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****48hr Flash Freebie****

Chance to grab a great beach read in time for your holidays and even better it is free!

If you are coming along to one of the signings this is a great introduction to the way my mind works before delving into the darkness of my novels.

Give-aways & Great Offer

To celebrate the launch of my first novel I have two special treats for you first…


Let’s start the party a little early with a give-away that will last the full week if you have not already grabbed a copy then from now till Friday you have the chance to get Disintegration and Other stories for free, and please if you get it, read it and love it feel free to leave reviews they are always highly appreciated xxxx…/…/B00ZP28UPU

Next offer…


Those of you that have known me for a while know how much meaning this book has, 50% of any profits made from this book go to a charity set up in memory of an incredibly brave little boy, because of that this book will never be posted free on Kindle but I will do the occasional special offer, to celebrate the launch of Ascension I am doing a 99p special on it for this week…/…/…/…/B01GZ5NFPU

And now here are the winners for yesterday’s prizes from the on line event party, don’t forget you can be entered every month into a prize draw by signing up for the newsletter on the pop up here or over at and simply opening the email each month

✯ ☆҉‿➹⁀☆҉☆ Give-away Winners ✯ ☆҉‿➹⁀☆҉☆

I did try to record the draw but technology is working against me with the batteries on my camera dying then my phone refusing to stay put so I could film on that so I hope you trust me when I promise the draw was done fairly…

Give-away One – the bookmark has been won by Dianne Wolfenden

Give-away Two – The bag charm has been won by Giles Bachelor

Give-away Three – The most highly sought prize the mug has been won by Margaret Reynolds

Give-away Four – the brooch has been won by Angelique Renee Hass

Give-away Five – the charm Bracelet has been won by Mandy Gafney

Give-away six – The signed copy of Voices across the void has been won by Angelique Renee Haas

And the big one the signed proof copy of Ascension has been won by Heidi Nicole.

You can find the Kindle version of Ascension on Amazon…


Cover Reveal!!!! Queen Of Ages: Ascension

I am really lucky to have some fabulously talented friends, I had very specific ideas for the covers of my Queen Of Ages Trilogy and I had made a decision that I wanted something different to the normal computer manipulated images that grace the covers of most books these days, I love the copies of Tolkien I have with hand illustrated plates and maps and also the covers of the Terry Brooks books I possess so I ambushed a dear friend and talked over my ideas with her.

Stage one was persuade her to take on the project, thankfully she was excited as this was her first foray into cover design.479968_10151512765564076_2079061210_n So let me introduce you to Debra Arnott, a woman of many talents.

Stage two was the creation of the three idea boards for the individual book covers, thankfully Debra completely understood where I was coming from with the random pictures, scribbles and poorly explained half ideas. She took the patchwork of ideas and skilfully merged them together to create a fantastic piece of art for me. A couple of tweaks were needed along the way including discussion of one or two elements that would be digitally enhanced but the result is amazing and something I look forward to hanging on my wall as soon as I get a frame. if you would like to see more of her amazing art work you can check out her page DA Creations here or my personal favourites are her paintings on wood which you can find on her page Wood Winked Art On Wood here.

Stage three was photographing the art work and adding the text, a process which was very hit and miss and was again inspired by the fantasy novels in my bookshelves. So without further ado I would like to share the cover art with you first the kindle version, second the print version (minus the blurb at the minute and finally the actual original painting so you can see you how wonderful it is minus the text.





Exciting News!

Today am throwing the schedule out of the window, no TV, you will have noticed no book review yesterday, I was just too excited to post and was not allowed to share my news until after it was announced last night, so drum roll please………..

I have officially been signed up to be one of the signing authors at…


The event will be taking place in Peterborough in October next year, so we have plenty of time to get really excited and hopefully I can get some interviews with other authors to share here with you as we share this next part of the journey together.

As you know I attended the ball part of the Leeds Event, I could not attend the day signing due to the day job, damn that day job it spoils all the fun, but I did grab an image from the page to share so you can see the set up and get an understanding of just how excited I am to know I will be occupying one of those tables next year.


