Glossybox Monthly Review – August 2014


This Glossy box marks the third anniversary of them starting their service so as you can imagine I was rather excited to see what would be in it, the box was the trademark pale pink but new texturing makes it look a little sharper.


They have also given the info card a make over and I have to say I like this as it feels like it gives you more information for each product.


I was disappointed to see a hand cream only because I seem to have received a few different ones since I started and have even given some away to my daughter as there is only so much you can use lol but I was intrigued by some of the other products.


Figs & Rouge Mini Hand Cream

I received the Rose Berry scent, I am not sure what other ones are available but I was rather taken with this one. as it contains Shea butter it is very moisturising and rubs in well, a little going a long way. the sample I got was 20ml and the full size costs £6.95 for 80ml, I have to be honest if I could buy this in a store I would probably buy it but it is only available online as far as I can see which means paying extra for postage and unless I wanted to stock up or buy other products to make it worth while it does put me off which is a shame.

Next up…


Kryolan for Glossybox Highlighter Cashmere

I have never really bothered with highlighters but recently after seeing lots of Make up vlogs using them I had been thinking about trying on. Previously I had received a liquid one I passed on to my daughter so I was glad to see this was a cream.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI did try to take a picture of it on my cheeks but that was quite hard given I only added a little so instead I put some n my finger to try to give you an idea of the sheen of it…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAit does have a little sparkle but blends in really well so you are not left with a streak across your cheek bone or brow bone.  I actually really like this but again it is only available on line but luckily this full size 4.5g version worth £12..95 will last for a very long time so it might be worth buying again if I fail to find a shop buying alternative I like as much.

And on to the next item…


Lalique L’Amour

I have to admit I love these perfume samples and this was no exception, the one slight difference this month was this one was not the usual mini spray sample instead it has what reminds me of a pepper pot opening with three tiny holes and drops out…


I have to be completely honest I love this so much that despite the price tag, £67 for 50ml I really want it, I am hoping if I drop hints Santa might bring me some and failing that I shall be checking out discount perfume shops looking for it in the hope of getting it on offer.

Next up…


Yves Rocher Pink Nail Polish

My first thought was this was a mini sample size but it is actually the full size version of just 3ml.  Because of the small size I only tried it on one finger…


this was the best I could show the colour which is a lovely dusky pink, the polish has a gel type finish and did seem to last quite well and did not chip easily.  At £3.60 for the mini bottle the price seems expensive though of course cheaper than going for your nails doing and I would take a guess it would do your nails a couple of times.  This size would be handy to take on holiday with you but it seems it has to be ordered on line so again you would have to order a couple to make it worth the postage.  I might re-buy this not sure though even though I do really like like.

The next item is….


 Skin Pep Super C15 Serum

Generally I am not a big fan of oils on my face simply because I have combination skin so while it works great on some parts it tends to make other areas oily and spotty and this was no exception.  it is not as bad as some others I have tried and for the drier areas it soaked in nicely.


I received the full size version of 7ml worth £13.99 and as I cannot use it all over it will last longer, I am actually using it on my neck rather than my face now and am quite happy with the results I am getting doing that alongside my normal moisturiser.  The best bit about it is the dropper…


This makes it really easy to get just a couple of drops without it going everywhere, while I am not using it quite as it was ntended to be used I would actually consider buying it again if the results carry on as they are doing so far.



Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

I am seriously conflicted on this one.  It was originally designed for Audrey Hepburn one of my idols, so that of course adds an extra dimension to wanting it, based on this 40ml tube we received that will do my hair maybe four or five times if I go easy with it (remember I have long hair at the minute) the full size tube is £38 for 250ml and while it may only work out at a couple of pounds per use it is a lot of money to shell out on one hair product when there are so many others on the market.  My hair was certainly easier to brush through after washing when I had use this but by the next wash it made very little difference, possibly it needs to be done a couple of times a week to build it up but twenty minutes wearing a towel or shower cap prior to washing the hair is not always something that can be easily fit in.  I would certainly buy it again if I could find it cheaper somewhere so it may be on the list of things to watch out for and stock up on at bargain prices.

So this month 3 products out of 6 I loved, 1 I like but am not sure I can justify the price on and 2 that underwhelmed me, overall the positives far out weigh the negatives, now to leave that card for the perfume pinned up where the other half cannot fail to notice it :D


Book Review – A Bespoke Murder By Edward Marston


This was a book I picked up as part of a three for two offer, there were two books I really wanted but nothing else was really jumping out so randomly I picked this as from the cover I expected something a little along the Poirot/Miss Marple line of detection. I was wrong.

It is to be honest pretty much a police procedural albeit set in the throws of the First World War.  It balances the portrayal of professional and personal lives nicely but for the first half of the book it went along at a fairly pedestrian pace.

