Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 53-56

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It seems like an age since I last watched any of these but it seems incredibly unfair to have broken off half way through so if you want to back track to where we were you can find the previous review here.

Now onwards once more…

First I have to say I did miss the chance to actually see the dinner with Miss DeBurgh and Darcy, it is one of the few issues that occasionally crop up watching this, that there are some scenes you would really like to see more of than a recreation or just hearing about it.  I liked that they made Anne DeBurgh character into a lapdog it is actually probably more in keeping than for Lady Catherine to have a daughter.

I like that they bring Darcy into the work environment which is a good analogy to the social battleground which dating in the original Pride & Prejudice, they made Fitzwilliam into his friend and gay which actually would explain why in the original he never actually made any attempt to secure Elizabeth’s affections despite obviously holding her in high esteem.  ‘Fitz’ is played brilliantly and you really get the feeling that is a perfect characterisation of the character in the novel, loyal while accepting his friends faults and failings.

Why did I leave it so long to come back to this I had forgotten how much I loved this series!



Vlog apologies

There should have been a vlog here.  It is made, it is sat on my computer, unfortunately due to a bad internet connection I cannot get it to upload.  It has been raining and every time it rains my internet connection seems to play up, not with normal rain but when it comes down hard. because of work and other stuff it will be a while before I can get someone out to check it over, by that time it will be working fine and they will tell me there is no problem, like they did last time, the time before the guy did actually fix it. So until it is fixed I shall make more vlogs and post normally until I can persuade it to work long enough to upload or until I get frustrated and go spend an afternoon sat in a cafe lol

Quick Catch Up

First apologies yet again for going quiet but as you will see have been busy editing videos. Second has anyone else ended up on the blue screen to write a new post I don’t like it and want my normal one back.

This weekend saw our first event with our new work charity partner, this year the Huddersfield Down Syndrome Support Group get our support and a great day was had by all but you don’t have to take my word for it watch the video I shall post at the end of this post.

I also got to collect my T-Shirts that were my reward for pledging as part of a Kickstarter to save one of our local shops, I was guilty of one of the greatest crimes effecting small businesses, apathy, I always assumed the shop would be there, I would see something I liked but put it off for the next payday, luckily our shop was saved and hopefully we have all learnt that very important lesson “Use it or Lose it!” For my Tees I got one Doctor Who one and another which I designed from the Charity Anthology cover…



And yes I know after a weekend in a bag I should have ironed them before taking the pictures lol

A quiet week this week for me playing catch up with writing and house work before getting excited for the athletics next week!

The Fickle Pickle


Words of wisdom dosed with good humour from my friend Rhonda

Originally posted on 50 Shades of Gray Hair:

fick·le ˈfikəl/ adjective:

changing frequently, especially as regards one’s loyalties, interests, or affection.

I’m in a pickle ’cause I love slap and tickle but taken alone I hate a slap but love a tickle am I fickle?

No…not quite like that.

Here’s the thing…I was sitting on the porch this morning, as is usual, with my coffee and smokes, thinking…

“I love this” followed immediately by “I hate this”.

That thought alone, occupied my brain for the next 2 hours. Through my second cuppa, my third smoke, changing the sheets, checking my mail, taking my shower, love/hate, love/hate, love/hate…

Enough with the fickle pickle already!

So…to clear my head of this love/hate dialogue that was making my head spin, I thought I could put it down on paper and try to figure out if I am, in fact, ficklish. (That’s like being ticklish only not as much fun)

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Flash Fiction Friday!!!

I decided to cheat and instead give you a teaser from one of the stories I am working on this week for Voices, I hope you enjoy it….(subject to editing and change before publication)

She dragged her suitcases inside, and admitted defeat immediately, no way would she get them upstairs with their contents intact. Over the course of the next few hours she traipsed up and down carrying her belongings up to the bedroom before beginning a more in depth exploration of the downstairs. Keys in hand she headed into the kitchen and found the key to unlock to back door. Once the door was opened and letting in a little more light she discovered that the cottage had far more modern conveniences than she had anticipated. Carefully hidden behind doors were fridges, freezers,a washing machine and microwave, most impressive were the radiators carefully hidden behind wooden panels, everything gave the appearance of belonging in the previous century while requiring none of the hard work. She had had the foresight to pick up the basic essentials such as bread and milk by slipping the taxi driver a few extra pounds to pause at the local shop.

The shopkeeper had been naturally curious at a new face but there had been something that passed across their face when she had mentioned why she was here. She could not exact put a name to the emotion and anyone less inclined to pay attention to the details would have missed it but she had definitely seen the shadow that had briefly flitted across the face before it was replaced with a smile and what appeared to be a heartfelt welcome to the community.

It was early when she arose the next morning,a thin shaft of intense sunlight had crept between the edges f the this curtains and bathed her face in golden light. She was amazed at how well she had slept, she had expected the thought of sleeping in a dead woman’s bed to keep her awake but whether it was the fresh country air or fatigue brought on by the days travelling she had fallen into a deep slumber almost as soon as her head had hit the pillow and for the first time since discovering the infidelity she had slept soundly and without tortuous dream plaguing her.

Could you sleep in a dead woman’s bed?

Glossybox Monthly Review – July 2014

Slight change round this month with everything that has been going on the Vlog will be up next week and then fortnightly from there on so today make up…


In honour of Independence day the them was USA and the products were those that originated from there…


My initial response was rather excited, every thing looked really interesting would that continue through trying them though…


Carmex Lip Balm

I decided to start off with the thing that was most disappointing…


It looked unappealing, smelled terrible and when I put it on my lips did more than tingle they actually felt like they were on fire. I passed it on to my daughter and both she and her fiancé tried it neither of them liked it. This is a celebrity favourite apparently and in theory would work well at healing chapped lips as it contains menthol, camphor and beeswax, personally I would rather be stung by the bees than try it again, I did receive the full size version worth £2.69 but can safely say I will not be buying this again.