I am not going to say too much more here today simply because I will post more tomorrow once it has all soaked in a little more but I cannot keep the smile off my face, here is the first banner and you will see this updated as more authors are signed up and hopefully get to meet a few of them here on my page.


I am so excited!

I know I have been a little quiet, I am busy working away in the back ground you know how it goes but today something rather exciting is happening. If you want a nosy then click on the link and go look see and I will talk more about how this came about in this weeks Vlog, and yes the face demons have gone down enough for me to inflict my face on you once more…

Exciting News

Be sure to check out some of the other amazing authors featured over there today as well!


Free Today – Disintegration & Other Stories

Good morning and a typical wet and dreary Bank Holiday here in the UK but no matter what the weather is doing where you are why not grab your chance to get my first story collection free on Amazon today…

If you love it consider leaving a review or let me know what you think I could do better


Disintegration & Other Stories – Launch Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well the day has arrived, finally you can officially buy something I wrote.


Well to be fair that day was actually Saturday but I had the day job then yesterday I was feeling under the weather.  So I decided to leave posting till today.  This now is the hard bit, the persuading people they want to read your book without being so pushy they get fed up with you. So reasons to read my book…

  1. It is brilliant – well I think it is, now I do not rule out the fact I may be delusional but chances are if you keep coming back and reading my blog you might just like it too.
  2. It is cheap – well the Kindle version is, not much you can do to make the print version cheap as such but there is still the giveaway running here if you way a chance to get a free print version.
  3. You might enjoy it – really what do you have to lose by giving it a go? It is short stories, quick easy to read to pick up and put down.
  4. You like me – okay just kidding but the three sales so far have already gone to my head and made me smile so much my cheeks hurt so if you want to increase my smile go for it.

And if it is really not your thing, maybe you are a hopeless romantic who still believes in happily ever after then you can still help me by sharing, tweeting or generally squealing in delight about the fact I published this book.  Use the hashtag thing #PaulasDisintegration then it will show up on the feed in my hootsuite thing I am trying to get back into the habit of using.

These are the links for my Amazon Pages that way you can see both versions up there Kindle and Print also hit the follow button on there for more news on further releases…   (anyone in Australia wanting a print version please contact me)

Vlog Time #36 – It’s all about the book!

Todays Vlog followed by some rather exciting links!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giveaway click HERE  Print version Print Version

Disintegration & Other Stories – Shameless Self Promotion

Well launch day is creeping up and I have of course made a few errors along the way (you will hear about those on Wednesday stay tuned). Overall I am feeling more excited than scared today but it is still early and that could change.

If you have been living under a rock this last couple of weeks you might wonder what I am waffling about well it is this…


This book thing I wrote.  Well adapted, most of the pieces started life as 500 word flash fictions and have been reworked, reworded and renovated to bring you a collection of short stories that you can read on the bus, in you lunch break, in fact if you are a quick reader you might even get through the whole book in your lunch hour if you skip the lunch part. And I promise you, you can actually read it on the bus there are no embarrassing bits, well there is one nipple but that is all, and also there are no bits that are going to make you cry, though I cannot promise you might not giggle.

So why should you buy this book when there are so many out there I hear you say? Well firstly one can never have too many books and any hidden on a Kindle really don’t count anyway. Secondly because if you are hear and enjoying reading this there is a really good chance you will enjoy my writing, therefore it a bonus for both of us. And thirdly, it is cheap, well compared to a Roll Royce or a ticket to New York and that means it is worth taking a chance you will enjoy it.

If you have been convinced by now to take a chance on a lunatic very nervous first time self publishing author then these as the link things…

And if you get it and read it then please let me know what you think, you can find me lurking just about everywhere on Social Media, if you love it leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads is always nice thing to do for an author, if you didn’t like it and have constructive criticism I will hear that as well, though I may stick my fingers in my ears and go LALALALALa at the same time 😀