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Lupus Animus


‘She was just eating her meal when she smelled a male wolf nearby – not one of her own. She watched him warily as he came slowly toward the three pups that were out the enclosure again.’ Lost Mate, Terry Spear – US Today Bestseller

Featuring poems, stories and haiku with the theme of wolves and the truth as each author perceives it.

Discover wolves in a sci-fi setting, followed by in character views of wolves in their natural settings and in conflict with humans.

All proceeds go to Artisan Rarebreeds.
Registered Charity Number
HMRC XT37297

With stories, poems and haiku from Ylva and Rose DelaWulf, Sherrill Willis, Zakira Salem, Krystal O’Brien, L. Anne Wooley, Shelley Walsh, Eleanor Musgrove, Delbert McGill, Michael E. Herman, Melina Turner, Caio Henrique Tavares, Yanick Zolnerciks, Paula Acton, Philip Tolhurst, John C. Scott, Jessica Kuilan Gonzalez, Dee Martin, Danielle Newman, James Don, Caryn Moya Block, Danielle Webster, Shawnee Luke and Lisa Miller.




16 June 2014

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20 July 2014

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13 July 2014

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29 June 2014

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30 June 2018

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19 June 2014

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Voices Across The Void


Voices Across The Void is a collection of ghostly tales, not all ghosts are friendly but they all want to be heard, this collection is told many from the other side, with as many emotions as they displayed in life they want your attention now, so the question remains, are you listening?


13 August 2016

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7 May 2017

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5.0 out of 5 stars This was a good book
29 December 2017Published on
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5.0 out of 5 stars Chilling
30 June 2018Published on
Format: Kindle Edition

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Disintegration & Other Stories


A series of short stories about when the fairy tale ends and everything falls apart. Love, death and revenge all feature in these tales where not everything is as it seems. The phrase till death do us part takes on a different meaning in both Disintegration and Empty, while Table For One and Deuce examine the more humorous side of betrayal.


13 November 2017

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

This was my first read by this author so I went in with no expectations. The collection of stories are all about relationships that have ended badly, when the love just..dies.

As they were short stories there wasn’t really any background for them, but some of them felt like they could be connected to each other. They were well written but I do wish some had been a little longer as it felt like there was something missing from a couple of them as they were a bit abrupt.

We get an insight into the darker side of when a relationship ends, either suddenly or the planning that has gone into it from one partner. There was a good mixture of death mixed in with the humorous side.

I would definitely read more by this author.


4.0 out of 5 stars like me, is an indie author

27 August 2015

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase


Paula Acton, like me, is an indie author. Personally I think we should support each other more and this is the book I have decided to start with.

Disintegration and other stories is her first story fiction collection to be published. She has been featured in online journals and in the charity anthology Lupus Animus.


A series of short stories about when the fairy tale ends and everything falls apart. Love, death and revenge all feature in these tales where not everything is as it seems. The phrase till death do us part takes on a different meaning in both Disintegration and Empty, while Table For One and Deuce examine the more humorous side of betrayal.


My favorite short story in the book was definitely Disintegration. I really did not see that ending coming! I think it would do well as a longer story to, there is quite a few ways it could stretch out.

Table For One made me laugh, if you have ever been cheated on then you have probably imagined doing what happens in that story.

I liked the way all the stories were written, quite casually, which meant you couldn’t see ending’s such as in Disintegration.


To be fair I don’t really have anything to say in this bit.

A couple of the stories were possibly a bit short such as Empty.

There were a few typo’s but to be honest I think that is more to do with the system of indie publishing as that has happened to me even though you and many other people edit it a thousand times!


Overall I really enjoyed the book and will be buying her next one which, I read, is going to be called Voices Across The Void. This will be out in Autumn.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.


21 August 2017

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Although I gave this 3.5* it is in no way a bad reflection on the book or the writer, I gave it that due to the fact that I think some of the stories could have done with being a bit longer. This was a quick read and very different from anything I have read before. It was nice to read about what happens after the happily ever after and that sometimes things don’t always work. This book contains lots of surprises and is worth reading.

