but has been the same on a couple of others i visited today aswell so looks like a trip to reader every time I hit follow lol


  2. I just checked and figured we are facing the same problem. If I ain’t mistaken, when you hit the follow on the top it sends it to the reader. You would have to hit the follow on the email subscriptions on their page for the same. And then it would be listed amongst the other blogs you follow 🙂 Hope this helps! 🙂


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