Next up…


Broadway Nails imPress Press On Manicure

I got really excited when I saw these, I loved the colour and could not wait for my week off so I could try them and try their claim they lasted a week.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHowever I should have known better as I do not have a good track record with false nails and as I feared the largest size was still not big enough for my thumb nails.  Also as they had sent me them in the short length several of my own nails were already longer than the false ones so they were of no use to me. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHowever my daughter was thrilled, this is a brand she has used before and she loves, you can see the tab you pull off for the self adhesive on the picture above but my daughter says that although that would be fine for a night out if you wish to keep them on longer invest in some decent nail glue to stick them. They cost £7.99 per pack so they are not cheap, I will not be buying them again for me as there is no point if the don’t fit but they might end up as stocking fillers for my daughter come Christmas.


ABSOLUTE New York Perfecting Eyeshadow Primer

I confess for years I never bothered with Primers, I thought it was rather a new fad designed to get extra money out of you but I am now a convert.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis first photo shows my foundation and concealer done plus primer applied all over my eyelids, really if I had been thinking properly I should have only applied the primer to one eye so you can see the real difference it makes to applying eye shadow.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABetter lighting for this one but you can see the vibrancy the primer gives to the colours it also helps the blend easier, I am now totally converted and this did work even better than the one I had bought recently it costs £4.99 but I would certainly buy it again and in the long run it saves you money as you need less eye shadow for stronger effects.

Next up….


Mary Kay Cosmetics Lash Love Mascara

I confess my heart sunk when I saw this, first it was another mascara not only have I had a few in previous boxes but I had also just got one with a magazine, and I will be honest the name put me off, I had always assumed that Mary Kay Cosmetics were a little bit like Avon, decently quality but basically high street priced standard make up.  Looking at the price which states £16 for the full size product we received I was surprised as I thought it would be cheaper.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor a waterproof mascara it is quite wet but gives good cover and does seem to give a little lash extension…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt did not give amazing results, and I have to confess that something made me tear up while wearing it and though it resisted smudging fairly well it did sting my eye quite a bit.  It is a perfectly good mascara for everyday use I probably would not buy it again as I have one I prefer that costs less, one other thing worth mentioning is that this was terrible to actually get off afterwards.

And finally…


Bellapierre Cosmetics Ltd Mineral Lipstick

As you can see I got red, and I have to say I love it, the packaging makes it look really high class and the colour is intense.  No pictures of me wearing it as I have only had chance to try it without the rest of my make up, red is not a colour I would wear on a work day but I might just wear it to film next weeks Vlog.  At £20 for this full size product it is very pricey but a little will go a long way and for the time and quality it is value for money and I might just have to check out if the have a nice purple.

Overall although it was a mixed box I am more pleased by the things I liked than disappointed by those I don’t. The cost of the box is £13.25 and the total value of the products was £51.69 but even taking out the items I was not thrilled with it was still brilliant value.

The Friendly Games

If you live in the UK you will be aware at the minute there is an abundance of sport every description imaginable, in fact if you live anywhere in the Commonwealth you are probably glued to TV screens and trying to workout how you can watch a dozen live streams at once.  If you live in the US well it is Tuesday!

The Commonwealth Games are affectionately nicknamed ‘The Friendly Games’ which is a little ironic considering in order to be part of them we the English have to have conquered you in the first place.  I am sure the Americans would claim that their absence just gives every one else chance to win something, but I bet there are numerous American sports stars nervously watching records being broken, new best times being set and feeling a little aggrieved that this is one party they were not invited to.

But that is what the Commonwealth Games really are,a huge sporting party, _76478204_glasgowceremonythe whole thing started with a little dancing and singing.  It may have been a little camp but hey we love camp here in old Blighty, and the star of the opening ceremony 452568812John Barrowman is very much classed as a National treasure.  The fact the para-sports are mixed straight in with the regular races is a prime example of the fact that these games are about taking part very much like the Olympics rather than the serious business of big cash prizes.  Every competitor is cheered home be the a home nation athlete crossing the line first or someone from a country you would struggle to find on the map who finishes minutes behind the winner.  commonealthgames_3_1Over the space of ten days we watch people run, swim, cycle, and occasionally do all three as well as numerous other sports.The successes 2014-commonwealth-games-venue_2850497of the 2012 Olympics and the recent Tour De France leg draw attention to some sports that previously may have been over looked by the populace.

glasgow-2014-swimming  And while normally I may have missed the sight of some Americans poolside they pale in comparison for the respect I have for this young lady. article-2707850-200B7F8D00000578-492_634x522Aged just 13 years old Erraid Davies won Bronze in the Para-Sport 100m Breaststroke, she suffers from a disease which mean her hip bones do not form properly and are subject to breaking easily. While she might go on to compete in para olympics and set records she will never win as many hearts as she did with her smile last night.

The only real problem with the games is choosing which sports to watch and fitting them all in.

Chasing my tail

Hi guys, I am still here erratically running in screaming hello before tearing off hell for leather once more.  Summer holidays have started which I don’t need to tell the parents are stressful enough, but there are also loads of events both charity and personal coming up which I am hoping to attend which mean time away from the computer and you guys.  The plus to that is that I have lots of exciting things to share when I get back and I shall have lots of photos and videos.

The other thing occupying my time and my mind is that my dad has been back in hospital for the last few weeks having another back op, I am sure you all recall it did not go well last time but this time has been a little better but there have been some complications which are cause for concern, but hopefully he will be okay in the long run,

Any way to keep you amused until I post again properly…