The second half the pace picks up and the story line becomes a little more interesting but what really hit me was the parallels between London after the sinking of the Lusitania and London as it faces modern terror threats.  I have no idea if the author intended for these themes of scapegoats, fear, mob mentality and prejudice to mirror the modern world or if it just an interpretation I have put upon it. History is filled with people who have been attacked because what others do in their name or for their ‘God’ and this book looks into this, in London in 1915 it is Germans regardless of their religion, naturalisation or beliefs who bare the brunt of the mobs fury.  While I cannot say I have researched to know how factually accurate the book is it feels real, the responses from people feel real, the fear and panic and anger feel real, and reflect so much of the negativity in today’s society.  On a daily basis I over hear people who refer to other as ‘them’ or ‘they’ when discussing people from different backgrounds, usually linked with the idea they should be removed from ‘our’ country regardless of what their heritage, place of birth or profession is.  It is something that is very prevalent at the minute as a small number of brainwashed students have travelled to commit murder in foreign lands in the name of a religion which actually abhors their actions but now calls for greater action come and demands which will not touch those who have committed these atrocities but cause suspicion against others who want only to live their lives in peace.

I don’t want to go to deeply into it because I do recommend that people read this book for themselves and see what they take from it, and this is a book review not a political analysis. If I had given it a mark half way through it would have been 2 out of 5 but because of the end and what I see as social commentary I give it a 4.5 out of 5.

Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 57-60

043 (5)

Things are certainly heating up and we know what comes next…the proposal!  It will be interesting to see how they play this out as obviously the social class issues are different now for most people, even the Royals are relaxing the etiquette about who they can marry so on we go…

I had forgotten about the meeting between Elizabeth (Lizzie) and Darcy prior to the proposal, and that the next thing is should be the part where Fitz drops Darcy in it over splitting Bing and Jane up.  Sure enough Fitz turns up to help Lizzie create and awesome ‘care package’ (I have to say I love the idea of those I do something similar with one of my friends in the States if only customs were not so strict and postage was not so expensive I would send loads.) The talk turns to love and true to form he digs a hole drops Darcy straight into it and throws a few shovels of dirt into the hole on top of him.  The portrayal of the anger Lizzie feels on Jane’s behalf is well acted and the look on her face when she turns to see it is him who has knocked at the door was a classic.

I LOVED the way the proposal was dealt with the facial expressions on Lizzie as Darcy speaks and the ending, I just love it roll on the next batch of episodes!

Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 53-56

043 (5)

It seems like an age since I last watched any of these but it seems incredibly unfair to have broken off half way through so if you want to back track to where we were you can find the previous review here.

Now onwards once more…

First I have to say I did miss the chance to actually see the dinner with Miss DeBurgh and Darcy, it is one of the few issues that occasionally crop up watching this, that there are some scenes you would really like to see more of than a recreation or just hearing about it.  I liked that they made Anne DeBurgh character into a lapdog it is actually probably more in keeping than for Lady Catherine to have a daughter.

I like that they bring Darcy into the work environment which is a good analogy to the social battleground which dating in the original Pride & Prejudice, they made Fitzwilliam into his friend and gay which actually would explain why in the original he never actually made any attempt to secure Elizabeth’s affections despite obviously holding her in high esteem.  ‘Fitz’ is played brilliantly and you really get the feeling that is a perfect characterisation of the character in the novel, loyal while accepting his friends faults and failings.

Why did I leave it so long to come back to this I had forgotten how much I loved this series!



Vlog apologies

There should have been a vlog here.  It is made, it is sat on my computer, unfortunately due to a bad internet connection I cannot get it to upload.  It has been raining and every time it rains my internet connection seems to play up, not with normal rain but when it comes down hard. because of work and other stuff it will be a while before I can get someone out to check it over, by that time it will be working fine and they will tell me there is no problem, like they did last time, the time before the guy did actually fix it. So until it is fixed I shall make more vlogs and post normally until I can persuade it to work long enough to upload or until I get frustrated and go spend an afternoon sat in a cafe lol

Quick Catch Up

First apologies yet again for going quiet but as you will see have been busy editing videos. Second has anyone else ended up on the blue screen to write a new post I don’t like it and want my normal one back.

This weekend saw our first event with our new work charity partner, this year the Huddersfield Down Syndrome Support Group get our support and a great day was had by all but you don’t have to take my word for it watch the video I shall post at the end of this post.

I also got to collect my T-Shirts that were my reward for pledging as part of a Kickstarter to save one of our local shops, I was guilty of one of the greatest crimes effecting small businesses, apathy, I always assumed the shop would be there, I would see something I liked but put it off for the next payday, luckily our shop was saved and hopefully we have all learnt that very important lesson “Use it or Lose it!” For my Tees I got one Doctor Who one and another which I designed from the Charity Anthology cover…



And yes I know after a weekend in a bag I should have ironed them before taking the pictures lol

A quiet week this week for me playing catch up with writing and house work before getting excited for the athletics next week!