11 July 2017

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
A selection of short stories based around divorce/separation and the reasons behind it. Even though each tale is short in length, they all have enough in them to make you invested in the tale.
I thoroughly enjoyed them.

2 January 2017

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Absolutely amazing. I loved it. Each story has the possibility to become its own novel. Wonderful work. Can’t wait to read more.

7 May 2017

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Paula is an excellent writer. This book is a great read. Well worth buying, you won’t regret it. I have both kindle version and paperback.

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Book Review – Beautiful Freaks by Katie M. John

The edition I purchased came in two books and the cover is different to the one pictured below…

we begin as always with the Goodreads Blurb…


From the Amazon bestselling writer of ‘The Knight Trilogy’ comes the stand alone novel fans have been waiting for. ‘Beautiful Freaks’ is a decadent tapestry of all things fairytale, dark and murderous.

Between these pages you will find yourself transported back in time to the high Gothic. Victorian London.

The year is 1899 and both the century and the Queen are dying. As the London populace is gripped by a terrifying series of paranormal murders, eighteen year old Kaspian Blackthorne finds himself on a decadent journey of self discovery.

Victorian London is a place where appearance is everything, but sometimes
appearances can be deceiving. Behind the grand houses, carriages and silks, London is a dark labyrinth of sorrow and violence. Amongst the gambling dens, dancehalls, and brothels you’ll find No 7, known to its members as Eve’s; the most exclusive club in London, infamous for its ‘Palace of Beautiful Freaks’. Each exhibit has a history, each their own unique story.

First, I would like to discuss how this is written, there is, of course, an overriding arc, however, it is the detail given to each individual story within the narrative which really brings the Gothic feel to the fore. This book could have easily have been printed back in Victorian times as a Penny Dreadful or as a series as favoured by Dickens.

The individual tales based on various myths and legends are each well written and each given equal attention, over the top of all this you have the main detective story, though it could equally be described as a love story, the author weaves together love, lust, obsession, and death in a dark journey through alleyways and boudoirs alike.

I highly recommend this book, the chapters make it easy to pick up and put down without losing track of where you are but the reality is you won’t want to put it down.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday – Week Five 2019

The project numbers will change from week to week depending on where I am with that project however there is now a projects tab at the top listing each one and letting you see where in the process that project is and updated as there is something new to add.

Project Two

This is almost done and I hope to have it finished by the end of the week, it has been quite hard to write as the subject matter has meant that I have to get into the right frame of mind to write it and then get back out of that mindset after. The cause is worth the difficulties of writing it though and I look forward to seeing what the other authors involved have come up with.

Project Three

I am behind one this short story for my Patreon, it has been pushed to the back burner as I have no subscribers still, but it has been started and outlined. It is a ghost story with a witchy theme.

Project Four

I have not really touched my novel which has disappointed me as I had hoped to have it out for Leeds but now the Telford signing is more of realistic aim, I really love the idea behind this book and can’t wait to get back to work on it.

Project Five

This is a top secret charity project, I have now submitted the poem and I will reveal that I titled it Cleansed but there is nothing more I can add at this time we just have to wait now.

Project Six

This will be the February Patreon story, it may seem strange adding it in now but if I was on track I would be onto this project by now so for my own interest I want to be able to look back and see where I am in terms of my own personal goals as well as meeting other deadlines.

Project Seven

I am posting this here for the same reason as the one above. At the start of the year planned my year to get out a certain number of books within the next twelve months,  at this point I had intended to be back working on the second part of the Queen of Ages Trilogy Reawakening but as I want this to be an honest representation to myself as well as you as to how my year and various projects work out then it is only right I keep track of where I am letting myself down. So fingers crossed over the next couple of weeks I start pulling closer to getting back on track.

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Book Review – Afterlife (Afterlife Saga #1) by Stephanie Hudson

I decided to give this book a try after the author handed out a leaflet with a sample chapter at a book signing event, it has been a while since I read a paranormal romance but the sample grabbed me…

We start as always with the Goodreads blurb.

Afterlife… just some gothic nightclub where gossip is fuelled by the presence of a rich and unearthly, handsome family or Afterlife…the strange place where time seems to stand still and guests feel the presence of something more powerful held within the confines of the VIP.

Keira is new to this small, cold town and is running from a past that seems to feast on her darkest memories. She finds living with her sister away from English soil to be just the ticket to the new life she is trying desperately to find. So when the offer of a job at the infamous Gothic nightclub Afterlife comes along she thinks that lady luck has finally found her. That is until its seductively dark and forbidding owner Dominic Draven sets eyes on her. All at once she is captivated and plunged into a world she never knew existed but the deeper her obsession with Draven becomes, the harder it is to decide…should she stay and continue to work within the shadows of the supernatural or should she run from a madness she thinks may consume her?

Warning: This book is amazingly addictive, with its dark mystery, haunting horror, seductive twists and one sexy dark lord that has the reader drooling every time the name Draven appears on the page!

I have to say this was really easy to read and I thoroughly enjoyed it, there were times where I got frustrated with the allusions to Keira’s dark past. As the story unravelled I understood why it was done the way it was but I do wish that it had either come earlier or her past been referred to slightly less however that is a personal preference.

The world building was good and I felt the author conveyed small town American in a way that was relatable to someone who has never been there. The characters were well rounded and likeable, occasionally I felt I would have like to know more about certain characters or plot point but because of the point of view this was not always possible however I look forward to reading more and hopefully seeing things from other viewpoints.

I dont want to give away too much but I did really like the twist on the ‘unearthly family

If I had found the series as a teenager I would have been in heaven, as an older reader I still got enjoyment from reading this book and though I wavered between 4.5 and 5 I am going to give it the full 5 out of 5 stars.

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Week Five 2019 Weekend Catch Up!

I fully intended getting all three of these posts out on time but then I got distracted with other things so lets have a weekend catch up xxx



This week has been a mixture of something old  some thing new, and things I have been meaning to try out for a while


This week I have caught up on a few of the back catalogue of a podcast I only found towards the end of last year. My Favourite Murder is a mix of true crime and humour, not a mix you would think to put together but it works.  I love the fact that most of the crimes they cover are ones you will never have heard of and at their live shows they get the audience to contribute. They also do mini episodes reading listeners true crime experieces. Now. of course, I could just give you the link to the website but nope. I decided to share an animation one of their fans created to match one story, this perfectly explains how the humour is integrated and also why I love this podcast, because these two women could be your friends, you can easily imagine hanging our and swapping stories with them.


I haven’t listened to much music this week but what I did listen to was amazing and took me back to me teens. I saw a post this week about the film and that inspired me to hit play on the soundtrack, while I love all the songs this is one of my favourites.


My current wip I am focusing on his quite dark themes including depression and suicide so I decided I needed something fun to read so I had a look at my book pile and spotted this old favourite. While this is the fourth book in the Wilt series I do think you can read it as a stand alone and enjoy it but you do get more from it if you have already read the other. The books are wittiy and although in some aspects they are a little dated interms of advances in modern technology they will still make you laugh out loud at the obsevational humour.

Watching – TV

I frequently lose interest in these sort of programmes once we are through the audition stages but occasionally The Voice is one I will continue to watch. I enjoy the fact that the main thing in these blind audions is the singers ability to perform a song, yes occasionally the judges will try to guess about the singer, but many times they are deceived by age or looks. Sadly once it reaches the viewers votes then you find those who are different do fail to get through as far as they should.

Watching – Film

This week I spotted an old favourite on Netflix that I have not watched for a while. It is interesting watching past favourites to see how they age, yes the clothes in this may be a little dated and we all know the technology would be different if this were made today but it is a faithful retelling of the book with, in my opinion, the perfect cast and pacing. The popularity of the series Hannibal is no doubt due in a large part to the charasmatic portrayal of Lecter in this and the subsquient film.

Watching – Netflix

I have been trying to decide if I want to watch this for a few months, then I was struggling to find something to watch a few nights ago, now I am half way through the second series. It’s funny and in a very light hearted way challenges the conventions of good and evil, the way the books are balanced and whether philosophy has all the answers. It has an amazing cast and even though I was a little unsure about Ted Danson (I still always think of Cheers) I decided it was worth a try and I am so glad I did but I am worried that I am soon goingto run out of episodes at this rate lol.